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Showing my 8K 💎 Diamond Royale Bundle To Random Teammates – Garena Free FIre

Showing my 8K 💎 Diamond Royale Bundle To Random Teammates – Garena Free FIre

Hello everyone, welcome to my video once again… Today I am going to play with the 8K diamonds bundle of diamond royale.. So guys, please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel…and join my wegamers chatroom as there is giveaway going on.. And please don’t forget to watch the video… And please show some love to this 8K bundle and like share and subscribe….. And I will try to play with some random teammates and ask them how my bundle is…. Okay, enjoy the gameplay.. Hello guys… Hello Daddy!! Hello vikash.. Look at this daddy and his dress, he is wearing frog dress, wyaaaaaaaaaaah….. Hello daddy, where are you from…. Jawlakhel?? Roudy: Arunachall… How is my bundle?? Roudy baby where are you from…?? 😀 Are you from Arunachall? No, I am from Assamm… Haven’t you slept till now? I just started right now… Is the other guy your friend.. NO, NO Where are you going, come here with us… Vikash, come here, I will show you something… Vikash, don’t you have tongue?? Why did you keep your name daddy?? Did not you have any other name? Come fast, come fast… Daddy come fast, they will kill me.. Come fast, come fast… Daddy, come fast.. Roudy baby come fast, they are fighting, lets take advantage.. Here, Here.. Vikash, what are you doing?? Shoottt I dont know where daddy went, he is afraid I think… Come fast, your kids are dying here… 😀 They killed our roudy baby.. Somebody is coming, who threw the grenade?? Who threw the grenade? Don’t you guys have mouth?? Where, where is the enemy?? Ohh…his friends are coming… Ohh,,,,come up fast, come up fast… Come up, come up… You could not even see my dress…. Give me like fast, give me like fast….I am going to die….. fast, fast… how do you rate my bundle??? How many out of 10?? Say fast… Daddy speak up na.. How much do you rate my bundle out of 10?? Roudy baby say, “Kill these guys!!” I got killed by launcher….. 😀 What was it launcher or grenade? Daddy bye bye…Nice to meet you…. Tell me, how much do you rate my bundle out of 10… Fast, how much out of 10…. 9,10,5…How much?? Speak up, give me the number… Like, you get some number out of 100 in an exam, give me a number for my bundle…. I don’t know what you are telling…. He got confused, what we were telling… Roudy: He said 50% at the end… He got confused… Who came? Dhyala, what is his name?? Gurjar!! Hello gurjar!! Yeah!! sayyyy Where are you goin??? Follow me, I am your jumping master!! Gurjar, why is your name gurjar?? Hello gurjar, we have to kill everyone down okay!! Which number are you?? I am number 1… Namaskar karoo.. OMG, so many enemies… Roudy baby, I dont have anything, there are so many enemies… Give me one gun… Roudy baby run away, run away!! I dont even have HG ammo…. He is coming… Enemy here…roudy baby…. Here, here…Inside this house… Die fast..kaminey… How much will you run? You have to die anyway… Even then you keep running.. Oyyee gurjar…Leave guys come here… Where are you guys?? Where is gurjar? Fast fast away from there.. Only one is there now.. Heal him fast.. He ran away..he got scared… I am coming.. I need some AR ammo… Give me Like gurjar!! I already gave… Gurjar, look at me… How is my bundle? How is my bundle? say loudly!! Its awesome, really awesome! And look at this guy, he doesnt have mouth just shows emotes only… And tell me how much will you rate this out of 10?? 10 out of 10…..10 0ut of 10 wooow…. Thank you so much… If i could give 100, i would give 100 too…. 100…omg And why is this other guy not speaking??? WHere are you from?….I am from Nepal… And where are you from? Oh,,, you dont have ears too… Where are you from? I am from MP MP? MP= Madhya Pradesh (India) Speak a bit louder, why are you speaking like this… Where are you from?? I am from Nepal…Dont you know Nepal? Nepal?….Yeah…DO you know Nepal? Nepal is really far from here… Ohhh .. I think you are not from Nepal… I can’t speak hindi properly, where do you think I am from, tell me.. I am covering you guys, I am watching if somebody is there around you… Okay… Gurjar why did you die yar.. What to do it was my destiny…to die.. Yeah I saw one, he is right there.. He was in front of no. 3.. Its my grenade…Here he is… Here, here, inside… Look out for his teammates… Yeah, we are looking.. Gurjar, listen to me.. Yeah, say… Do you know how many diamonds I spent for this bundle? I think about 400 diamonds… Go and die, if it were for 400 diamonds I would have bought as many as I could, I spent 8000 diamonds for this… Woow, that much???? Yeahh You should have bought it… We cant buy it, we have spin in luck royale.. Don’t you watch youtube? Not that much…Yeah i do but… Thats why you dont know… Dont you watch free fire videos in youtube? I open game daily… I also won Platinum rank…. :p Dont you watch free fire videos on youtube? No i dont watch that much… Watch sometimes, then you will be informed what is coming new in game and so on…. Only 10 alive we have to win this match. Heal roudy fast.. He has launcher, run away from here… Come behind, roudy baby.. They are the good team… Kill them… Ohhh. launcher… Gurjar, bye bye!! No bye bye, lets play again… My name is dharmendra… Okay guys this is it…you saw how the bundle is…see you…bye bye!!

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  1. I like your game play dd.Jai free fire ! Dd mare free fire ID he mane aap ko request send kiya he accept kardo na please!my free fire ID is Pari0301F

  2. Sooneeta main Kifayat4014q hu. Maine tumhe free fire pe request bheja hain please accept karna please please please

  3. Didi 2mhara attitude mujhe bohot a6a lagta hay baccho jaisi… u didi🤗🤗 I'm from Calcutta

  4. Bhai koi dimans na mangakaro yaar Mai bhi koi elite pass kharida lakin bahuth kus hu player ko game Sa
    mathalab pin

  5. Hi akka how r u and ur vedios are so good and type in English not in hindi please reply akka

  6. Kyunki aapke paas to bahut hi rahe hain mujhe we friend Mein Mujhe style style bhej dena aur acche acche kapde bhej dena mere se a theek mujhe friend request bhej do

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