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Shoei Glamster Helmet Review and Road Test –

Shoei Glamster Helmet Review and Road Test –

Get ready to go retro since we’ve finally
got the Shoei Glamster on the table here where we’ll review it and then take it out to
see how it does on our road test. Sebastian from Champion Helmets here and we’ve
finally got one of the most anticipated Shoei full face helmets for 2020 here on the table.
With its retro styling but modern Shoei safety, there doesn’t seem to be anything that this
helmet isn’t going to offer. Though for good measure we’ll still be taking it out
on our road test to make sure. The Shoei Glamster will also be bringing a more conventional
full-face retro helmet style as opposed to the Shoei Ex Zero, which straddled the line
between a full-face, open face, and a cross helmet though it was also very retro. So it
is definitely more targeted at the more day to day type of rider who wants the safety
of a Shoei full-face helmet but with an urban riding focus. Regardless, the Shoei Glamster
will be coming at a recommended retail price of about 500 Euros, or about 540 US Dollars.
This means it will compete directly with the AGV X3000 and the also recently released Arai
Concept-X, which only serves to make choosing between the two even more difficult. If you’d like to find out more about the
retro helmets out there, make sure to subscribe and head to our YouTube channel to find full
reviews and road tests for these and many more helmets. The shell of the Glamster is Shoei’s Advanced
Integrated Matrix (AIM) shell, which is their own shell material made of a variety of materials
to make a light and strong helmet. The EPS liner also comes as double density, which
will allow it to perform better at shock absorption across a wider range of energies. The helmet
will be coming in 3 shell sizes covering sizes XS-XXL, so that’s one shell per two sizes.
This is also great since it means the Glamster will give you a better fit for your size,
which will also help with reducing weight and fatigue. The Glamster also comes in weighing
in at about 1186 grams in a size M. Lastly, this helmet will have an intermediate oval
fit and uses a double D-ring closure system. The ventilation, in keeping with the Glamster’s
retro style, has been kept simple and stylish. In the chin bar, you’ve got two mesh covered
always open vents that will direct airflow onto the visor. For the rest of the ventilation
system, you’re getting a sliding forehead vent that you also have standard with the
Shoei NXR and the Shoei X-Spirit 3 that you can slide up and down. Since this is a retro
helmet again, the shell is largely solid, so for exhaust there are two outlets in the
back of the neck roll to let air from the EPS channels escape. The visor of the Glamster is Shoei’s CPB-1
visor, which is incorporating elements from Shoei’s race helmets as well as fitting
in well with this helmet’s style. So, the visor seals well against the helmet and to
keep it closed, there’s a visor lock on the bottom that you can easily operate with
gloves if you need to open it you just push it forward. The visor is pinlock prepared
with the anti-fog pinlock insert included in the box.
To remove the visor of the Shoei Glamster, as with any of these retro helmets, you’re
going to need to bring along your handy screwdriver and cloth so that you don’t accidentally
scratch the helmet. You need to open the visor to the upright position and then you can already
start unscrewing. A nice aspect of the Glamster is that the screws are made of metal, so they
will be nice and durable over time. Once you’ve got the screw out, the silver bracket will
also pop out and the visor will be free. You then need to do the same for the other side.
When putting the visor back in, you just need to make sure that two plastic extrusions on
the bottom of the bracket fit into the helmet and you can put the screw back in. So overall
it’s nice and simple. The liner of the Shoei Glamster is Shoei’s
3D liner, which means it will be detachable and washable, as well as also coming with
emergency quick release cheek pads, which is definitely an important modern touch. Since
it let’s people remove the helmet quickly and safely without having to work through
the chin strap. It’ll also fit glasses nicely, if you want to go for the full sunglasses
retro look. To look inside the helmet, you’ll have to remove the liner first. Which is very
simple. To take the liner out, first, you’ll start with the cheek pads.
These are held in with some Velcro at the front and buttons at the rear. The liner is
a bit basic but comfortable and it’s high quality. You can also see the tabs for the
emergency release and the leather along the bottom of the helmet. Lastly, you remove the
comfort liner with two buttons at the back and four rivets in the forehead. You need
to undo them from the inside, so it takes some getting used to. The liner also looks
good and it’s also got a few holes for extra ventilation. Looking at the EPS grooves now,
they look nice and deep and the EPS holes at the front get air directly from the front
vent to feed into these channels. With all the specs over with, let’s test
out how well this helmet actually does out on the road. Just a quick reminder for our road test setup.
On the left, we have a white monitor showing the helmet’s internal temperature in degrees
Celsius measured through a thermometer in the helmet’s EPS channels. In the middle,
is our decibel meter taking noise readings from a microphone placed near our rider’s
ear. On the right, we have a phone that’s showing the airspeed for the day through a
bike mounted anemometer. Lastly, in the middle on the dash is our rider’s speed and the
day’s external temperature. When we took the Glamster out it was a cool
day, perfect for a cool helmet. We conducted the test at 130 km/h on long stretches of
highway. The day’s airspeed ranged from about 120 to 130 km/h. Though the ventilation
may be a bit on the simpler side, you can still expect it to do well over time. Though
our riders just jumped on the bike, we found the helmet’s internal temperature to be
about 11 degrees and the day’s temperature was about 9 degrees Celsius, so that’s a
2-degree difference. For noise, the Glamster performed at about 102 decibels, which again
is a decent result like the ventilation. During the test, our rider found the Glamster
to have a pretty good level of comfort, and though it wasn’t quite as comfortable as
some of Shoei’s other helmets like the Neotec 2, this helmet is meant to be a little bit
simpler overall so you can just enjoy your ride and a great sense of style. He also mentioned
that, unsurprisingly the helmet is not built for aerodynamics, but thanks to its light
weight it’s still fine to ride with. The only other downside our rider found with the
helmet was that he found the visor mechanism could have been more user friendly. It needs
to be pushed forward to open and will need some getting used to. For the helmet as a
whole though, our rider was pretty happy with it and it does what it says on the box it
gives you plenty of style and safety, though at the slight cost of fewer frills. Now let’s see how many stars the Glamster
earned. For material, the Glamster earned 4 stars thanks to its AIM shell and 3 shell
sizes. For weight, we were very pleasantly surprised since this helmet gets 5 stars for
its sub 1200 gram mark. The visor earn 4 stars since it is pinlock prepared and in the box,
and though the mechanism takes some getting used to, this should improve over time. With
a 2 degree difference to the outside, the Glamster gets 3 stars for ventilation and
the same goes for noise with its 102 decibels. Lastly, for comfort, the Glamster’s liner
gets itself another 3 stars. Overall, this still means the Glamster comes in with 3.5
stars, and each of these stars will be coming at 23 Euros per star which also isn’t bad
for a premium helmet. Though there are areas where the helmet could do a bit better, the
Glamster does fairly well overall and we do see some improvement in what this retro helmet
is bringing us compared to other retro helmets available. If you’d like to purchase the Shoei Glamster,
make sure to head to where we have a lowest price guarantee and great
bundle deals including a free additional visor. The Shoei Glamster, as is most any helmet
from Shoei, top notch in safety, performance, and its retro look. Though it won’t come
with quite as many frills as the X-Spirit 3, it’s not really meant to since it’s
a retro helmet and is going for a simpler, but well-executed and sleeker look. If you
liked the video, make sure to subscribe and let us know what you think in the comments
down below. I’m Sebastian from Champion Helmets and see you next time!

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  1. Great review!

    I'm looking for a light retro helmet, but I'm torn between the Concept-X and the Glamster, which should I go for?

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