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  1. Thank you guys so much for taking us all the way to the biggest modified car show in the world!

  2. You guys do some sick builds 👌🏼 subscribed to you channel and looking forward to seeing what you're gonna come up with next.

  3. I think what would be cool is a swap with a big Harley motor so u get that muscle instead of the street bike scream cause most people use street bike motor.

  4. You need to get a car of here and customise it

    You will be impressed

  5. Вы как наркоманы на вид Россия нахуй Машка дома с пирогами ждёт а у вас блять фю нахуй.

  6. Only watched a couple vids of you guys…wherever you live is insanely gorgeous you’re so lucky to call that home and you guys seem so very humble and approachable and down to earth. Congrats on your success!

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