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Scottish Rugby | Eat Clean

Scottish Rugby | Eat Clean

Here at Scottish Rugby we like to promote
healthy eating for healthy activity. We are asking you to eat naturally, source your products
locally and take advantage of Scotland’s larder. For me breakfast is a huge one. For me to
start the day right is a huge thing and means getting calories in but it also means getting
the right things in. I know that I need to eat to four or five times a day. I know that
I need to eat within 30 minutes or an hour of training, and I stick to that principle
and try to have a real balanced diet. I enjoy eating try to keep it varied but I don’t stick
to one thing and i’ll always choose food over a supplement. I think for Athletes exercise
and nutrition go hand in hand by making sure that once people have done a hard gym session
or been out on the pitch they’ve then got the nutrition before to fuel and afterwards
to help recover. Anyone can eat like an athlete it’s easy accessible
it’s just being nice and organised as long as you’re really responsible what you are
putting into your means and into your body you can definitely get everything you need
to refuel your body, to prepare yourself for hard training sessions and games. I think
for certain types of meats it is good to go and see your local butchers as obviously they’ll
have nice high quality meat. If that’s not an option you’ve just got to look very carefully
when you’re at the supermarkets and make sure you’re getting the high quality beef and high
quality chicken that you need. I think you definitely got to look at what your training
schedule is looking like if you’re training later on that day then you’ve got to make
sure that lunch is when of your main refuelling and rebuilding meals. Nice array of vegetables, bit of fruit in there as well and make sure you keep yourself very hydrated. If you’ve
got a long day and you’re out of your house quite long it’s really good to get food prep
in the day, before a couple of days. Get the tupperware in. I find it easier to write a
plan of this is what i am going to have on Monday for breakfast, for a snack, for lunch. I think that the main thing is just getting prepared nice and early. Preparation is key
when it comes to athletes and their nutrition it will help with time. Not only time but with
cost you know you can easily make up some sort of stir-fry mix or fajita mix and use
it for a few different meals. Food wise i think it is a massive part of being a professional
athlete. There is a huge drive now to avoid any sort of supplements, it’s all about eating
wholefoods and freshly locally sourced. My wife is a great cook so we try to prepare
everything as fresh as possible and cook meals every time we are going to eat. I do tend
to eat alot of red meat, oily fish when I can and salmon if my dad can catch me one,
he’ll sometimes bring it down. Chicken, turkey, eggs they are my main protein sources. I try to get all of my protein through food
rather than supplements. While eating right you’ve got to fuel yourself for performance
and depending on what you’ve done during the day or what you are going to do the next day
for the game or if it’s another heavy training day you need more calories. It’s very important
to get the right quantity food and the right quality. I would say where possible go and
see someone who is a qualified nutritionist that can give you some advice point you in
the right direction so that you are eating towards your needs to help with where you
want to go.

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