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  1. All shortcomings(and there are a couple) aside, President Trump is my pick and I thank him for putting us first. It's about damned time, do it again in 2020. Get out and vote, there is nothing wrong with conservative values. Fly the US flag for all holidays and don't apologize for being a nationalist. That's pride, not hate.

  2. Hopefully someone can unseat him. There has to be consequences for these officials don't work for their constituents. He has been in there forever and has done nothing. That and the fact that he is a serial liar and leaker is unacceptable. Vote him out and try something new people.

  3. He’s totally crazy like Nancy Pelosi!! Oh Obama, Joe, Hillary and Nancy P. convince again. And it’s truly they had to hide their curruption.

  4. I think this commercial is appropriate. I share all of the sentiments, however I'm going to put a different spin on things. We all know he is "owned", like some others… and was pretty much forced into this sham. I have, from time to time considered that he might be fearful of where his party is going lately, and therefore, acted the fool so everything would backfire. NOBODY could be as stupid and petty as him unless they were actually fearful of trying to receive the intended results. He lays it on thick, but it has occured to me sometimes that he has already switched sides "mentally". ??? 😂😂😂

  5. I hope this guy's not another dual citizen Israeli. Too many in Congress and Senate now. Causing chaos all over the place.

  6. I hope they take down All Them Crooked Democrats. Biden Clinton's Obama Shifty all the high-class Democrats trying to take down our president. And ruining our country.

  7. Good God, the Fox interview skills are so uncouth. Ingram asks a question only to interrupt the guests answer with a stupid comment, Hannity talks over his guests, and this clown interrupts his guest to announce the president arrives at the airport. Like that was breaking news. He had to stop everything to let us know that the president is at the airport? I am so glad I was not that guest. I would have dressed that clown down faster than Biden can lie about being arrested. And this is the good network! Can we please have the adults back running things again?

  8. Every Democrat must be voted out of every position in America and replaced by Trump Republicans for all these positions!!! Term limits!!! Trump 2020

  9. More propaganda. Doesn't Fox see something is wrong when everybody agrees with each other. Take a look at all the comments that EVERYBODY agrees with, You should include a few negative comments to make this nonsense believable. You are preaching to your choir.

  10. Ya’ll really this immature, seems like both parties are playing the blame game, vote for someone who is mentally sane idgaf if theyre republican or democrat, or independent, stop voting for old people who only got months left to live and look for someone who has legit fresh ideas.

  11. I don’t care who these people are their untrustworthy and I know some will move over from Democrat to Republican it’s not about the party it’s about the individual

  12. Mr Early, I’ll support you in California when I vote. But doesn’t everyone know that California elections are so corrupt it hardly matters how we vote. The corrupt democrats in charge alway manage to find enough votes to sway things in their favor.

  13. Well this Democrat won't be voting that way. As the whole party has became a total embarrassment to this country that I Love so much.

  14. Gotta remember, Shiff's district has some of the biggest Homosexual districts in the US. So, I don't think a Republican will ever win there.

  15. Ahhh poor TRUMPERS and his communist followers are sensitive. Have an Orange Day , don't forget to spray tan or whatever that is called.

  16. Best wishes to Eric ezrly.. Pray a d hope you are elected in 2020.. We need !it of house Representative s all across the ountdy. Especially c.a. Let's turn it red! Newsome is laughing g Sri k of the countdy

  17. We need trump in Canada 🇨🇦 , what we have here isn’t !!!! We are in dire straits here with people blocking our rail lines that support not working , that pretty much just get free money from the hard working taxpayer , the ones who have no frickin idea where or how money comes from , we have a coward behind the wheel pretty much refusing to take any action , this country’s going down and the west with it if it doesn’t separate!!

  18. Adam Schiff should be brought up on charges for all of his lies and stealing millions from the American people, for he is a disgrace to the house of Congress and to the human race

  19. Wrong Fox news is so biased. Schiff is an honorable man, so much more so than sleaze bag running against Schiff. You will lose Eric because you are a loser. He didn't come up with nothing. It was the done walking of the Senate. What are you, totally brain dead! Trump is all about Russia and the ruin of this country. We will run you out of the country!

  20. Fox, your opinion isn't honest. Sooo slanted to the criminal Trp,and Barr. Get off the TV. Virtue has nothing to do with Fox news!

  21. Good luck. Remember, Schiff has Soros money and Hollywood. You can buy your office in America, both sides. Schiff should be prosecuted for lying and spreading false narratives as he won't lose at the ballot box. Term Limits.

  22. "Dont Scratch at Joe & Hunter Biden"
    "It will only make it Worse"
    <scratches, scratches, scratches>

    If You didn't Know Hunter, You Do Now!

  23. I live in Adam Schiff's district and, yes, I absolutely believe that his impeachment push has backfired. But I have NEVER voted for him anyway and never will. I do hope Eric Early wins, but it seems that someone behind the scenes is making it so Schiff wins every time.

  24. Wonder what would happen if Eric Early Added a "CIA" Nickname and included as a Trademark, a Caramel chocolate bar. Could we then, publicly say his name?

  25. No worries, his new job will be in San Francisco picking up used needles, and feces and finally serving the public👍💯

  26. What a GREAT VIDEO and "Kudos" to Eric's CREATIVE TEAM..GOOD JOB GUYS!! Love this campaign ad, I'm voting for ERIC!!! Pile of Schifft IS A CLOWN…WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DO NOT NEED "CLOWNS" LIKE "PILE OF SCHIFFT" IN OUR GOVERNMENT any longer. SADLY they have been running this COUNTRY and THE AMERICAN PEOPLE for DECADES and IT WILL END in NOVEMBER!!!!! TIME TO SAY BYE bye DEMONRATS in CALIFORNIA who have destroyed this once GREAT STATE!!!!

  27. God bless your candidacy! I blame the Democrats for the huge drop in the stock market, instead of getting behind Trump and bolstering confidence they run around crying the sky is falling. Pox on them and their baby killing ways!

  28. California and New York have become tumors on the United States. Getting rid of Schiffty and Peelosi would be a good start at cleansing CA.

  29. they are stupid saying that comment about 'thank you for re-electing' because it will easily backfire. I actually doubt this republican's intentions because he can't be that stupid. Going on tv calling Schiff a clown isn't gonna help Trump because there are only a few media personalities who can get away with that – and this man is not one of them, I don't think.

  30. Good luck to GOP canidate running against Schiff. I think Schiff will be reelected because of low information voters. I hope Schiff does lose


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