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  1. hi Arewzo, first of all love your videos. i'm in global, why is there no more June, Ikki GC or Evil saga in SEA meta ? thanks

  2. That other time was the quality of the video aaaaaand now new form of subs? Holymoly, of your videos were amazing before, NOW ARE FUCKING AWESOME! totally love it!

  3. Wow that stategy to dohko to get dragon stacks quickly from Shiryu DC was really clever.
    Nice counter you find!.
    I found other guys using perseo to active his pasive when they are atacking Shiryu DC too.


  5. Viewing account on Chinese Q44 server With the 12 gold knights The 4 SS ranks of the game Divine Seiya, Divine Shiryu, Shion, Orpheus, Radamanthys, Minos, Papillon Myu, Pandora, Grandmaster, Athena, Shun Nebula, Sorento, Krishina, Evil Saga, Shun Possessed, Divine Ikki Interested get in touch

  6. @Arewzo Gacha The Sword of Damocles bonus damage only applies to "Main Target" the Spread Dragons after your Dohko Main attack is considered non Main Target, so it won't be able to benefit. You can recheck the description. That is why your Opponent's Felina Dohko did more damage than yours.

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