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  1. Dari sini kita tau bahwa tencent emang udah nandain orang yg sering top up itu biar apes(banyak gacha) beda dg yg jarang gacha (f2p) kyk saya sekali udah dpt part aquarius 1 sama kedua beli pake diamond gk seberapa bnyk ya itu yg pertama beli pake diamond dapet part milo 1

  2. Hello, I need some advice, the question is should I summon for dohko even if have ayarashiki shaka(I play global) ? Or should I wait for something else? (I'm f2p) (for something else I mean like kanon)

  3. hey men, can u upload an video about Shion? With teams, tips, cosmos etc? I get him in global version now, but idk any team for him and idk how to use him.

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