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RWBY Volume 3: Chapter 10 – "Battle Of Beacon" – Reaction and Review

RWBY Volume 3: Chapter 10 – "Battle Of Beacon" – Reaction and Review

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  1. Well AJ, i see you've met Kevin. Oh and Kevin is the name of the Grimm Wyvern (dragon) which was named by the community and stuck. Keep an eye out for other big grimm in the future and their funny names.

    Now fun facts:

    Fact 1: Team CRDL, Team NDGO and Team BRNZ are the only named teams which participated in the Vytal Festival but are not present in this episode. It is possible they choose to flee from the battle rather than fight the Grimm, or they simply were not present at Amity Colosseum at the outset.
    Near the beginning of the episode, Roy Stallion from Team BRNZ is seen being carried off by a Nevermore in the background. He was last seen at the fairgrounds standing behind Weiss and Blake during Cinder's broadcast in the previous episode, "PvP".

    Fact 2: The "ORF_Suit.EXE" or "Iron Hilda" armor from the Rooster Teeth series X-Ray and Vav appears as an easter egg in the episode when Roman drops the androids out of the ship. The easter egg plays on the visual similarities between the AK-200s and the ORF armor.

    Fact 3: RWBY Rex makes an appearance in the fairgrounds in a stand.

  2. Finally caught up to your reaction catch-up!
    0:20 RoosterTeeth actually put out a PSA warning about the change in mood and more adult themes of the rest of this Volume.
    6:52 In the arena Ruby was using one of Penny's swords to defend Pyrrha.
    20:50 Emerald is a character for which a lot of people seem to want a redemption arc. While she's the most personable of the threesome, one thing to keep in mind is that she's had no apparent problems with killing people one on one. She was critical in the attack on the Fall Maiden and would have been more than happy to see her killed (or at least her Maiden powers stolen), she and Mercury murdered Tuksen (the bookseller in V2C1), she was instrumental in setting up Yang's disgrace and Penny's destruction. Emerald may have the dregs of a conscience, but she's not nice people.

  3. And now we meet the real protagonist, Kevin. I really enjoy watching this. Your thoughts, commentary and theory-crafting is glorious to see. I cannot wait to see the rest, keep it up!

  4. AJ, just fyi, velvet's semblance is mimicing combat styles. It's never explained in the show, but RT confirmed, and it will make her fight much much clearer once you know this.

  5. I think Emerald is the most like Cinders version of Ruby. As you see in the flashback Mercury grew up with an assassin father who he hated but Emerald was alone and fending for herself. You can almost mirror it with Yang being there for Ruby after Summer Rose died, but Cinder found Emerald. Ruby has nothing but loyalty for her sister and the same could be said for Emerald, she sees Cinder as her family and will do anything for her approval.

    Also the Grimm Dragon does highlight something… Ruby and the team are apt at taking out Ursa and even Nevermore Grimm but in essence the Ursa are weak Grimm and Nevermore are only intermediate powered Grimm. They live and train in comfy areas like the Island of Patch and the Kingdom of Vale but outside that are the things Qrow said "They are fear." Ozpin and Glenda keep pushing them for a reason, they still only has basic power and skill levels. Sadly there is no more time to train.

  6. ah yes, Kevin turns it up to eleven. The return of the most fun and fanciful villain duo, Everyone loves Ice cream girl, and Mr clockwork orange. Adam is here, and he is quite happy to be so. and I am happy to see him here.

    At least Jaune didn't get stuffed in a rocket propelled locker again, so thats nice.

  7. HEY! REMEMBER ME!? I COMMENTED ON YOUR YELLOW TRAILER YESTERDAY ? Just started watching your reactions and I love them! I love that you listen to everything cuz alot of people talk during scenes that fans want the reactor to notice so thank you

  8. Don't worry, I think after the next episode you will be able to tell Cinder and Velvet apart.

    As for Emerald, she was a thief when Cinder took her in. So she was a bad person, but not necessarily evil. So the current situation may be a bit more than she bargained for, but she chose her side.

  9. Worth noting that in true RWBY fashion, Ironwood's gun is also a gun. It has 2 triggers and barrels for firing the two different kinds of rounds we see him use.

    Also, a thing that many seem to miss, Mercury is broadcasting the events live around the world. Making sure everyone sees maximum carnage and Atlesian mechs firing on civilians. That's going to make the grimm problem here worse and possibly cause spikes in grimm activity around the other kingdoms.

    Don't panic! Ignorance is the only thing that will keep us safe!

  10. Here we go, into the endgame! Once again, for new viewers, AJ has not watched anything past this episode yet, so please no spoilers!

    Sorry I couldn't make the premiere this time around! – mod ash

  11. The beginning where everybody came together to take down the nevermore is simply breathtaking and Kevin's here! Kevin is the Grimm Dragon/Wyvern (also Kevin is the name the FNDM gave it) .

  12. Heeeeeeeeeres Kevin! Meet Kevin, the official name for the grimm wyern. All I can say is buckle up my friend because kansas has gone bye bye. heh heh a nice wizard of Ozpin refference and some matrix in there as well. Because you are barely at the edge of the rabbit hole teetering on the edge. I can hardly wait to see the rest of yoru reacitons for this season let alone the rest of the series. But keep in mind that volume 7 starts in october man.

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