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RWBY Volume 2 Chapter 5 REACTION!! "Extracurricular"

RWBY Volume 2 Chapter 5 REACTION!! "Extracurricular"

hey guys crew blonde wave I'm Eric Colin I'm a Ron and we are doing episode Ruby Calvin is still tired even though we're recording this just hours later after the last video he's still asleep like not even a minute he's still asleep under not even a minute Lee I lack some sort of Ruby yeah nope no no no puppet public robot Polly panty she died no but it isn't the robot well yeah there was also a giant robot that died who was in a torch wicked tape yeah first link was inside what nothing your Ted Ted Ted head the Torchwood was inside they fought the Ruby girls the two boys went to noodle good noodles so I was behind that decision um to noodle two boys went to go get noodle they were fishers good noodle in are already the new howleen of the new doing each other canoodling actually I think this was brought up on discord yeah tell me more I don't want to come on more like Bart that don't do that um well oh well oh well what else happened to Greece design Greece is the word you else in the world but also the food me we are the world late what the bird rocking bird bird bird bird my bad about eyes our special for us I don't even hit good before I hated birds yeah he did that song sure like it was just he goes to your core it was inert yeah you you were born while that song was being played and you can I know who's conceived a song is being played definitely yeah no well don't do that don't shake your hips like that cuz I I don't I don't handle it yeah I can't handle that um so Ruby I guess pretty much the Greg nothing up so I'm like we're gonna go ahead with her they were hunting for Meishan yep why sign up with the robot fight and you went to the disco pepper let's go yeah under seven yeah alright let's go disco balls I'm bouncing Kevin's butt Pyrrha Loomis putting on a gracious Eric show me those are some nice armor competing this is the episode with the school this is the competition I just hate Shing graphic but here the Magnusson power she that didn't this really active chosen she doesn't even have straps on her shield do you magnetize it for our matter which we're back that weapons like three blocks I mean like a spear yeah it is a freakin shotgun look it's right that one guy took the Seacoast cane garden party card oh she's a big I hope mrs. – on the chess Jedi powers this make sex more rosy I'm only seen as a meat thanks ISM oh it's a long spear telescope talk to a guy Oh shit check it suplex oh my god next up broke and that's the match one be for he's got lucky girl girl you should have no problem qualifying for the tournament dude Thank You professor this is the test that me see I know that's a tough act to follow oh yeah the guys any volunteers thanks belladonna rube it felt like you've been rather docile for the past few classes why don't y'all do it John mercury is it Oh No try to find you an opponent no actually oh I wanna oh by her oh he's the other yeah Niko's has just finished a match I recommend you choose another partner no it's fine I'd be happy to oblige so you try to kill it what evidence sure he's gonna learn her techniques did it keep up in the show I wanna watch his anyway what's his weapon we haven't seen this in his boots right I saw him in his boots yeah he's got like a black widow shocker Burke things like bracelet on his arm finish em be okay he's definitely learning my current techniques right okay seems like there's things when it's like boots oh so you can issue she's using her magnetism to deflect his any chamois you don't even want to try what's the point you're world-renowned fighter were obviously leagues apart in that case here amigos is the victory he knows her semblance now right maybe he was doing that just to learn Ricard before that's what I was saying that he just learning her techniques and shit I think you may try to like figure stuff out about her I remember yeah in normal times it pissed me off so I'm sired yeah I think so her don't need this you hit the mic my dad learning is so much fun hey bike you are doing okay so you versus dance going on there the original office right yeah pretty lame but what had the only I'm thinking not as just so he comes to go out have fun right the dance this weekend you want to go or what I don't have time for a stupid dance I thought you of all people would get that far as old-ass no that's funny in the corner you what we want you to go to the dance that's doing that suspension baby we're worried about you this investigation is starting to mess with your head you really you hardly eat anymore your grades have been suffering you think it's care about race people's lives are in change and also Chris let's living with our bodies thanks to you son we know they're operating somewhere outside of South East Dale and the she company records single does she feel is she with me there's a giant fly from John's face shield shinny all we're asking is that you take it easy for one day and I will make sure of it yeah we're playing the whole event excuse me Jean coffees away mission lasted longer than expected so Weiss and I rest pick up where they left off and now you make sure you have the perfect night she's tired all over yes circles under eyes and ready should I do you think somebody I know don't anybody I think this is a colossal waste of time like chew out know her is what she acts like okay come on e she call her her money library very common thing come in it's a little green haired chick you're okay with being wrong nice guy I'm gonna sing I promise not just sing I hope he sings are you done yes she's hung it out Oh what and that is why they call you the ice queen all my life for you only cared about the perks of my last name besides I already have a date in mind date or no date Neptune this will matter if we can't get Blake to go why Jessica see eige she could show out all the same just took confidence away from him well done plays improve a mentally couldn't have done it without you your shield I didn't she get Chi I'm actually thinking maybe we just skip aura tonight Mike I want a jog or something come on I know you get frustrated but you must keep trying you again ask her to the ball that's it it's just it's dumb what is it twice John you know you can tell me how her it's twice Oh what about her I asked her to the dance and she shot me down big surprise right well I believe the same goes there's many him fish in the sea that's easy for you to say you probably got guys clamoring over each other just to ask you out you'd be surprised she's 100 please you don't get a date to the dance I'll wear a dress just ask a she finally peerages she's smart but I wouldn't say invincible to tell her semblances polarity but you'd never know just by watching after she made contact with my boots she was able to move them around however she wanted but she only made slight adjustments just enough to make it look like she's untouchable she doesn't broadcast her powers so it puts her opponents at a disadvantage people assume she's fated for victory when she's really taken fate into her own hands interesting add her to the list it's a list you should be able to take her no problem it's all about overpowering the enemy it's about taking away what power they have do it will in time you can disable people semblances don't worry mercury daniil yeah hair hair needle okay hair to me um she's doing like stitch work shit yeah that's it why they won't win tournament or beat them just to do more line well just to take them out of the equation later they're learning their semblances so they can fight them toilet IRL not not in a tournament that's what I mean like they just want to be able to like take them out of the equation so whatever they do like their crimes and shit like that yeah I don't have huntresses like stopping them yeah if they win it's one of those eight nine robots if they win a term it will they not be actresses and stuff we don't know if these people are working necessarily I mean we know that them and torchwick rely upon the same side of whatever's going on but we don't know who's like like whiskey what's uniting them money dust is it the Queen power like the Queen has reporters the pawns I met the Queen I like I don't know I thought the Queen Queen is is cinder I thought the Queen said there's an initial two but maybe maybe she's not yeah but maybe she is yeah don't maybe not well she could be or she is no yeah um but that's good episode I like seeing pure more we have seen her for a lot yeah have you seen her at all this going for fighting so now we saw her fight at night food fight you know that and then I think it's kind of been more Ruby team yeah I like that she uses her power and doesn't broadcast that she just does it barely enough where you have it looks like she's just a lot better than she really is well it's it's a power that you could probably do that with like the glyphs I don't think that's a possibility yeah there's no Sun like we show up there there you see there's a glyph showing up but with that like you know even even John when he was fighting she was able to pull up his shield and I don't think he realized what happened you know but it's just tiny manipulations that can give her an edge mm-hmm-hmm I like that it'd be cool in this universe to have like a Sylar like character that like steals your semblances and then eventually you have one that has like all of the semblances and another one who got done anything just like like take them without oh empathetic lemma Curie or whatever is going Peter has Peter Petrelli um doing mad you got anything else um what's the list wouldn't they might add them to the list who said that senator decided there at the end so if the list is that a list people they need to take out yeah the list people they want to try to recruit take out recruit but maybe there's doing a little bit of recon yeah it could be only gone yeah and then also were like they have some kind of like fucking shit turn to evil evil fucking can I have an evil fucking shit no minimis huh do they put them inside a robot they could do that could be the evil shit that they have yeah the part Android nature and that would yeah I compute that's probably a toes and I think we solved that they can do that yeah right you seen robots get fucking poly sure booze knife what I'm glad you've finally a guru in Marin what give us anything their name is Paulette you welcome your birth role it's pink you know about the pot out to recontact oh yeah we will always agree with you when we got nurse together because I'm pretty sure you're gonna burst right yeah why they have a dance and they have to get Blake or else the dance doesn't matter that's out of team man can't believe a team member huh come ere you a woman good woman may tama one teammate yeah Oh team woman T wolf Teen Titans gosh um it was really tomorrow at five to ten point this is that uh yeah they asked her though they have to go to this dance and they have to get jiggy with it I feel like there's gonna be something happening the names like a pipe there's gonna be a fight many people say that fights are like dancers no I mean there's actually gonna be like jealous fight jealous yeah jealous so Pyrrha likes job he sure yeah really yeah she's one of the you know she's like one of those girls that like they're so pretty and popular that no one approaches them so there's a episode yeah way out of there well one thing I would say too about her is she's a really good fighter yeah you know which could maybe be like really maybe him like um yeah well I would say that like oh partying every really ever girls better than every guy here is they're all good like is there a guy's just as good as anybody the girls I mean some sons you ever be good you haven't really seen Neptune fight that much room yeah but dude son a son of things pretty good yeah fucking win breeze grens good I guess good did he tear shit up he falsely he's just been kind of gone he's mad fought steak before I think him ignore her thinking yeah right so I don't know they're a thing but they seem to be Noir is definitely a thing for Ren hmm I thought steak yeah thought that hardness oh I don't know if I can say he's good or not I thought solidus he thought snake no I thought us that I got a literal snake me in it like in fat in the bathroom no like in the hay field on the farm it was like rat brownie no I just grab his tail swung it over my head and smashing it they didn't like my back it was kind of one-sided she grabbed blinky out swung it around and then did the whip trick and made it head come off yeah but I thought funding I thought using the tree as an assist would probably get me a couple more extra points no March pink yeah what you should have done is like used it like a whip my yep Indiana Jones yeah and she's well can't you whip a snake in a way that I was I was that fat boy I couldn't swing much I mean I'd swing too fast and the snake a bright break by time I got across the crevasse wrong you yeah oh yeah that's why I just said kid yeah no I mean like your luck and stuff it's not about luck it's about weight distribution oh there's a crevasse yeah well I'd be swayed and so interesting when there was no credit right is it true okay alright that's gonna be everything for Ruby it was a fun Ruby day every day Ruby day uh work wanna be continuing on with Ruby next wheeze it Tuesday yep and by the way guys we are not gonna be stopping Ruby whenever we start doing the other shows don't you tell them what I would ask her about that no yeah we are we're done no we're done any loans last day busy am I tired or lazy so new poll for this episode is they had a big thing on this about a dance you like dances yeah like dance mice enjoy dances and stuff they were fun yeah I never went to I never at all was like scared about asking people like to a dance really yeah I'm Allison I mean like I got set they said no a lot I was never like I never scared me I remember reading nerves and stuff and I remember one time I asked with my toes down everyone to my ask somebody and they're like oh no I'm going with someone else already oh my god okay and then like two years later she's Leslie oh yeah okay but it's three years worth great it was were a tough time for you you know why was the melody yeah I whenever I did it like I asked far above my station really like I I was just like why I might as well know worst thing it happens they say no right so but no I got super lucky I got super lucky prom day or was like what I'm like right so she's nice no just like yes she couldn't say no but fat face is like please usually damn it yes is that like that's why I can't remember what she chose from but it's like the caveat number can I have your number got your number wait I come on the man TV thing was a I think though like girl girl how's it going girl like during the movie theater day that one skit okay movie so I so yeah so dances they yeah like us I want to go if we're able to go did you like dances and how are you at dances I don't know I've never been to one you've been to like weddings they danced there I've never been in a wedding where there was a dance no one likes going to dances yeah I've always had to like be behind a camera yeah would you enjoy that I don't know you didn't know I don't know you know I'm missing so much it is a bird bird bird but as the rapper but forever Allah by the wise that about but but having doesn't have an opinion so he won't be doing the poll but we want you to do the poll so you gotta go where the polls are which is hey in South calm / by wave that was so funny I died a little patron calm slash blind wait you guys can find how you can enter into our polls and you can enter into a bunch of polls cuz we got a bunch polls there it's not a lot of polls down was comes on its holing down and subs are links to our social media blind waved our net where's your thing you don't there's a lot of polls in Poland you don't know shirts shit and we'll see you guys next time I'm Eric I'm Colin I'm Erin let me say thanks I'm Calvin energetically the button

Reader Comments

  1. Sword gun kid true mvp of Cardin's team. Not one direct hit, all blocks excepting Cardin. Friendly fire doesn't count in my opinion.

  2. Pierra kind of reminds me of when I was in high school and nobody ever asked me out, wether it be just for a regular date or to a school dance. My friends have told me that I look intimidating and my confidence makes them scared ๐Ÿ˜‚ And my family is pretty protective of their daughters.
    On the topic on the dances, I just went with my cousin (not as a date ๐Ÿ˜ท) and I liked them. I didn't feel lonely or bored because you could feel the happiness and fun in the air and that just made me feel good. I what I dressed like was really different from anyone else's: for homecoming I wore a Harley Quinn dress, I had her makeup and one of her hairstyles in Suicide Squad; and for prom I looked like the evil queen (the theme was enchanted forest) but in a really cool way. Both times people kept staring at me, it was so funny.

  3. Like Eric, I got lucky with someone far above my station once. Still don't know how and why. It was fun while it lasted, alas, it didn't last long, obviously. ^^

  4. Pyrrha's fight scene against team CRDL is one of my favorites in the whole series.
    There are a lot of cool fights that happen in volume 3 (probably the best, most action packed volume in my opinion) so please hurry and watch them ^.^

  5. To all members of the FNDM stalking RWBY reactions during the break (less than a month left… we can do this):
    My Name Is Simon is doing a poll for his next series for reacting, and RWBY's on it.

  6. 5:41 Ha…"If they keep him in this show, I wont watch it anymore"..ref to Mercury fighting Pyrrha and possibly killing her. Hmmm…that's interesting feels. Can't blame him..Pyrrha, always my reason to watch RWBY……………….ya…I know….don't say it.

  7. Kinda a dick move to Calvin when you guys literally rephrased what he just said after repeadily telling you guys and you guys claim it as your thoughts. I know it's just for fun cause you guys are friends and all, but gezz no one likes having that happen to them, and honestly throughout the whole video he just looked like he didn't want to be there at all. Might be cause he's tired, but holy cow you guys literally shut him out every moment he tries to give an idea or thought. Out of the three of you, at least Calvin tries to react to the content, where the others kind of shout whatever they see on screen.

  8. dust bullets are a lot slower than gunpowder bullets. that plus the enhanced reflexes from awakening their aura is how they block them. it's like blocking or dodging faster, smaller arrows.

    also, due to their aura it wouldn't hurt them too much if one or two shots hit them.

  9. Interested in how they'll react to Yang's backstory. Perfect Cinnamon Roll has a really sad life.

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