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RWBY Vol 2 Ch 4: Painting the Town *Reaction*

RWBY Vol 2 Ch 4: Painting the Town *Reaction*

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  1. To be clear… they did see the 4 trailers… but it's been a while. Matthew's memory is short lol.
    Surprise guest appearance by Meeko!!!! @11:42

  2. Something that really irks me every time I see this episode, A giant mech is chasing two people down a high way literally throwing cars behind him with reckless abandon and yet when Weiss puts down her ice patch there are still a bunch of cars that have to slam on the brakes right behind the mech to avoid hitting the ice. WHY ARE YOU STILL FOLLOWING THE CRAZY MECH THAT CLOSELY?!"

  3. It's gotta make you wonder, though. Does Remnant have science fiction about androids? Has the idea even been conceived, yet? Cultural quirks like that interest me.

    Neo was a last-minute addition to the show, when they realised they needed an extra character for… later things. Her design was based on a Torchwick cosplay by a female friend of Monty's. You'll probably fall in love with her later, but she's all style, no substance. Her weapon is a parasol with dust woven into it. I'm thinking gravity dust, but there's no confirmation on that.

  4. Yeah so here is some info for you guys

    1 sun semblance is basically light clones also he is based of the charecter son wukong from the journey to west story that also inspired the anime charecter goku

    2 neptune who knows who is based off i mean he has ocean blue hair and his weapons a trident but i can't just put my finger on it oh yeah he is based off the greek i think god neptune

    3 the team attack names are based off the ship names the fandom gave team rwby hence why there is no yang and ruby team up attack cough cough incest

    4 torchiwck survived cause he still had aura and the robot took most of the hit also yeah neo she is based off neopiltan icecream hence her strawberry and chocolate colored hair with her vannila white outfit her design is also based off a genderbent roman cosplay from a roosterteeth convention or rtx for short she was also a last minute addition to v2

    Also lastly the guy running the noodleshop is eveyones favorite side/background charecter oldman shopkeep also the song played this episode is called die

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