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  1. Tai Ruby and Yangs dad Never got married to any of them but he did have Yang and Ruby with both of them

  2. Sadly, after Vol 2, RT started to use storyboard and character reference art instead of fan art for the credits.

  3. Now that spoiler was your own fault for buying figures of a volume that you haven't seen yet.

    It's like someone who has never seen StarWars watching them in chronological order. It makes sense storywise but it spoils the big reveal at the end of Empire! So if you don't start with the original trilogy, you'll hate yourself for ruining one of the biggest plot twists in movie history for you!

  4. (Trying to be Spoiler free in this comment) Weirdly enough the spoiler talk at the end of the video reminded me of something. I was a Red Vs. Blue fan for many years, then the Red Trailer for RWBY came out. I watched that and was impressed with it, but it wasn't like RvB and I didn't watch anymore of the trailers. Later I saw V1E1 came out so I watched that and V1E2 together and once again liked it but wasn't invested enough to watch anymore because it had more of a light hearted Saturday morning cartoon feel to it. And I watched no more RWBY.
    A few years later I was listening to a Rooster Teeth Podcast and Barbara (Yangs voice actress) was talking about RWBY and a mention was made to the spoiler from the toy. They talked about how RWBY takes on a lot of deep story and a stark difference between how the show began and the stories it covers later on. This got my attention, especially the stuff about the same spoiler from the end of this video. So I started watching the trailers and the show and over the course of a couple of weeks I saw everything that had been released. Then I watched it again because there is a lot of subtext in the story and you get more out of RWBY each time you see it. And now I enjoy watching reactions to it because it SO turned me around from brushing off the show to really respecting it, I like to see how other people react to it.
    Anyway, the Yang spoiler is the exact one that was 'spoiled' for me but ended up making me watch the show.

  5. ho nooo, well i hope us can still not tell you WHEN yang looses her hand and how, so you can at least say "OH THIS IS THE MOMENT!!!!" oof but i must say you are doing great to keep yourself spoiler free even after almost 90 chapters, 6 volumes, many trailers (character shorts for season 4 and 5 keep an eye on them but don´t see directly till the moment comes out) but yeah, merch, video thumbnails, google, can be dangerous in that regard, and hey that was a close one, i must say also i DID cry some moments ago, this show has it all, im so happy to re watch it again with you and everyone here, see you next week 😀
    PS: one thing that i love and i hate about rooster teeth, cliffhangers … so much hype and so many questions as you saw in season finale with Gen:Lock.

  6. Dude, spoilers just love you. lol Seriously though, either plow through the show or hide from any RWBY content that may contain spoilers for you! XD

  7. Hey Dean, love your reaction. Glad to see this show making you emotional too. I think that's a great sign of good story telling. But might wanna get some tissues cause its only gets more emotional from here. Also I think this is an important moment for both Yang and Blake since this is the real first time we see them connect as both friends and teammates. That's what I think RT does well and that's character development.

    PS- if you want, feel free to ask me or the community what merch is safe to buy so it doesn't spoil anything. We're happy to help.

    Now fun Facts:

    Fact 1: The name of the episode is a shortened version of the phrase "burning the candle at both ends", which means to harshly exhaust oneself, usually working with very minimal sleep or rest.  This episode was the first episode announced that Monty himself did not animate.

    Fact 2: The shampoo that Ren holds, Samurai Shampoo, is a reference to the anime Samurai Champloo.

    Fact 3: During the dance, there are a pair of DJs who appear to be modeled after French electronic music duo Daft Punk.

    Fact 4: Blake's feline side is further explored with the laser pointer (cats are intrigued and attracted by lasers).

    Fact 5: Younger Yang's pigtails in the flashback sequence are a reference to her voice actor, Barbara Dunkelman, who also had pigtails when she was younger.

    Fact 6: The song Nora is listening to on her headphones is the track "Gold" from the RWBY: Volume 1 Soundtrack.

    Fact 7: The text on the chalkboard at 6:44(enlarged) is an extract from a poem about Huginn and Muninn, two ravens from Norse mythology. The text supposedly reads:  Hugin and Munin fly each day over the spacious earth.  I fear for Hugin, that he not come back, yet more anxious am I for Munin.

    Fact 8: The symbol that Yang draws on the chalkboard is her uncle Qrow's emblem, but reversed. His emblem is seen during the flashback sequence behind Qrow's shadow as he saves Yang and Ruby.

    Fact 9: The incident recounted in this episode, where a young Ruby and Yang were almost killed by Beowolves, appears multiple times in flashbacks in the RWBY manga.

    Fact 10: Blake's "I knew you'd look better in a tie." line is a callback to Sun's "I knew you'd look better without the bow" line in "The Stray".

  8. I'm loving your RWBY reactions – calm and quiet but full of enthusiasm and love for a show that is dear to my heart. Nice also to see an older fan of RWBY like me (I'm in my 50s) – we're a rare but not unknown group 🙂

  9. The collectibles you have are the newer versions there are ones more current to where you are in black boxes there are also mini figures which come in smaller black boxes the newer ones are in red boxes and I don't recommend getting those yet as it will spoil some characters that haven't been introduced 😊

  10. Sorry that you got spoiled Dean, but yeah, merch is VERY dangerous for folks who aren't up to date with the series (not sure if I warned you before about it). Thankfully you don't know WHEN it occurs, and hopefully the comments KEEP with that bit hidden.

    Good luck moving forward.

  11. Toys often spoil. The toy for Giant Man spoiled that he would be in the movie. This toy spoils that not only Yang loses an arm, but also she gets a prophetic one. Granted pretty much everyone saw that second part coming after she lost her real one. I would like you to guess how she lost it, but that's really just a hobby of mine. The fact that you now know she loses it will certainly change things from here on out, since you might be wondering "Is this when she loses it?" during her upcoming battles. Granted not all of them.

  12. Major lore dump on Ruby's and especially Yang's early years. It gives you a little insight into how much Yang was responsible for taking care of Ruby when they were growing up, and shows how much they care for each other.
    Really sorry you got spoiled by the RWBY merchandise. Most of the merchandise in the RT store is going to be based on what's current in the series (volume 6), so it WILL contain spoilers for many things you haven't seen yet. Just as I recommended a moderator to weed out spoilers in the comments, I would also recommend a "moderator" to actually look through the RWBY merchandise to find things that won't be spoilery, especially if you are looking for something specific (shirt with a specific character, specific figurines, etc.). Unfortunately, much of the merchandise from the early volumes of the series is no longer available (although Pyrrha's Pumpkin Pete's cereal box (V1C4 The First Step part 1) IS available on Amazon!).

  13. Awesome reaction! just so you know, Weiss' name is pronounced like the word 'white' but the t is replaced with an s.

  14. Carefull with the OST. Sometimes they can kind of spoil the story of a characters. Finish the season before listening to them I think.
    Btw my favorite one is the one you heard at the ending. There’s so much about this OST.

  15. Ah, sorry you got spoiled on Yang losing a limb. The merch does give that away.
    That said, remember the Yellow Trailer? Go and look at the quote at the beginning and tell me that isn't foreshadowing. She was slated to lose that before she even debuted.

  16. Oh we are getting deep! I really like the flashback in this episode, if you go back to a song in Volume 1 called "Gold", you can really get the meaning of Yang wanting to protect Ruby forever and always 🙂
    And oh its a shame you goy spoiled with the Yang thing… i would recommend to maybe wait 1 or 2 Volumes before searching for more haha

  17. One of the best scenes this chapter is next episode. I hope you don't take this as a spoiler but it is a really good scene.

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