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Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Visits Dr Poppy’s Pet Rescue | Christmas Animals For Kids

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Visits Dr Poppy’s Pet Rescue | Christmas Animals For Kids

Hello everybody. Robbo and I are getting very excited about
Christmas here in the Pet Rescue Centre. Shall we see who’s in our festive waiting
room today? We have Twinkle the Robin, Chilly the Penguin
and a very special surprise guest joining us later! Here comes our first patient, Twinkle the
Robin. You can tell a Robin by their beautiful red
feathers on their front. Sometimes they’re called Robin Red Breasts
and can be heard singing in your garden on Christmas Day! Twinkle, what seems to be the problem? Twinkle, I can’t hear you, have you lost
your voice? May I have a quick look at your throat please? Robins and other types of birds sing as a
way of speaking to one another, just like humans do by talking. Yes Twinkle, it looks like you’ve got a
sore throat. The best treatment for a sore throat is to
wrap up warm, rest up and drink plenty of water. Some of Robbo’s special cough syrup will
help too! A spoonful of cough syrup coming right up! Here you go Twinkle, make sure you take a
big gulp. It’s important to stay warm out there and
get as much rest as possible. Would you look at that, she’s already feeling
much better. Here comes our second patient, Chilly the
Emperor Penguin. Emperor Penguins live in a place called Antarctica,
near the South Pole. Antartica is so cold the ground is made of
snow and ice! Oh dear, Chilly. You look under the weather. Let me take your temperature with my thermometer. Thermometers are used by vets and doctors
to take the temperature of your body. The higher the red line in the thermometer
the hotter your temperature is. Chilly is definitely too hot, but I don’t
think you have a fever. You just aren’t used to being indoors in
warm places! Emperor Penguins just like you. All have fat and feathers too. In the Antarctic you are not. Now you’re feeling far too hot. Just to keep you cold and nice. We’ve made you this coat of ice. This will keep you nice and cool. When you’re feeling hot in school. This coat is made of ice, which is just water
that is frozen solid! It will help to cool you down. That’s much better. Look how cool you look! Let’s find out who our last patient is. He’s too big to fit in the waiting room,
so we need to go outside to meet him. Wow! It’s Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! Rudolph is part of Santa’s special team
of magical reindeer who pull his sleigh around the world on Christmas Eve. Hello Rudolph. You don’t seem to be your usual self today. What seems to be the matter? Are you telling me you can’t fly Rudolph? Hmm. We have to fix that don’t we so you can
deliver all the presents to good girls and boys on Christmas Eve! Maybe instead of eating that grass, Robbo
can make you some magical reindeer food to give you that Christmas spirit again? Some magic reindeer food coming right up! Here we go! Amazing! You look better already, Rudolph. Let’s see if you can fly now. Can you take a big leap again? Brilliant, Rudolph! Look at them go! Merry Christmas Santa, Merry Christmas Rudolph! Ho ho ho! Wow, thank you for the presents Santa! I’m glad Rudolph is feeling much better. That’s all from the Pet Rescue Centre today. To watch more videos from me, just tap here,
or to download the Toddler Fun Learning app, just tap here. See you again soon and Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

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