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Rolex and the Australian Open

Rolex and the Australian Open

The world of Rolex is filled
with stories of perpetual excellence. Since 1905, the Australian Open has set the stage
for a thrilling Grand Slam® season. Champions and rising stars
are inspired by the feats of legends.It’s an epic battle!Capturing a title
at tennis’s ‘Happy Slam’ will always inspire
tomorrow’s victories.Simply the best!This is a story
of perpetual excellence, the story of Rolex.

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  1. add 3x3inch bezelless oled squared screen with 64gb 500-1000mah battery, detachable lock unlock from the band when call use,usbc&3.5 port, with any chip specs and under 200gram to replace handheld, so it wont fail the product then it wont slow and break and give it huge heart attack, dont do old bad rolex old watch style

  2. Im a huge AO fan but the news of Sharapova getting a wild card, is it because shes a former Champion? Because I am sure her ranking isnt the reason. Shes hasnt shown form for a while now.

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