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Roger Centre in Toronto has been transformed into an indoor winter festival

Roger Centre in Toronto has been transformed into an indoor winter festival

During spring and summer, I love coming
out to baseball games and even though we’re in the middle of winter we can
still enjoy the ballpark, but just in a different way. It’s transformed into a
winter wonderland, full of games and activities. So let’s go have some fun! Deepa: As I’m walking around I could tell that there’s a lot
of different fun elements to Winter Fest, so what are some of the
things that you’re most looking forward to people enjoying when they come here? Michelle: Well there’s a ton for our fans of all ages. We have our very big winter slides.
It’s a little bit scary, I’m not gonna lie, if you’re afraid of heights, but it’s a
blast. You have our spring training zone, so
this is catch and throw. You can actually play right on the turf that we have in
the Roger Centre. That is the turf that our players play on every game and
then we have over a hundred arcade games. That’s back by popular demand from
last year and there’s a ton of other things just to all around the ballpark
that fans get to take part in. Right now we are on the turf that the
Toronto Blue Jays play on and we are entering a section called the Baseball
Academy Combine. What’s really fun about this is that there’s a lot of
different skill testing obstacles that you can do that’s all related to
baseball. So the first obstacle that I’m gonna do
is called a 5-10-5. So what that tests is foot speed and also lateral movement. I went to the gym this
morning and my legs hurts, so if I’m slow, that’s why!

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