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¡RETO EXTREMO! 🔥 Ponemos al límite la Yamaha Ténéré 700 en la Bassella Race

¡RETO EXTREMO! 🔥 Ponemos al límite la Yamaha Ténéré 700 en la Bassella Race

Here is the Yamaha Ténéré that we have
christened “Enduro Edition – Motorbike Cabras” I sometimes to shorten
I have called it “Yamahita” and here is Mr. Jaime Lozano who
just finished the race of the category friends but what is the enduro race
He has been the only madman in Get into the whole journey today.
As you will have seen on social networks and in everything we’ve been telling the
weekend, we are in Basella, there is nothing left, we made the category
Maxitrail, we have run with this motorcycle it has been very good
third place by Juan Carlos And the category, well what we said, the enduro race That we have finished it, that it is enough it goes without saying that I have entered the penultimate I didn’t see it very clearly but in the end we have finished it
Stay in this video and you will see the experience
from this weekend, from my point of view let’s say, about
all focused on the maxitrail race and well we will also leave the link of the milestone that this guy just got so you can see it too, so nothing,
let’s start I’m already…
There will be 10 minutes left or something like that I think to leave they are getting in already the
starting grid fellow motorcycle trail I’m nervous, but hey it’s a exhibition race let’s take it easy and enjoy with the Ténéré that they have prepared us because …
I don’t know what to say anymore well here it is
Iván Cervantes who just got off race with this classic bike and he will race with us on a trail, so the few options that were already just
vanish Look Juan Carlos is the third,
how good Great man! What an start dude! well Guys, sorry for not speaking the whole race I couldn’t with my hands anymore
super concentrated but in the end
I started first, I endured nothing more what a turn, it was impossible,
I tried to follow Ivan and Iker
they are two great champions and well, me with doing the …
Come on, a dream come true to start a race ahead of Iván Cervantes I don’t tell you more
Yamaha has behaved amazing the tires have behaved amazing
an experience… wow… I would’ve been great good morning, second day of adventure,
second day of racing today it’s his turn Jaime’s turn. Today we are all Cabras Sobre Ruedas let’s see how it goes, because the challenge
it’s going to be amazing, finish with the Yamaha Ténéré
Yesterday we managed to take it to the podium in the maxitrail category and today we will finish
an enduro race of the most demanding ones with a motorcycle trail
I don’t want to make you nervous
What do you say? that a little nervous yes I am
I know your intention is not to do it but I have … here the balls and man, well the motorcycle the truth is that I believe her capable but
to see the pilot if he is up to it, right? Let’s see if at least, that you left the pavilion very high yesterday Well, we will get it the Bassella Race 2020 starts! What a madness! There is well, I’m already wet bye! well we carry
almost four and a half hours I think
a quarter of an hour or 20 minutes I saw pass the last motorcycle and …
well It’s the only on a trail, the only crazy
who has dared to make a challenge like this on the mountain, we knew it would take
is still inside a normal forecast, for the motorcycle that is and for the hardness of the rally as well I’m going to keep waiting here
I don’t hear from Jaime but I trust which is still in the race so
let’s see if there is luck and we finish Wow! That really is a merit OMG!
I’m here … I’m here … Thanks for the help!
Thanks for the cheering! well then in the end as you have seen no
we have been given nothing more than the weekend The truth is that as soon as
I got out first in the maxitrail category And keep you in front
you thought that they had passed me in the first corner but I grabbed the first position as a cat to house curtains, that is …
I was closing the doors as I could, I don’t have the physical
obviously and once they passed me it was unfeasible and well, I’m going to
say five times world champion … above all that, it was two “pilotacos” that you had in front … Iker was not bad at all Iker Iturregui has a medal winners
also important that … To beat Ivan …
It was going very well So good, I already
after the first lap I could having gone home and I was there superhappy already
I should have caught the picture and now with the holeshot of that race it was enough
and I really took a joy very big
seeing this man enter the finish line I didn’t know if he was going to get into the extreme zone the last 100 meters
oh my god I was also regaining strength
and they have helped me everything must be said but hey, the motorcycle has passed there especially this one
we have put a challenge I think of the most difficult, I don’t know if
someone will have put a challenge so great to Ténéré like this man and I
this weekend so, well if you want to see a little bit the preparation that
takes that is not much but it is very interesting we leave you here
the link to watch the video a bit more focused on the motorcycle
and well if you want to see first madness that this
man have done, you also have the video of Cabras Sobre Ruedas of everything that has been the
enduro race and nothing more challenge got and see you soon
Yes sir! Until next time I hope you liked, that’s
and good to like to subscribe, share the video hey we keep growing right?
yes yes, both Cabras and Motorbike the truth is that if we
call back Yamaha to do another challenge I don’t know what is going to happen to us
Do you know how to make backflips? the truth is that no, nor do I intend to learn something will happen to us, well, that’s all thanks see you soon

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  1. enhorabuena a los dos, sois unos pilotazos de aupa, con ese toque de locura que se necesita para hacer esto con la tenere 700, en fin un gran esfuerzo por vuestra parte, ha sido genial, aunque no em cvaes tan bien desde que dejaste la ktm, pero aun asi enghorabuena

  2. Este tipo de retos son de gran reconocimeinto para los dos pilotos, especialmente por el peso de la moto que es como llevar dos motos a la vez. !Felicitaciones y mucha moto para el resto del año!

  3. Una pasada! Lo que ha hecho Jaime esta al alcance de muy pocos! Menudas manos!! Y el compañero 3 despues de Iker y Cervantes!! Eso si que es de merito con una Tenere!!! Enhorabuena a los dos, campeones!!!☺💪👍👏👏👏👏👏

  4. ayer vi el video de Jaime (on board) y la verdad que a pocos se les ocurrìa meter esa moto por esos pasillos, por esos zanjones…..!! Sufria viendo el castigo jaja !! Felicitaciones por el logro. Un saludo desde Argentina !

  5. Que buen video
    Que neumaticos le habéis puesto a la T7 yo tengo pensado hacer este verano rutas trail enduro conla mía y no se que le puede ir vien a esta moto

  6. Cabras sobre rueda!? En hora buena amigos! Sois grande en #motorbikemagazine – Y esa Yamaha es grande en todos los sentidos. La pruebo en Marbella, en mi canal Youtube >>

  7. Muy buenos los vídeos! He sufrido viéndolos como si llevara yo la moto. He notado el dolor en los brazos, los enganchones de los estribos en el barro, el cansancio… pero no me he enterado de qué se rompió en la T700, supongo que algo relacionado con la palanca de cambios o el interruptor de la pata de cabra… qué fue?

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