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Relieve Tennis Elbow & Golfer’s Elbow Pain – Simien Elbow Compression Sleeve

Relieve Tennis Elbow & Golfer’s Elbow Pain – Simien Elbow Compression Sleeve

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and the folks
at Simien sent me their Simien elbow compression sleeve with dual
gel pads to help relieve tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. so let’s talk about
it. so you might have seen in some of my past videos about tennis elbow and
golfer’s elbow that you can use a brace that actually goes around the elbow and
puts pressure on those tendons to help relieve the pain. so this is kind of next
step to that. a lot of times people might really like the brace but they might
find it too bulky, or they might find that it just is a little bit too intense
for them or too much pressure. and so Simien came out with a sleeve
alternative which is a really neat way to do it because what I really like
about this is the gel pads are pre-installed. so what that does is when
you put on the sleeve, and you get it on those tender points or those pressure
points on there, it’s going to stay in place and it’s not going to slide around.
and so you can see on the inside that there’s actually two here, one for the
tennis elbow side and one for the golfer’s elbow side. and the reason I
like that is because a lot of times if you’re having one of the pain either the
tennis elbow which is the lateral epicondylitis, or the golfer’s elbow
which is that medial epicondylitis, sometimes it hurts all around. so having
both sides and having a sleeve like this does a really good job of just
getting those pressure points to help relieve the pain. and so a lot of times
when people have used the the brace in the past, it works great but like I said
some people think maybe it’s just a little bit too intense, a little bit too
much pressure. even people like weight lifters what they had given feedback on
was when they’re lifting weights it ends up kind of getting too tight just
because it’s that single brace all the way around. and so they’ve really found
that the sleeves work very very well for them.and so what’s really neat about the
sleeve is you can just slide it on and then once you get it into the right
position, and it comes in different sizes you can see the one I have on is a
medium, but if you’ve got tennis elbow or if you’ve got that
golfer’s elbow, you’re really gonna know exactly where those tender spots
are. so your extensor those wrist extensor muscles come on that outside
all the way up to the elbow here, so it’s that lateral side of the elbow or that
lateral epicondylitis and usually right on the muscle belly there’s where it’s
really tender. and just a general rule, if you go to the elbow where that
epicondyle, is if you put two fingers or your thumb that space in between then
usually the tender spots right below that. and so once you get that there, the
way the sleeve works is then it’s pretty automatic that then the inside one or
that medial side for the golfer’s elbow is going to be in the right spot too. so
you might have to adjust it just a little bit but as you can see once you
get it on, it stays in place and doesn’t slide down it doesn’t move around and it
just stays in one spot. and so this is really neat especially for active people
you know if you’re continuing to play tennis or you’re continuing to play golf
or even like I talked about if you’re lifting, doing some some weight lifting
and stuff, this is nice cuz it doesn’t get in the way. it’s not super bulky it’s
really close to the arm, so it’s not that bulkiness. so even people like waiters
have said that they appreciate the sleeve because if they’ve got their long
sleeve shirts and sometimes they’re tight, this fits underneath very nicely and it
doesn’t catch on to the shirt, and it doesn’t slide around because it’s
catching on. so you can see you know everything’s nice and close and it’s
designed to be nice and snug because it’s a compression sleeve. also with
those gel pads, so you can see that there that’s that’s really nice and again I
want to show you on the other side that’s that’s where those gel pads are.
so it gives you a nice amount of pressure on those tender points or those
sensitive areas, but not so much where if you’re already really really hurting
that sometimes may be too much of that pressure is just too much for you. this
is a nice alternative. and so you can see here that it really does a good job of
just staying in place and being in the right spot. and so with the sleeve, a lot
of times if you’re still early on in your injury if you’re gonna do some
stretches and exercises with it, you you can go ahead and leave the sleeve on. but
as you start getting stronger and as it starts getting a little bit better, you
want to do your stretch and exercises without the sleeve on. but
in the beginning you can have it on. and a couple of my favorite stretches for
tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow it’s just stretching those those muscles
and those tendons out. so the extensors on on the outside here are the ones that
pull your wrist up. so if you want to stretch it, you’d actually then go in the
opposite direction. so if I want to stretch the outside here, I’m gonna put
my arms straight out and keep the elbow kind of straight and locked out. and then
just gently push my hand down, and I should feel that stretch through the top
there. and you might feel it a lot more on that gel pad spot right there, and so
you know you’re getting the right spot. if this isn’t really stretching a whole
lot, if you’re not getting a whole lot of stretch, you can curl in your fingers and
get even more of a stretch. some people even like to turn a little bit and
stretch this way or you can even turn a little bit and stretch that way as well.
so sometimes you might want to try both ways because that’s gonna really, you
know one person might get more of a stretch this way, one person might get a
little more stretched that way. so you definitely want to try it. and then if
you want to do for the golfers elbow, stretch those those flexors out, the
wrist flexors. so those are the ones that pull it down. you’d go in the opposite
direction. so you kind of make that stop sign motion and then if your fingers are
curled you’re not going to get quite as much of a stretch. but you’ll feel it
down there. so if you’re still in that early phase you’re gonna probably feel
it right there where the pad is on the other side. and if you want more then
open up your hand and then you can pull on your fingers to get more of a
stretch. so you’d hold those stretches for about thirty seconds, doing three. you
can alternate back and forth because even if you just have tennis elbow, you
probably want to go both ways and then the same thing with the golfer’s elbow,
you still want to stretch it in both directions, even if you just have one or
the other. but again, I really like the sleeve because it has both there because
a lot of times if you’re having pain for one of those, the whole elbow is really
gonna be sore and tender. so if you’re interested in purchasing the the elbow
sleeve, make sure and click on the link up there, and don’t forget to subscribe
by clicking down there. and remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope
feel better soon.

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  2. cool stuff… I make vids on martial arts… my remedies is just eating good, rest and doing things right when I move 🙂

  3. I really dislike that small brace. It's so uncomfortable. This sounds like a really good alternative. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. Quick question from a PT assistant student. If a patient has a right hip fracture four weeks prior and you were transferring them to a wheelchair would you place the wheel chair on the side of the affected extremity?

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