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Release Date & More – New World 2020

Release Date & More – New World 2020

Okay so research complete as usual, facts first,
my opinion after. Stick around for that, I have a lot to say
on these systems that they talk about. actually has a great article posted
on this by Joseph Bradford so I’ll leave a link to that in the video description. So a bit of a summary here, New World is set
on a supernatural island of Aeternum, full of wonders and horrors. A unique substance called Azoth exists, it
gives power to people. So an evil character can use it to become
an evil warlord and a good character can use it to become a strong hero. Aeternum as a place is incredibly varied,
magical places, ruins, temples, beautiful open landscapes. This is part of an area called the Eternal
Isle. There isn’t just the worry of players on the
isle, there’s the dark soul of Aeternum itself trying to purge you from the island. Deadly legions and corrupted enemies will
be looking to force you out of strongholds and chase you from the lands. How you choose to overcome this is up to you. New World is a classless game, your weapon
and armor choices help determine your playstyle, it has skill based action combaat, where hit
volume, physics, timing and location matter for combat. First change they list in this interview is
that the combat system has changed since alpha, they said that there’s now a weapon mastery
system. So they clarify on this change here, he says,
“[I]n the past we’ve had weapons that they’ve had a predefined set of moves and abilities
you can do. With this new Weapon Mastery system, players
can choose how they want to specialize within a weapon. So whether they want to focus on, for instance,
the sword and shield, players can choose to focus on damage, and there’s a set of abilities
and possibilities that players can choose to do that. Or they can focus more on working with their
team to tank and support them. So it allows players to specialize with weapons,
and I think that’s something that’s important. We want players to be able to play the way
they want. What’s cool about this is you can combine
a little bit from both trees and really create your own playstyle.” He goes on to say that new world wants fluidity
to combat and that’s why you can change your weapons on the fly, to vary your tactics and
adapt to situations as enemies will require different methods and strategies to defeat
them. There is also magic in the game. Azoth imbues players with power, giving them
the chance to use magic, you can join different schools of power and discover the supernatural
surrounding Aeternum. Not only will the magic affect the combat
in the game….players can use the azoth around them to imbue weapons and create magical artifacts. I’m an absolute sucker for things like this. So they also confirm here, new world is very
much an mmo. You will need other players. There are player run settlements and that’s
a huge part of the world. Companies which are guilds in New World can
be formed and claim land or settlements as their own. They can control things such as crafting fees,
tax rates, upgrading the settlement and more. Now this is big news…New world has not got
free form building.. This is huge, I’ll go over this at the end
on why it’s so massive for new world. Governors can choose also if the settlement
has a focus, whether that be economy, crafting or war and they can upgrade the settlement
based on that. They’re focusing on settlements being a huge
part of social structure in making new world what it is. Quote here from the article on the settlement
system ““It’s really a chance for other people in the territories to help contribute,
so when a governor wants to, for instance, upgrade their crafting they create a town
project to upgrade their crafting stations. That creates opportunities for everyone around
or who lives in the settlement to help on that project, get the necessary resources
to upgrade the crafting station. It creates this cool scenario where there
is a sort of governing body, but players can help contribute to the upgrades of that settlement.” Now onto the topic of conquering settlements,
you and your company can conquer territory and hold it, to do this you can declare a
war which can pit players in a 50v50 battle to determine who controls the fort….Another
controversial thing and massive for the game, will go over it at the end of the interview. Quote ““And these forts are just amazing
places with siege defenses [with] high walls. And when players get to experience these battles
with the chaos of siege warfare, with people trying to break down the doors, people trying
to push them away – I think it’s a really neat way to determine who controls which territory.” So company player limit is 50 right now but
companies can own as much land as they want…Just depends on how much you can hold. He says it will be difficult to hold and holding
more than one will be very hard, even with a very dedicated group. One part of settlements they talk about is
that not everyone who lives in a settlement has to be part of the same company. You can build your house in a territory owned
by someone else, another group entirely. You’ll contribute to that settlement because
you live there and that means you’re going to invest in its well being. You pay taxes, you help improve the settlement,
you might not belong to the same factions but you belong to the same social system. New world is pushing to be a full featured
mmorpg. They understand players want a lot of options,
crafting, exploring, fighting different enemies, group content. It has all that. It also has a story now with the Azoth and
dicovering what happened with Aeternum. Okay my opinion times. First off, I’m super, super impressed with
this. Like beyond impressed. First thing I want to get to before I forget…The
social, economic and political community they’re going for this this game is absolutely one
of the most interesting sandbox concepts I’ve ever seen. I actually legit think they’re cracked the
code with this one, the code of how to make a sandbox mmorpg and it not be a random gankfest
that cannibalises their own playerbase. Usually in sandbox games, they could be good
and they will die to this fact, the wolves will eat the sheep, the sheep will leave and
then the weakest wolves will be eaten, until there’s nothing but the most toxic, hardcore
elitists left controlling the world. Well the new world system of settlements being
a source of income from community, the fact I’m fairly sure they’re telling us creatures
will literally siege our settlements as a third party faction which is something that
has never really been done successfully before is absolutely incentive to work together in
your own areas. So as a guild leader, a settlement leader,
you’re going to want to recruit people to come live in your settlement, to help defend
it, to pay taxes towards upgrades, to recruit for your company…To work against neighbouring
settlements to improve your area…Add on the impending threat of a monster invasion
and destruction of your home….Everyone is incentivised to build community and work
together within their area and against other areas. This is something that almost never is addressed
in this niche, typically you have the strong bands together and beats the weak and it matters
not what resources an area holds or the tactical, political advantage of said area, it’s literally
just a case of we can so we do. A lot of that is addressed with their systems,
whether they function to the level they need to, that’s what we have to find out. Second, controversial point here for sandbox
fans…Predefined buildings within settlements and pre defined settlement locations. I think any true sandbox fan here would prefer
a free system…But if you’re a true sandbox fan you’ve played all the sandbox games and
saw the abuse this leads to, the unbalanced mess as people figure out loopholes or vulnerabilities
in this system and the freedom you get out of it versus the problems it causes almost
never weighs up as a positive. I like games like mortal online where I can
basically place a wall on a bridge on the map and unless you destroy that wall, you
literally can’t enter this area of the map ever, it’s mine, pay me for my resources…That’s
sandbox. But it’s also massively detrimental to everyone
outside of those that get to use it and isn’t healthy for a more broad, casual market, which
to date we’ve yet to penetrate and so I’d say it’s better to keep the less hardcore
people happy as a trade off. Pre-set locations also allows for settlements
to not look like an absolute fucking mess, just in the name of meta gaming safety. We’ve all seen rust bases, 600 doors, walls
going everywhere, just an ugly mess and not fun to play against. Also it allows the developers to really put
focus on this locational aspect which is exactly what sandbox games need. A reason to own land, this settlement is in
a defendable position that allows you access to this area of the map relatively safely
and it has these specific resources and so it’s valuable for that reason. Maybe one settlement is in a key tactical
location to hold an area of the map and that’s why you want it, perhaps a guild owns it and
they’re neutral in your war against a neighbouring company but you have to cross their land to
lay siege to the enemies, so you strike a deal, strike trade for a cease fire to cross
the land or to use their settlement as a base of operations…Maybe you have some land that
is hard to defend but has rich resources around it, or is dangerous and has access to a lot
of high tier monster spawns, they can balance the power of each territory and give them
strengths, weaknesses, reasons to exist and flavour as opposed to free form building where
people just metagame to create abominations and place things in obstructive locations
that then takes that control out of the developers hands. Next up, the 50v50 thing. This is confusing and I want a bit of clarification
on this, people are using the limit of 50v50 as a way to say it’s not an mmorpg then but
at no point do they say the battles are instanced to 50v50 they just say guilds are, so perhaps
war is a system that locks guilds into an open world battle and you could bring in allies
etc, who knows. Also if 100 people on screen fighting at one
time for you isn’t an mmorpg, I don’t know what is. WoW is an mmorpg and I don’t remember the
last time I saw 100 people on screen fighting over a piece of land that exists persistently
in the open world. Also last point on this, even if it is instanced
battles of 50v50…This works in my opinion better from a balacing and fairness point
of view way more than the alternative of free, open sieging and 24/7 assett descrution because
again, it turns into a toxic mess if you let people just rock up at any time and destroy
someone’s stuff. It’s literally the exact reason I don’t play
survival games anymore, because I don’t like playing for 12 hours straight building my
base, to then go to sleep and wake up to my whole base being gone. Not because I care about losing stuff, but
because I had no opportunity to actually defend myself. So long as new world has a timer system, whether
it be open world or instanced, a way to be able to have the choice of being online and
defending my land, that’s what I care about. Last thing I want to say. Magic. Wow. This is the one thing that stopped me getting
out of control hyped for this game. A lot of what people claimed were negatives
of new world’s combat is immediately null and void with this little feature. Survival games combat generally is pretty
basic, a gun shoots bullets, a sword slashes and an arrow is an arrow. With magic, you open up a massive amount of
potential in combat development and depth that was never possible before. Then with crafters being able to infuse and
create magical artifacts…The possibilities here are endless. New World just went from being in my top 5
mmorpgs to look forward to, to firmly number 1. I’m officially extremely hyped for this game. Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like,
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Reader Comments

  1. Looks damn good. I had hopes but this has surpassed all my expectations out of a virgin game studio. I guess it's all the amazon cash that made such a promising upcoming mmo possible.

  2. Damn u Kira, ur countdown video made me believe that they were releasing the game on 12.12 😀

    Btw are you playing the new PoE league ?

  3. Great video, buddy. I am kinda waiting for this one for some time and getting this information is awesome. Im absolutely hyped for NW right now!

  4. Cool cinematic, but not gameplay so not really any fucks given.

    Also apparently they added toggle pvp and mass pvp sieges cap at 50v50 and instanced.

    I positive i can give the game right off the bat is that even during closed alpha they nailed the look and asthetics of the world. It looks stunning.

  5. idk, somehow this game manages to look good and interesting while looking really bad aswell. i cant really point on it but thats the vibe i get.

  6. Can I buy in-game items with real money?

    Players will be able to purchase optional in-game items.

    from there faq…. PTW ???

  7. I´ve seen over 100 players in WOW in the past few days, it happens often, can´t say 50v50 more like 80 hordes vs 20 alliance maybe even more horde but the problem is their servers start lagging like crazy and you can´t do shit, you would think a company with the amount of money blizzard has would be able to better support their servers, I hope this doesn´t happen on this new game.

  8. Need clarification on the 50vs50 and how sieges/wars are decided.

    Need clarification on the size of map.

    Besides that, as a hardcore survival player, I fully agree with you. Offlining was, by far, the main problem with survival games. Anyone but the extremely large guilds full of people who play 18 hours a day now despise that kind of "fully open" stuff.

  9. I played the alpha and it's not fun. Combat is really meh, I couldn't build anything besides a tent solo so building seemed to be locked behind large guilds and owning territory. The survival aspects..well why not just play ARK?

  10. i am very glad to re-confirm with Kira, once again, that strangely enough, we have good hopes and vibes about 2020 with lots and lots of upcoming games and mmo's.
    Finally fate might be smiling to us next year.

  11. I don't know if this game will be the next big MMO but GW2 players/fans remember in 2016 when Colin Johanson left Arenanet and took a job at Amazon. I don't know much about him but I do know that GW2 has done well. Amazon was able to pull some other good people from the industry as well. The main reason I'm saying this is to say that its no secret Amazon has money. They don't need kick start money and having money should be able to lure in the best and brightest minds in the gaming industry. There are no reasons/excuses why this game should not be the best MMO the West has developed in a long time. I'm talking: smooth launch, minimal to zero bugs, great combat, content rich environments, great customer support and proper monetization model.

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