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Red Bull Romaniacs 2010 – World’s toughest motox endurance race – Day 1 – Prologue

Red Bull Romaniacs 2010 – World’s toughest motox endurance race – Day 1 – Prologue

Saddle up and put on your mx googles!

Cause it’s time for the Red Bull Romaniacs.
It’s dirty it’s hard and it makes grown man
5 days of dirt, pain, exhaustion and sweat.

Get ready and start your engine, it’s the Red Bull Romaniacs

Romania, a lovely country located at the crossroads of central and South-east Europe.

We are here in the quiet, peaceful and picturesque city Sibiu.

Not today

From today on The Red Bull Romaniacs are back in town. Expect the unexpected.

Red Bull Romaniacs is a crazy 5 day race through some really really hard and beautiful
terrain in the middle of Romania. That’s fun.
One of the toughest events in the season.
For me it’s the most beautiful terrain most natural. It’s got a mixture of everything.
Big hills, trees. It’s very incredibly tough.
It’s something new for me, I haven’t done
it before. So it’s going to be interesting. And you know. Like I always do. I’m gonna
give 100% of myself and we will see at the end of the day if it’s enough.

The event consists of 4 days of rally, preceded by a prologue.

The prologue is the qualification for the start line in the rally.

It’s no easy feat and the winner of the prologue has the honor of starting first in the rally.

It was really nice and sunny yesterday, now it’s rainy. And it’s a totally different track.
Yesterday it was quite easy and we had a good fun, today it’s gonna be really challenging.
The rain makes it very slippery and probably more dangerous.

This year it looked more technical. A few riders might get stucked. I think it’s going
to be brief.
It’s a huge shot of adrenalin. All adrenalin.
It’s good. I just, I got lucky. I had a good run. And it was enough to win it. Cool.

It means that I start first. But everyday. How you finish the day is how you start the
next day. So I will leave that tomorrow. I talked to the track manager before, he said
it’s very well marked. So I hope there is no advantage to go first and I can get a good
result tomorrow.

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  1. Blazusiak is goin' to win it. He's great when the race gets tough. And what's tougher than Redbull Romaniacs?

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