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I’ll show you how we can withdraw here I already received my payout from this website. Received money from external account — 0.00133193 BTC I received it last February 17, 2020. When I requested, it immediately came in my wallet In just minutes, it’s already in my wallet. But, it will still depend on the blockchain traffic. Today, I will share new source of online income. But before anything else, This is Miss Jen. Welcome back again to my channel! If you want to earn money online, Click on the subscribe button and hit the notification bell. To keep you updated on my new uploads On how to earn money online. I share some free earning apps, free earning websites, How to earn cryptocurrency, and legit home-based jobs. We can earn thru our cellphones, computer, laptop, and internet. Don’t forget to follow me on my Facebook page, Telegram channel And you can also join my Facebook group to share your ‘Extrang Pagkakakitaan Online’ I will put all the links in my description box. Tap or click the links to join my social media accounts. Today, we’ll make a review of EX & Glory If you want to try this website I will put the link in my description box. We’ll check if EX & Glory is legit. Let’s see what kind of website is this. These are its partners: They have lots of partners — trading company partners. If you invest here, that investment will be
traded to different exchange platforms Check their website and you’ll see it in the About Company. By the way, everything I will say on this video Will just based on my research and opinions. I suggest that, do your own research on websites like this. EX & Glory posts their trading results here in the News. Check their website and see how they trade. In my research, it is connected with Connect Asic. You may search it on This is their registration. Its expiration or next review date is on September 9, 2020 These are the other documents regarding its registration. Certificate of Registration of a company. These are the people behind EX & Glory. It’s not like other investment platforms Where you won’t see its developer. In this website, they show the people’s faces behind its company. This is EX & Glory’s dashboard. When you log in, this will be the dashboard. Very simple. You will see your balance here in USD and BTC. When you scroll down, You’ll see the Plans (Platforms) where you can choose. Trading, Business, BTC and Capital. While choosing, you will notice.. For example here in Trading platform, You’ll see Deposit Withdraw Where you can withdraw your deposit after 18 days. While here in Business platform, It will not return your deposit. Before we choose a plan, Keenly check the details of its investment plans. You’ll see the minimum, maximum, days, Percentage, deposit withdrawal and accrual of profit. I will show you how to deposit here. You may tap or click this Replenish. Then here, you may use Bitcoin. Just enter an amount here. Then tap this Replenish. For example, we’ll deposit $100 Then let’s tap this Replenish. Then this will be the QR code. Or you may copy the wallet address. You can always replenish your USD balance by paying with Bitcoin Estimated equivalent of $100 in BTC is 0.01031016 We can use any wallet like, Coinbase, Abra etc. We can use those to pay with Bitcoin. This is my account. And you’ll see here my $300 Now, I will invest this $300 here in EX&Glory I will show you how. Just tap this Deposits, Then choose, Open Deposit EX & Glory has different types of investment plans. They have Trading, Business, BTC and Capital. It will depend on your preference. Because I have $300, I will choose Trading. If you want to know how much you will earn, Just enter your investing amount here. This is what they offer for a $300: Trading. Because there is a minimum amount in every plan. My $300 will qualify here in B3. Which has a minimum of $100 My daily profit will be 1% to 1.2% And profit is Monday to Friday. You can also compute here. In $300, it will return at $354 to $364.8 Meaning to say, I’ll profit $54 to $64.8 I will receive a $3 to $3.6 daily. This is not bad at all. We can already profit by that. So, choose your investment plan There are options here in Trading. Just choose what’s suitable for you. I will choose B3, because I only have $300 Click this Invest then here enter the amount you will invest Make sure you know the minimum amount. So, I’ll input 300 here. Once done, click invest. That’s it. Very easy. It’s now here in my transactions. $300 and this is for 18 days. This is now my dashboard after a couple of days. I now have $13.20 available balance From my $300 investment I’ll show you how we can withdraw here To prove that this site is paying. To withdraw, click or tap withdraw. You’ll see Fund Withdrawal Choose whether Balance in USD or Balance in BTC Our balance is in USD (I will choose in USD) I used Bitcoin to deposit, So let’s enter here (the amount to withdraw) under Bitcoin —$13 Then, enter the secret code they sent
when we signed up here in EX & Glory. I already entered my secret code, We can now click or tap this Withdraw Transaction Completed Successfully Let’s check in History. It’s already here in output history This is my withdrawal — $13 It’s status here is SUCCESS. Let’s just wait it in our wallet,
let’s see how long this will take.

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  1. Very good option for investing. Thanks mam. Bale mam yung 300usd na ininvest nyopo bale ang kaylangan mabawe tama poba? Salamat

  2. Mas maganda po yong website na sinalihan ko dyan ma'am. Secure na secure po. Pwedeng pang makausap ang CEO or nakakavideo call. 1.5% daily. This january palang naglaunch. Saan po kita pwedeng ma message para magawan po ninyo ng review. Very nice platform. Sustainable po sya at long term.

  3. Miss jhen.askp o lang po about yung,everus, di ko kc ma cashout yung ininvest ko .baka pwede po kayo gumawa ng tutorial sa pag cashout ng EVR .

  4. Hello ma'am. nice vlog
    .. ask ako, When we invest, Pag following day, makatanggap kaagad Ng interest? Or wait pa Tayo Ng 18 days? Yong pinakita mong interest dito sa video mo, ilang days interest yon, since Pag invest mo?

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