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RACING IS LIFE MOTO 2020: it finally BEGINS!

RACING IS LIFE MOTO 2020: it finally BEGINS!

the bike seems fine. The rider is okay hello everybody you thought the race season was over but it’s actually not over yet, because next weekend I’m gonna race with the karts, in Varano and today I’m going to ride my Yamaha R1 I’m here in Cremona and you’re probably wondering why today, on October 26, I’m riding here if the first race will be in 6 months the reason is that next year I’m gonna be racing in a much higher level championship, so considering that I will not be competitive yet I would love to you know.. not be that bad so the goal is to ride as much as I can during this winter to improve, to get better and be as much competitive as I can for next season and today it’s a wonderful day, ’cause there is a lot of people around and I am with my Yamaha r1, as usual but the only difference is that today I’m gonna be riding with Pirelli SC1 tires, and the reason why I’m using these tires is that you know next year for sure I’m not gonna use anymore street tires but I’m gonna be using racing tires, so it’s important today that I start to get used to slick tires, and with me today will be riding Andrea Gilardoni, with his Yamaha r1 ’cause today we have another challenge, we are gonna be challenging here again in Cremona like the first challenge we did at the beginning of the year and apart from Atzoli, who today is gonna be coaching Gilardoni we also have this bike, you probably don’t know whose is this bike. This is the bike of Ivano Magliano, my teammate who won the MotoEstate 1000 this year in the stock category and someone special is gonna be testing this bike today, hoping to be able to race with it next season and you’re probably wondering why everybody already has it’s leather suit on and I’m still casual there is — It’s October 26, it’s cold, there’s a lot of humidity, I’m gonna be riding for two days I don’t wanna crash in the first session I mean if I was a pro rider, with the spare parts full team, unlimited budget I would be riding now, but considering that I have to deal with low budget, all those kind of stuff I don’t wanna risk it’s useless and you know this is the difference between amateurs and someone who wants to be a pro rider the amateur goes in and has fun while for me it’s useless to go in and consume tires, fuel, engine without a reason, and I thought it was for you to see, to understand the difference between these 2 approaches I wanna go home first session is always a disaster. it seems like I never ever ride a motorbike by the way I have 3 huge problems, first of all I slept 4 hrs, and I don’t know why. I was so sleepy yesterday, I went to bed and I could not sleep at all. Shit happens. Second reason is that at turn 4 there was some water on the ground and I — you don’t see it so as I went in I lost the rear and I said OMG, okay. Slow down it’s dangerous, to ride like that and the third thing, new gloves I did not remember how hard it is to ride with new gloves you feel like you don’t know what you are doing you have totally different feelings from the used ones so now I’ll go back to the old ones which are quiet hard, that’s why I’m warming them up with the tire. Are you ok? Yeah yeah which corner? the second one I wanted to exit wide and I peaked a bit on the outside and I didn’t focus on the apex. The bike seems fine the rider is ok it’s still wet, in turn 4, it’s not drying, it seems like the water comes from the ground. It’s wet. You lose the rear if you accelerate too much there. That’s why I’m not doing 1.29 I’m joking during lunch we took a look a the telemetry to understand what was happening, because I was fighting all the morning with the anti-wheeling the bike was wheeling too much and I really couldn’t control it and I didn’t know why and the reason why was that in the previous races where we were using the street tires I asked them to decrease anti-wheeling because it was too strong. The problem is that the street tires have a different radius compared to these tires, so now, the anti wheeling is too low so we need to increase it a little bit, to help me while exiting from the corners the track dried, I woke up, I changed my gloves and I improved my best lap, 1.30.0 for fifty tenths of a second I didn’t make 1.29. I’ll do it. I mean it was the first lap, a shitty lap with many mistakes and then red flag because two riders crashed. I hope they are fine one of them was my friend Alberto. by the way, I’m happy because I reached immediately my last time’s limit and I truly realised how much more grip you have with slick tires compared to street tires it’s obvious, but you must feel it I felt how much you can brake into the corner, and how much you can accelerate earlier, that’s a huge difference that’s pretty cool this day was amazing, I’m so happy about the result because I almost went one second faster that last time last time I did 1.30.3 and today I made 1.29.5 with used tires what’s incredible, is that if you watch the video of that lap I was kind of going slow, I was not pushing, the thing is I was just doing the right things in the right way, and it’s incredible because if you learn to do the right thing and you learn the technique you can make very fast lap times without risking that much without being to the limit in every corner which is what I was doing until a few months ago, I was always pushing trying to find the limit, but doing the wrong things, and thus going slow now that I stopped pushing like an idiot, that I started doing the right things, I’m going faster and this is driving me insane, that’s crazy now that I have quite learned to do the right things, now I should try to return – to go back to push a little bit. The idea for tomorrow is to brake a little bit later, corner a little bit faster, and accelerate a little bit earlier which is the key to going fast, of course. And tomorrow I’ll try my best to improve. the goal is 1.28 which would mean going 2.5 seconds slower than a motogp rider like Folger, and it means a lot for me

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  1. hi my friendo, im italian and i always follow u on ur italian channel. im writing here in english because this is the enlish channel.
    i have noticed that this video is out in the english version but not in the italian version.
    is it comingout today? are u full of thingh to do and u upload the videos as soon as u can?
    i trust i u albert! i hope the best for u <3 <3 <3

  2. I Wish you all the best! Amazing improvements, without risks…. And when you'll push a Little bit, what Will happens? Great Naska!!! And again, thanks for your english videos, they are very very useful and help me ti improve my poor english….

  3. Another great video from you Naska…I have to admit tho ever since I ve been following you (april 2018) My passion for motorbike has increased massively, I was already very interested in motorsports but more car racing, but now I am also dreaming of riding on track every anyway for now I can only do simracing and sometimes karting and I will keep watching your vids that make me dreams of motorcycle

  4. @naska54 – Did you ever produce that "thank you" video for your crash/repair fundraiser from this season? I'd love to show my missus as she is a fan of yours (as well as I). – Thanks and Ciao!

  5. Folger is insanely fast, we had him at Grobnik (my "local" track), and man, he is flying! 😀
    Great video, can't wait for part 2!

  6. If it wasn’t for the fact that he is a blind staunch ROSSI FAN ; I would probably watch the whole video ; He doesn’t like MM what a shocker

  7. I'm working on getting to that sweet spot of being able to go fast with the little risk, I've learnt that track time before a race is essential in getting the rhythm and flow of the track, something I usually end up pushing against in the hope of faster times… Resulting in crashes! Its all knowledge, onto next year!

  8. Thanks to you Alberto, I have picked up a 2007 R6 , no electronics and have been using your tips to get my race license in Canada! I am using Dunlop Q4 for now! What is your favorite tires to ride on?

  9. Gud raid i love raiding but cnt
    Actually i raid not in bike on scooter lol….
    But dat was beyond the limit i know how to raid so badly but i cnt get dat shit 😃..

  10. Enjoyed watching your racing vlogs.. Keep doing it man.. Good luck to your career.. Love and respect from Philippines!

  11. Congratulations brother..!! U ride like a SBK rider.. more and more improvements from you.. now 110% brother.. yesterday MOTOGP Malaysia sepang!!

  12. Love the channel ….Really like how you show us the struggles through out the day at the track which we all deal with but you tell us what you do to make it workout for you for example sitting out the 1st session bike is wheeling to much check the telemetry and the bike settings and what was done prior and what is new on the bike that may cause the problem…..I just love the problem solving definitley excited for my riding season to apply alot of these things I am learning on your channel…PLEASE KEEP POSTING THANK YOU!!!!!!! AMAZING CHANNEL!!!!!

  13. Alberto ma la traduzione in inglese la fai dopo o parli in inglese nel posto in cui sei e parli ad alta voce in inglese?

  14. You guys are best ! Good hearted ! Share your idea's to all … keep going. On a right path 🏍🚀💥👌👌👌💌

  15. Your videos are way to entertaining. I hope i can ride my bike on a track someday always ride safe idol 😁👍

  16. Always wanted to race but people here in Australia are so against motorsports they close tracks every month. Not proud to be Australian

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