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QUIET BUT DEADLY | Valentyne Stories Necromancy Demo pt 2

QUIET BUT DEADLY  | Valentyne Stories Necromancy Demo pt 2

don't break chop-chop we found Wow Wow then you see hello everybody mine hello everybody my name's Suki cookie and welcome back for more Valentines dollar sorry Valentine's stories necromancy yes welcome back everybody now I have been requested by the creators themselves if they if I if I could continue with the game especially with Heights route yes as you as you can see this is already part two of the demo even though I already played this months ago in which this this playthrough is actually helping meticulous helping the creators to help this very this video this live stream is helping the creator's won for their Kickstarter it for this game yes Kickstarter now if you want to support this game the link for the Kickstarter is right there on the description and also and I'll endeavor and they are already a half way through there wanna half way to there that their goal it's only halfway it's not even e it's only halfway it's not even fully so anyway so how are you all how are you all good morning yes good morning everybody how are you all more well well well I've been playing Tokyo after school summoners while waiting for this livestream and also I did a little drawing of also are you just finished dinner I'm hungry you going to the truth this through this in Thursday with what was that what's through test pizza for dinner is amazing I know pizza is delicious especially when the bottom tastes like popcorn all right so now what we're going to do for this live stream is that we're going to play through again from the beginning but since this is version zero point one point six something so there's there's something new in the game they told me that they corrected the correct of the grammar so are you all ready right we're gonna play this in the beginning and after that we're going to go for high you meet Hyde later so don't worry so are you all ready to play this game I mean if you've noticed from the game this game is very beautiful like it has all the CGS right here it has the back the backgrounds are beautiful I mean if you know there's that but oh it's not moving why is it not moving why is it that bullying why is it not moving anyway you know remember this it's a beautiful slug bird all righty now so guys if you want oh sorry so guys if you want to donate the nape if you want to help kick-start the game there the link is right there in the description already okay now let's now let's start then I'll start this playthrough we're going to play from the very beginning all to hide already here we go let's play valentine stories necromancy I forgot no rave sounds like have you played a visual novel before II what if I see no oh no kill burn skip us this quick save okay skip log okay next menu skip automatic it it's on that it's either tab control okay most will hide the beguiled box by pressing it'll click these are the cupcake menu okay I can deactivate that soil indicator all right when I left I said goodbye to my dad the same way I would I would have if I were leaving for only a few hours with a wave and a smile he waved back told me again how proud of me he was and then the cart started to move it was the first time I left someone wondering if I would see them again someday I had never felt so hard yeah he never felt so hard either holding back tears and as soon as I couldn't see him anymore I burst out crying like a four-year-old rabbit luckily I was the only passenger at that time I was a pussy I grew up in lu le lu la what small town near a huge lake the name of wish I have forgotten because it wasn't as cold as the rest of the continent my great great great well the first farmer my family decided to live here I was but a survival instinct everywhere else in our kin was just freezing cold I don't know about the rest of the world but I'm sure our continents the coldest it only takes six thousand five hundred feet for the snow to stop melting and the wind kills more men and all the war we have known and the lands are almost always frozen it's like Mother Nature made that mother nature is a you be gone you was selfish people less than two days had passed when I be when I began to feel the difference I was used to wearing a simple long-sleeve leather jacket to protect Michael to cold and I was quickly delusioned yes I became gay all of a sudden I had left when my mom put first and scars and gloves puts furs and scarves and gloves and other things oh my god that's a lot of ants I've never needed inside my bags I was going to apologize to her in the first letter I sent her I want to be alive without them her goodbyes were endless she gave me the longest hug I ever had I had to promise I would I would take care of myself at least six times and my cheek and cheek became red under her kisses I missed her already all along the journey I saw many people join and leave the cart some were simply traveling from one town to another others like aim for the capital the number of new faces didn't make the road less boring I don't I don't know if it was the freezing temperature or all those endless days spent sitting but no one talked except for the few that got in together it was weird having someone so close to me in the narrow space of the cart and still feeling all alone from beginning to end there was nothing but sinister atmosphere and freezing cold the chip felt endless I ended up closing my eyes thinking about them about my Diplo ah I wasn't done dude I wasn't done you could have just split like bam bam face first to the blood of that huh anyway I did trip felt endless then all of a sudden are we there yet no over there you know our day yet yes really no I ended up closing my eyes thinking about my departure and and and and what happened since there's a way to avoid looking at the lens kill you BAM what's happening BJ dreaming young man you know I am so happy that they actually took me my if they took my advice or suggestion rather that because the music from the last from the last version is so gone I can't hear it so now they involve the music I'm so loving it yes a little is everything all right why did we stop I looked around in case the answer was right in front of me my heart went crazy when I know this I could finally make out the fortification to the city I couldn't stop myself and let out a happy triumphant sad sound glad to see the chip was ending finally can we get down no not yet we still have about 20 minutes to get to the main entrance oh and by the way it has animation like the still images have animation you're gonna love it the old man crushed my hopes and dreams with an amused tone his smile grew wider when he saw saw me lose my and I heard some travelers giggle then why did we stop keep your composure Raven keep keep composure you didn't look where you we needed to young man the old man pointed somewhere in front of the car where everyone else was looking because I was curious and it helped me forgotten forget that a whole cart of changes mock my enthusiasm I look – holy SH language slave don't make me go now don't make me go core lease on your ass I have this freaking meters again I don't want and don't make and I don't want to use it against you zombies freaking white walkers I shivered in this gust yeah finally we can see what it what it is I shouldn't discuss and have to put my hand in front of my mouth like so I wouldn't prove it wasn't fair to see that see those things walk around in arkin but I never saw this many in the same place two walking corpses were in the way making our coachman use his whip with force the craziest thing was the fact that the horses were more afraid of the whip sound and the monsters in front though instead of being panicked and trying to escape and they snorted and when their owner used his whip what the hell are you doing dude this is how you make them go away one of the passengers probably suicidal suddenly got down he took something from the ground and threw it violently at the nearest corpse it felt down just torn apart and the second one some ballistic tried to step back haha right in the face goner all over them now we can keep going the foot got back in the cart greeted by a round of Cheers he got Pat's on the back some people promised to buy him beer later others praised his actions I was the only one still staring that the corpses feeling one of them would rise again an attack I mean there are I'm dead it's not like there's someone controlling them as the cart rolled over them as requested by the man who cleared away it swayed like a boat rattled by waves making the other travelers laugh I felt like an idiot who couldn't understand the punch punchline of a joke until the old man next to me started talking are you all right old man are you all right young man you're pale all of a sudden I'm fine I'm just I don't like these things you never saw an undead wonders before the journal when a blood but word appears it meaning it's up there in the journal okay yes of course but oh my god what was that I can't make fun of them like they do I quickly checked on the others worrying about their possibly angry reaction if I had talked a little bit too loudly since they were older and had way more knowledge than me luckily for me no one was paying attention to us in our conversation the heavy sigh Lois we knew during the trip was over now replaced with a Juvia atmosphere with every man was explaining how he would have dealt with those wrecks if he had done the time too I look back at the old man trying to find a way to express my feelings without sounding like a scared little boy I feel like a scared little boy usually those things are are there really monsters nice nice rave you don't sound like a baby at all I didn't know what to call them anyway I couldn't understand why even the horses weren't scared by them the things could kill they have done it many times how could anyone let them wonder in the middle of the war and there over the road speaking of which what were they doing in the middle of the road yeah what am i what are they doing in the road road road road road road road road road road road road road sorry what were they doing the middle of the road don't they have inquisitive in the big city of course they do but what they don't know now what they have to deal with those head those dead they're already taken care of taken care of they were alone did you see what they were doing young man I opened that my mouth will reply that yes I seem to be the only one paying attention I quickly closed it again and realized that I had actually focused on the fact that those wrecks were walking freely excuse me what we're walking freely rather than what they were doing what I when I remain silent the old man smiled he was clearing the stop of the way and since the progressing so fast I would say they did a really good job are they kidding me are you kidding me sorry are you kidding me I opened my eyes so why they started to hurt sure I don't and didn't know much about the dead when I wasn't born yesterday either however the dead had risen again be it a rotten a ghoul or a vampire they only did to eat living human flesh to survive oh by the way there's a vampire in this game and one of them is and one of them is actually and one of them is actually one of the main characters here in the game so basically he is he can he is he is one of the routes in this game there we go he is one of the routes and I will tell you who who it is so don't worry you will be surprised but for now let's continue why would they do something as mundane as clearing the road I'm not kidding at all ever heard of the valence is no he's starting to get on my nerves with all these questions that explains everything what your saw is anything but special when you know what the what that what what that family can do thanks to them we don't have to fear the dead anymore they turn them into puppets obedient and docile and even let's caught sir all over them without reacting his admiring tone made me shiver he kept explaining things to me and there was nothing I could do to prevent him he decided to talk about this this family and their abilities and nothing could make him stop not even my loud sighs luckily for me I was used to pretending to listen to long speeches my father was a philosophizing drunk and he often drank I started to nod here and there and in the occasional yes and hum here and there waiting for the chip and the old man's speech to end it took about 15 more minutes to get to our destination we're finally here on the outskirts um um the the gate from gate Maria there we go no wall Maria there we go or was it roll rose I forgot become the coachman stop the cart near the space reserved for horses a few feet away from the city walls and and greeted the two men standing by the interest with away the latter hello I to be honest I don't like you but I like you ha ha ha flattered we're here to prevent anything illegal or dangerous from getting inside the capital I said the giant fortification and huge gate weren't enough for safety the men bought the men you don't need to say the men both you can just say both men were both men wore blue fabric blue fabric where the Salvatore's arms were embroidered allowing everyone to know which military forced every represented I couldn't help myself and smiled seeing the blaze on it took special discipline to make a Salvatore mid months sometimes years of training to be allowed to wear their arms it must be infuriating to have work so much and end up standing in the snow and cold checking people in and out once the cart stopped the passengers got down one by one I took my bag and went to the same to do the same I had stood up so little to the past few days straightening up me almost made me dizzy as I waited for the others to get down I offered my arm to the old man remembering the politeness rule rules my mother worked so hard to teach me the moment an old man took my arm a terrible scream echo that behind my back the hero the man so many promised drinks for a lifetime was crawling at the ground nose burning dirty mother you know but he's no arms reaching out for something anything he could he go thou unto as his bulging eyes there that's something under the cart the passengers who had already descended took a few steps back avoiding being too close as if he was infected in two seconds they put at least 60 feet between between themselves and the man they had called a hero before some converted their mouths in disgust our horror under skeptic some even cultivars the gate for health but no one came to help the man and at last nobody came even the old man seemed afraid all of a sudden his hands squeezing my arm so hard here I could feel his nails in my skin no no not another weight then huh I have a reference je t'aime h i j k okay no not another June moment please nurtured moment we already have this antenna says but come on even okay then there was a okay I haven't played this game for a while and that sound effects still haunts me then there was a sound a horrifying sound the son of skin being ripped off of flesh being torn and chewed torn and chewed they were raucous or growls and heavy breathing then eventually the smell the smell the smelly smell it smells the smelly smell it smelled it smells the smell of a grave you didn't dig deep enough of meat writing on the road infested with maggots no maggots Oh No well well there goes my fur bag or maybe it's my bag of bone my bag of rice it slowly looked down at the man's leg oh my leg my leg oh oh my god my leg my leg his clothes were dyed red and kanne kanne ever his hands were great ripping them to prevent him from running away what was left of the bone his skin dug into oh my god good girl boney skin talking to his calf and rip after muscle uncovering part of the bone luckily for my stomach I couldn't see what the monster was up to with the rest of the leg but hearing what I heard I had a pretty clear image of what the poor man was going through what do you guys want is it 1 2 3 help him get safe stay and protect the old man – avignon help him get safe or stay and protect the old man we should help help 1 2 3 3 help him slay what 3 3 fatty years you ok 3 3 3 1 1 I like some gore 3 ok what I have okay a lot of answers are three so three say and protect the old man I could easily leave the card and get to safety or help the victim but the old man next to me couldn't do either of those things the only right thing to do was stay with him and watch over him I quickly drew the bat do my dagger but is use it if that thing got bored of the man's leg and took an interest in us and instead what are you waiting for help us but none of the cowards move barely what looking at what was under the cart horrified I don't know what angered me more these men suddenly terrified by the same thing they made fun of before all the saboteurs currently having a big debate about which of them I should take care of the problem Oh fine I'm going Yomi though the Salvatore walked towards the map the poor man shuffling along as if it was the worst chore in the world before doing his sword he remained completely indifferent to them okay thank you for that yeah he remained completely indifferent at the sight before him and without a word or a blink he pierced through the injured man's chest astonished I saw me with drawn his sword before okay he liked that because astonish I saw him with draw his sword before getting nearer to what was under the card to hit Slater to hit later he eventually looked at as the old man and myself as well in a way I didn't like at all it's done no need to hug anymore ladies you're safe the old man let go of my arm with a relieved sigh I for one tried to understand what understand what just happened is he is he dead oh gosh no no it's just a flesh wound rave it's a flesh wound it's just a flesh wound sir they already they already were it's the first time you seen Rex no I'm not talking about them I mean him I put in at the corpse a Salvatore didn't even look he just shrugged tongue click my question oh god oh my god I have no voice anymore turn it off not to rise don't look at me like that kid what are you say what did you think you got bitten he got bitten you're screwed when you when they bite you I nicely and I nice landed it quickly for him he offered a hand to help him get down 2 days to disregard it I grabbed it 7 to the ground and ignored the carnage at our feet the best I could the guard found my reaction very funny and hit my back laughing like before spitting in the most sarcastic way I've ever heard welcome to the big city kiddo then he joined this colleague who watched a scene like someone watches a cat tranqs trying to catch the end of a dancing string don't expect me to clean up this mess don't count on me either and that pay to take care the valence blunders the man with a sword smiled Vincent I seem to realize something he turned to the coachman suddenly cold in his tone by the way how did this happen we'll have to explain to our bosses why we have a dead body here and it had to be better be a damn good reason the coachman already bailed because they awful scene he had witness was now shivering he sought help looking around but no one moved an inch yes you saw what happened they hung with the cord to do with that look again they did not hang on their belts got stuck in the wheels you rolled over them or something yes but they they were the middle of the road I can L avoid them I the other Salvatore sighed loudly how can you be so stupid you've been coming and going in and out for years and you still don't know the valence of the valence is magic works they cover precise areas idiot if you drag the deads out of their area you're not safe anymore and you end up eaten he vaguely gestured to our dead companions an example at least I got every spare at least we don't have to wonder who's gonna clean up anymore since you are true true since you've been stupid enough to roll over those wrecks you'll only be allowed in the city after you get that fixed if I were you I'd start right away and longer you wait the worse the smell the driver glanced at the corpse that once was his passenger and swallowed it with difficulty he nodded knowing very well he couldn't complain or change change their mind and a pro approached it approached his cart like whoa without paying more a much more attention the man with the spirit took out the scroll and started calling for the people written on it whenever one of them was called the other Salvatore searched him in their bags before letting them in as simple as simply simply as that man as simple as that the incident was over legs still shaking I tried to think about something anything else I look at the fortification the gate once closed I could see how gigantic it was whoa holy crap it's a gigantic door have you ever seen a gigantic – that's a freight a gigantic door I wonder how will they ever open it it's a gigantic door maybe there's a little door down there it's a gigantic door it's it's it spread out the high across the sky the door was as high as the fortification it could only do allow three houses to get through through a difficult spot able to move them many coats of arms adorned with structure and even with the minimal knowledge I could recognize the Royal Family's emblem seeing it neatly smile there were three crests my father made me remember the Salvatore's inquisitors and the royal families according to him according to him it was the best way to keep out of trouble at least with that you know who not to fight Ben he said oh are they really gonna open that I was hey dude there's a door here maybe there's a door within a door Oh door ception have ever seen that rave doog doog Stokes it was in present couldn't want to see this huge construction up at the lettuce past you until someone pointed out that fact the fact that the telfa tours use another much smaller door to let people in why even build something that awesome if they never use it dude they only use it for parades have you ever seen I mean you only use it when they do prints Ollie hands of a see Ali Ababwa genuflect at the left side lovely a same disappointed I love grumpy when the Salvator holding the spear said my name hands in my pockets I got closer glaring at the tiny doors if it were personally respond after all my Rose rape rape rape you yes her to join the Academy too busy moping around over the fact I'd never see the huge gate open I missed the cocky smile of the man with the sword he looked at the scroll his colleague was holding as if checking something and looked back at me smiling even wider the major cicada me yes why is there a problem you're a maid and you hide when someone is getting even right in front of you are you trying to play us kid do you know lying about who you are can cause you your head I'm not lying about anything I just know I just don't know how to use magic very well that's all you don't know how to use it it's in magic natural to you leave him alone he's a kid he panicked I didn't know if I was grateful her angry at that not even noticing the death glare his partner gave him angry he could that it couldn't have fun that Salvatore kept going element element elemental sorry elemental or an unusual magic elemental I think what's the difference again good it'll make things easy use it to prove you're the fool you're really who you you really claim to be don't you want my admission letter instead I have it in my pocket seeing a suspicion look at herself at her face I go up and raise my right hand to be honest magic was new to me only a few were gifted with it and I didn't master it at all when others discovered they could use magic about the time they learned to walk I only discovered it three months prior to this trip I had a consider a considerable delay compared to other mages and the whole world realized it as soon as I tried to use it it was a hell of a complex basically he's kind of like Harry Potter only older and hotter yeah and without the scar then without the glasses and without being a nerd and not being a prick yeah cheeks burning at the Sun and gay don't forget gay that's very important it has to be cheeks burning at the thought of making myself look like a fool in front of two Salvatore's and a few travelers who had not yet entered the capital I tried to focus on the palm of my hand to form something I needed all my closet I needed all my concentrated to create a tiny squall where other majors of my age would have created a tornado the size of a man my performance was strong enough to flush out the lid the list that the Salvatore held in his hands but not enough to impress anyone well when you're not used to it magic is impressive at least now I understand why you did not use it it wouldn't no it wouldn't have helped much yeah just a gust of wind like like right ah it's near that I got along with this remark made me regret not having it erect like that's the squall towards him he's colleague notch him in the ribs to silence them I went back to his list to cross out my name now now sure that I did not steal the identity of anyone they checked my bag gave me a plan to go to the Academy and move away from the ridiculous door little door to let me in Salvatore dispirited me one last time for finishing his sentence with a sarcastic tone that he managed to retain during our whole exchange welcome to the Academy mr. mage mr. mage yeah oh look at that it's beautiful I'm sorry if you wonder oh gosh come on game don't do that to me no don't do that to I just want to move you thank never there we go okay now I just want to move it even though the Salvatore's gave me me me me a map I couldn't find my way my way alone I had to ask for help from from passerby and many of them did not stop when I called and called them I who came from a village where everyone helped everyone illusion and was that I was not of a very timid nature and yet in front of the cold and heavy glance of judgment and I was given as soon as I dare to say hello and it enough no longer daring to speak to anyone it was only at the entrance of the Capitol where was according to my to my plan the residential area that I had been able to receive help it was all it was also the neighborhood where I felt the least other place inhabitants were dressed were dressed with fabrics with much more colorful than those that were worn at the villa la but there but there was that the same kind of stores the same men shouting out to the passerby to look at their products the same kids running around without anyone knowing why where the atmosphere live differed greatly was the smell that came from all the streets was even more unpleasant than the foul manure our neighbour used as fertilizer It was as if someone had emptied their latrine on a pile of vomit and covered it with spoiled me that even a brass would have worked if I saw trouser that I seriously thought about walking home trained that they academy would have exactly the same smell happily the more you moved towards the Royal Palace the more distension was dissipated until it disappeared completely when you reached the upper quarters in the end it disappeared at the same time at his friendliness the people around as if living in the most horrible centre the world made people much kinder the upper quarters were separated from the rest of the city by supporting by fortifications similar to those around accredited capital a little less high but equally impressive I had to present my admission letter several times have the one right to go to go there and each time the guards had let me pass reluctantly besides all the passerby had looked at me oddly once I arrived in the upper quarters I must admit my outfit contrasted enormously with the long silk coats and embroidered fabrics worn by the inhabitants of this on this part of the city the streets were immaculate and even the ground seemed cleaner than my clothes and what on one hand I felt believe that to have to spend the next three years in a neighborhood with unreal and bearable odors on the other hand I would have rather lived lived in a more welcoming atmosphere it did not matter where I looked nothing seemed familiar to me I did not even recognize the food sold in stalls and I ended up finding the Academy after several hours a point pointless running around and that's it and this time you have a huge gay donor on the front yay so guys seriously if you back the game it will have the same results as that it's beautiful it's majestic again it's beautiful seriously look at this anyway ah finally Lord the city's a complete maze I thought I'd never find it I had seen a lot of blankets with buildings on my way it's surpassing the one before in beauty but the Academy seemed warmer two guards were lost in a deep conversation seemingly unable to agree on what matters the most to every breeding age male about to get a woman in your bed huh except for you how to get a man in your bed OOP the first one thought patience and kindness for the first were the best tools to succeed and the other one assumed they only sought strength I couldn't bring myself to end such a fascinating country this cushon so I left that so I left them to their argument for a few minutes before making my presence known in the most cautious way I knew loudly clearing my throat excuse me what are you doing here kid we don't do charity get out I had dealt with that arrogant look so many times before I I should have been immune to it it was at one time too much I am a student here let me in please two bearded men exchange a look then laugh out loud that's a good one never heard that one before got any more like that are you may be although the secret son of the king a few people step stopped and stared I'm wondering what caused the guards are laugh I could feel my cheeks burning up there whispers fists fists tight as I kept repeating to myself they're armed to come myself now I have a convocation notice to prove it I should I should have started with that when they heard the word convocation they went from a muse to surprise they shared their shattered look again silent waiting for me to show them the proof I mentioned they stared at me as I searched every pocket of my clothes trying to find a piece of paper slowly spanning again as I changed colors understanding my pockets were empty damnit I might have lost it last time I showed it let me guess you lost it there with you you should have made a fake one go to work are you kidding pretty sure this moron can't even write I swear I had it earlier I can't do magic if you want me to that's what that's what I did that's what I did to get inside the cap one of them grabbed me by the arm preventing me from it Wow the game suddenly farted he wasn't laughing laughing huh anymore instead in blade weight and disdain ha did you think we were idiots have you seen yourself even slaves don't smell as bad as you you want a place to sleep tonight I see these drains will be great for you trust me it was it's way better than the cellar throw you in if you keep treating us like imbeciles he radiated aggression and his eyes promised me his threats were more than serious the swearing was too high to act quickly if I didn't want my first day to end awfully well which one should I do fight use magic or they are armed should we use magic answers should we fistfight or shall we use Avada Kedavra or they are armed now that I think about it Oh use violence 1 1 1 to use magic 2 2 2 2 K 2 2 2 but ok use magic since they weren't going to let me explain myself I had to show them I belong in the Academy I told you I'm a student here expecto creep Andiamo a wind squall came out of my hand making the guards helmet fly away over the gates his co-worker who had started to take out his sword so they put it back into his sheath as I enjoyed my victory as much as I had enjoyed my first beer huh I was about wow ok I was about to mock them taking few steps back it's backwards to look at my work when I bought me to a wall wall oh yes ladies and gentlemen meet the captain of the guards I forgot his name though he's the captain of the guards he's pale he's tall and there is a surprise what is what is happening here this it blew my helmet away you brought you brought this on yourself it came out in a more childish way than I meant to hmm the man looked me up and down paying no attention to the cars or what they said mmm would you happen to be rave Rabia yes Wow first time I've been talked to like that I was sent I was sent I wasn't looking for human I was sent to look for you a courier will announce you hours ago I was sent to find you since you never showed up I kind of okay ladies and gentlemen meet your vampire that's right this guy is a freaking vampire I am not joking the creator tweeted about it and even I was surprised like him a vampire really yes he's the new Edward Collins but this one is hotter serious and protective and he loves dogs come on man he loves dogs okay hmm I I kind of got lost on my way what matters is that you eventually got here without injuries the man walked to the gate seriously that's quite seriously who wouldn't who wouldn't say no to to kick-start this game to be honest I kicks that I helped kickstart this game too it's in Euro though yeah it's in Euro that's the it's a little bit of a problem though the men walk to the gate and open them he gestured for me to follow him still ignoring the – complaining idiots who stared at me with anger it's not over kid satisfied I offer offer them the breakfast smiling gave them the middle finger as a goodbye ah-ha-ha-ha before passing through the door to the school Wow I had never seen such a bright interior the floor was so clean and they deflected the furniture in the room it was weird to see such a big empty space where is everyone all are busy with their respective tasks you love to wait a few hours if you want to see other residents he mentioned for he meant emotion for me to follow him again which I did without hesitation although he was at least two heads taller than me with a constantly scowling air this man felt somehow reassuring it must be because he was the only person since I arrived in this damn town who didn't look at me funny glad to have someone to talk to talk without regretting it I tried to engage in conversation as we walk down the halls of the Academy what's your name you surely you surely have a title everyone here refers to me as Ilyas you can call me you can do the same that s what okay his name is Ilyas okay Ilyas are you a teacher here is that why you came to get me I'm not I'm in charge of the guards of the Academy's God Wow they sent me the captain of the guards thank you it's really nice that you took the trouble to look for me you have to have much more important things to do the man offered me a wig smile a smile it was a little sad I did but my job we climb to the first floor where we reached at the narrow corridor leading to several doors where are we your room mr. rapier I look at the three doors and one by one as unable to stop like a crazy windmill I had a room it was the good news of the day it wasn't a dormitory where all the students live in the same room as in the military schools other members of my family went to we each had a room of our own which one is mine it is up to you mr. rapier so far we have never have had more than 6 students per year so these rooms are intended to accommodate two students rooms for your class are all occupied by one of their classmates which one of you choose which one you choose will not you know will not matter he's a big man oh it's in that still not bad a double room is better than a dormitory so I choose just like that can I see since I can I see inside before deciding hmm it is only a room mr. rapier and it's used this to be pic about it yeah I'm gonna spend three years in there I don't want to check to regret it – two – two – Ilya side very well I may show you the inside of the rooms which one would you like to see first at the left door I'd like to see the room on the left please and yes open it for me the room was very sober and orderly a thousand miles from the one I had thought my parents the bed was perfectly made without any creases the books on the Shelf were arranged in alphabetical order and even my mother but not have been able to fold her clothes as precisely as the one in here would you like would you like to take this one mr. rapier okay now since we're going for Heights route we're going to say yes please it's perfect because this is height you will see high as in you will see high later so yeah continue yes please it's perfect great great sorry great you can leave your bag here I'll ask for someone to get your bed ready Thanks I did as I was told and we left the room it must bet it's better not to have to carry this bag everywhere follow me if you please where are we going now are you giving me a tour not right now you need your uniform is Arabia if you keep your current clothes the stuff will end up rattling I had no idea what proper man but I didn't mention it I didn't want to look like an idiot instead I found it a bit annoying correct Ilya so to see stops calling me Raber let him be at least for what I'm not being called peasant okay okay anyway I thought which one you guys want correct aliasing so he stops coming reviewed mr. baby or let him be at least for once I'm not being called peasant which one do you want wait a minute I think this is for one number two let him be okay let him be I decided the post point is to bring up something so trivial it least took me to get my measures done by a man who spent excuse me spent more by a man who spent more time complaining about how I how late I was then using his tools he even tricked me several times that bartering apologize asserting it was criminal to waste such beautiful fabrics on a slob like me I should have been annoyed by his remarks but I was too busy look at my reflection in the mirror next to us he was right stuff he had wrapped me in it was beautiful I almost had trouble recognizing myself I said I if standing still with it if standing still without moving had not been so painful I would have stood there watching for hours after taking all the notes and measurement he needed the tailor took back the pieces that would become a meet my uniform and alias aspect for me to follow him once again once back on the ground floor I was taken to a room I had not yet visited okay excuse me what now what what do I have to do this room is preserved for first-year students to use this is where you will have classes most of the time and where you have to introduce yourself to your classmates introduce myself do I really have to what should I say indeed you are not just late today mr. Danner's not you're just not late today mr. Rabia you are late this year classes started several months ago and you are trying to catch it catch a ship that has already sailed you have to do things according to the rules and the rules involve introducing yourself to your classmates and your teacher he put a hand on the doorknob and waited for my approval to well to open it I nodded at him swallowing painful he knocked three times and pushed the door open like the rest of the Academy haha my grace of the Academy the classroom is very bright even though the day was close to its end four people were present three young men certainly of my age and slightly older men was standing in front of them a book in his hand on hearing us enter they look up look up at us slightly surprised the one who seemed to be the teacher looked me up and down with a small smile Oh Layton without your uniform that's a very bad start for this year young man there was no reproach reproach in his voice or is enough and it's in his eyes on the contrary it looked like he was having fun with the way things were going not knowing what to do or say it turned I turned to Elias he merely nodded towards a professor arms crossed what do I do what do I say is it me is it me or is it super hard all of a sudden yeah why did why am I so nervous all of a sudden who I opened my mouth of all times to try to say something but in front of such an important authority figure he was a teacher Lord I couldn't even spell it out two words was a pitch to look silly or say something were wrong or worse to see him pull out a wooden stick to hit me because I couldn't give him the answer he was waiting for oh you mean like this you mean you don't want me to go mr. Baldi on your ass you wanted me to go baldies basics you know what they say a good spanking great it's a great person fortunately Elias eventually took pity on me and spoke for me my apologies mr. Valens nothing went the way it would have mr. Raber arrived quite early this morning but the but he had to come here all alone and the accountant encountered some difficulties along the way now that if you guys noticed that his name is his name is valence so basically he's a necromancer so he he is really top notch on his magical skills because he is one of the three crests of the kingdom yeah oh yeah yeah that's it I was so panicked that my voice rose about an octave higher the professor's gaze did not leave me the other students either but I didn't paid attention to them and he smiled even more when he heard alias explanations his voice ever common amuse he spoke directly to me Oh what is he gonna say and may we know what kind of difficulties you encountered mister Rabia I kind of got lost sir hmm I panicked there was a silence that seemed like an eternity and then the dark-skinned student burst out laughing followed by the other two who at least tried to do so with a little more restraint that's not exactly the answer I expected but fine at least you're honest however mr. Rabia you should know that curtis curtsy courtesy sir curtsy is one of the fundamental laws of this academy you're talking to your teacher not your dog my apologies my apologies sir I will not do it anymore glad to hear that the teacher turn is attended to the other students glaring at the one who is still laughing the latter wipe that's here from the Kauravas Ilyich well now that mr. JD has cut calm down we can continue thank you for your time melius you can go back to your work here yes not I didn't left the room without saying a word once the door was closed a professor clear dystrophy he took us handkerchief out of his pocket remove his monocle and began to clean it thoroughly as in a religious silence the student with the long hair indicated the freeze place next to the ten guys smile to show smile and smile to show eye he should sit there I said there as fast as I could glad I did not have to stand in front of everyone anymore I felt that pressure and my stomach disappeared once I was there being next to the other students was much less intimidating but was certainly that what the teacher was waiting for since he resumed his lecture the second is like am i but landing on the bench that's not the only thing your butt is gonna land dude just wait for this game to be released because according to the Kickstarter there and I quote an optional r18 patch so I can't wait to play this next year I am mr. Valens and as you know I'm and as you know I will be your teacher for the next three years you will have other teachers but it is my responsibility to teach you how to become a respected mage if your face send it if any difficulty you'll turn to me what you want to become you discussed it with me and if you ever come to disturb the order and the calm of the cat of the Academy I will take the necessary disciplinary measures but I hope it won't be an issue me neither this these young people by your side will be your classmates for the three years ahead and the Academy expects you to you you to show them the same respect your show to the staff is that clear yes sir perfect that said gentlemen you are dismissed I won't be able to teach you anything before you ask him the question the question what question who will be the one to poke you in the ass first seeing that everyone had got enough when they had when they heard mr. Valens given them permission to I did the same image it immediately I felt an arm curl around my shoulders and dragged me out of the classroom when he says dismissed you don't discuss you move come on if you have to talk you know Jenny here is my favorite because you know tall dark and handsome the guy tracked me to the entrance of the Academy followed by the other two students Elias told me the room was a little more lively than when I arrived the class is being finished for everyone but I was too concerned to notice it since leaving their little classroom I kept wondering what these three boys wanted me to do and my stupid imagination not put so many dramatic scenarios in my head I began to feel stomach pain again my cousin told me about an old custom that was everywhere on across all professions I'm sort of writable during which the newcomers of the group was forced to ridicule himself to amuse the others in other words initiation some spanking and I was sure that was but that was what they were going to do to be they're going to do the initiation now repair your grating but hold the dark one is gonna enter when the tan guy finally got to stand in front of me my fists were tight ready to defend myself they tried anything so ravier before lunch day before lunch there's something we would like to know yes move one Institute and I will end you what what room did you take huh I expected many things but not that only the long-haired boy seemed not to care and the other two stared at me as if my answer was going to change their lives I I chose the room on the left the fair-haired the fair-haired guy in the tan one let other victories cry well the one with the long hair looked out the window another the indifference there was no indifference basically it's okay with you there was no need to be very smart to understand what made them so happy yeah what made you so happy hey you know on your freaking room JD it's very hot like there's an oven there because you're a fire mate well you you pompous little prick you're a freakin rich kid that deduces water spells and you you use Chaos magic for odd reasons it was no need to very smart the very smart very smart to understand what made them so happy I had settled in Rapunzel's room he got a pat on the back from the tan guy was apparently really pleased by the way things turned out I thought though I thought that no one would want us a room as sad as yours I shouldn't have worried it's a room nuts it's a room not a tea shop I don't see why wouldn't one it's full of trinkets like yours trinkets you're calling my belongings trinkets excuse me those are not trinkets those are shall we say collectibles oh yes you must know that even the rag I sneeze in is worth more than your life yeah just like the walk there's like sharing you know where two people got hit by a sports car and their luck and then there and then there they were only word for 30 thousand pesos what kind of boat a kind of system do we have it's gonna answer and then the worst part is that that the person who used that sports car got a bail on the freakin weekend which is questionable anyway you're calling me they kept arguing over whether or not the runs the run handkerchief was worth as much as he claimed until I stepped in a little bit wielder you that's all you wanted to know that's the question mr. bailiff was talking about the one that that prevented him from giving his lecture immediately stop their argument exchange a look why are you so surprised why are you so surprised we have been told for weeks that one of us will have to share it share his room with a new student now not this new student came in picked one and picked one so we want to know which of us lost the privilege of a single room you get distracted by such a little thing it's surely because there's not much going on in his school I was reassured and at the same time a little upset and I had a little I had a lot of questions to ask them where where did they come from where do they go all what a wonderful view and how big is their dicks ah but what was their magic what were their names but all they were interested in was which of them would have to share a room with me my bad Boone must have showed on my face because the boy with long hair approached me you're making a funny face is something wrong if it's because you regret taking the most sad looking plane room beside looking plane room too bad for you it's done you can't change it no no no it has nothing to do with it so what's the problem ah I know it's because I called you Arabia isn't it it's excuse me dude it's not that I want to be rude but we're the same age so I'm certainly not going to call you sir and we don't know your name I didn't know your name so mr. vain Sally called you mr. ravier every time you talk about him his remark made me smile when I mean a person called someone by their last name without any title of nobility or politeness was either because they were close enough to be allowed to do it or because it was supposed to be insulting really no it's not dude the delusion of grandeur mr. rave is so high like this high in any case that was how things work for the big big guys of this world in any town on the other hand we called everyone whatever we want without anyone being off offended for so little it like for example it so for example there's a little kid it's de Beer its Rabia hi Gabe yur by Gabe yer oh my god now everyone will know why his name is rave it was for this reason that is rabia oh my god they had not made me move an inch I was much more shocked to hear someone treat me like I was important than someone calling me by my last name I was glad however that he was talking about names so I could introduce myself more naturally than what mr. Valens had expect me in class my name is Reeve ravier you can call me rave ok rave and Carrie Jenny oh yeah I forgot his baby scary I'm hight Fisher that's Hyde everybody and you can call me mr. Leroy is he serious here ok darlings darlings shall we call him mr. Leroy ask for his name quick or call him the runt which one this should we choose what should we choose Leroy mr. Leroy ask for his name are calling the runt oh my god you guys are choosing the same thing the pitch that I chose from the first playthrough okay call him the runt okay so we have Carrie Hyde and the runt what mr. Leroy was mr. Leroy was furious and Carrie was in stitches even hide who had been rather impressive until then smiled I savored the small effect on my reply like the comfort of warm goat's milk in winter you forget your you forget your place filthy little peasant we are not at the same social class it is thanks to wealth like my family's that the peasant it is thank to weld like my family's that peasants of your kind can't study here you owe me respect but I respect you runt this runt is affectionate my false innocent own natives explode do you know where you can put your affection your ass dammit dammit Brennan calm down you're the one who started it so you're ready no I am your worst nightmare you'll pay for that premium weird how not threatened I felt once introductions were made a man wearing a uniform similar to areas called it as for being noisy and inform us that the courier was at dusk which meant soon because I thought thought about going to the famous room that had to serve everyone my stomach began to protest loudly outraged at the idea of going it to bed without eating anything had entered my mind slowly I look up the boys hoping no one heard anything but the howl of distress my stomach let out was clearly too loud to get unnoticed sorry I haven't eaten anything since I arrived uh-uh-uh don't worry I'm hungry too yeah I'm hungry for you too I mean who is not hungry for that deliciousness Hey I don't I don't know what kind of food you were used to at home but you'll see the food here is worthy of a prince of a prince as if we can't even have second that there is never any desert deserts aren't those very sweet dishes that cousin are in the leg you know to be honest I kind of remember this part it's when I went well I was washing the dishes I don't know why he must be unbelievably rich if you used to be if he is used to eating it mm-hmm why are you staring at me slob no reason carry wrap his arm around my shoulder again to guide me away no way come on let's not stay here otherwise the guards would grumble again Hyde was right we ate like princess at the cadet Academy I was served dishes to die for and they filled my stomach like the food on a festival night I was able to taste those unknown fruits I had seen in the stalls of the capital and that's what made faith regret we'd regret that my mother's cooking was not the best cuisine in the world I had dinner with the three boys which Kari said was not likely to happen again anytime soon renin usually dine alone and join us only because my choice of room had put him in a good mood good no good no we talked about my trip the reason for my delay and ranan repeatedly complained about the glances that other students were throwing at us wait huh about the glances that others were away other students there there's one two three four there's two more there only there's only six of them so what reproaching me and approaching me for a drawing too much attention with my beggar looks and was the only student still wearing his civilian clothes and among these immaculate white uniforms my outfit was a little a little out of place hide was the only one who stayed quiet during the meal he didn't ask any questions just not it's not it once in a while when one of us wasn't addressing him strongly reminding me of the casual reactions I gave the old man that very morning when he told me about the family I did not really care about and you were there when your excuse me I need water when you were the one talking this attitude was actually quite vexing I hope you will be wearing your uniform tomorrow I have a reputation may not take a big head if I have to stay next to you and your dirty clothes all day long as if anyone in this school pays attention to you you're so small and insignificant like it and I even that I even wonder if anyone else's notices your presence when you walk down the halls ah ah ha ha ha very funny another joke about my size bloody Blair Blair it's not like I'm a hunter in another in another universe who can use magic obey blueberry blue pity it's not like you are like Adrian in another another multiverse excuse me Carrie what kind of name is Carrie anyway are you Carrie Underwood isn't Carrie a verb huh it's like saying I'm with Carrie cuz I can read someone from my room ee huh buddy another dude have you run out of resources coming from a slob like him I could understand he might not have the mental capacity for a witty retort but you oh come on it's not like you could think of more things like oh my god I think of more things like a blondie like me I can be the Picou in this dimension excuse me whatever whatever you must surely have the same intellectual level please don't put me in the same basket as him I wasn't ecstatic because the dish is in the refectory were silver nor apologize when the waiter bowed to me yeah all of that is new to me and then the waiter took me by surprise so I didn't know how to react let them talk sorry let them talk they grew up in families first everything was due to them for them to be treated like kings it's not only natural they don't realize how lucky they have been but don't worry luck always ends up is changing and when that happens these daddy's boys you know they feels cross out the like like to be honest if you cross out that process if he asks you'll get daddy boys oh these daddy boys Oh daddy boys the pipe the pipes collapse saying we'll finally understand what the real world is and how ruthless it is cariann Renan gave high two murders glared without responding oh did someone got hurt from that remark put salt on your riches like ducktales woo but what in the world could they have retorted the way he had just put them in their place I thought uttering the slightest rudeness with a serene smile and a calm voice was almost unstoppable I know right unstoppable and remarks about this size his clothes mean logical to seen aha his clothes are his way of speaking couldn't put carry and ridden at his level and from what I had seen up to this point these were presented is precisely the only weapons they knew how to use are you coming rape they can continue arguing like that for a long time we we'd better leave okay I couldn't hide the ting the tinge of attained a tinge of admiration my voice I'd pushed open the door of our room of a room and gestured for me to come in I did so quickly like when he had invited me to sit in the classroom delighted to have a way to escape the Descamps discomfort that had just settled I was sorry I was sorry the evening ended that way and at the same time happy that hide interview who knows maybe they would have continued to mock my reactions and since I didn't really know how to defend myself other than would insult surface things would probably have gotten even worse I am sorry sorry what for well you and Kari seem to be getting along well until two minutes ago and now because of a stupid joke you're not fine I'm really sorry I should have said something for myself Hyde went to the class and put away the things he had brought brought to class a small smile on his lips there is something very appreciable about sorry there's something very appreciable about Kerry he's absolutely not resentful I doubt he will remember what I said when he met my Mimi tomorrow and if you know that moon looks oddly familiar it's like a little pebble and if that and if that's the case you'll just think I was joking he has a very special way of taking criticism the one who might not swallow it it swallowed it Blair mouthful the one who might not swallow it his spirit is renin he doesn't like when I reminded him that the silver spoon he has in his mouth can fall at any moment but he's avoiding me as such as they can so that won't be a problem damn and here I was thinking the three of you got along well that's the case that's the case I think well at least we've never fought he closed the door of this closet and went to his bed is this now the time for our conversational scene let's see what's gonna happen with rave and hide hmm I wondered he's not gonna turn into mr. J dr. Jekyll ah my belongings had been starting to the room while we were away and although the tailor had told me that I wouldn't get my uniform till next day it was already there it was already there and neatly fallen the shelf above my bed the different huh the different hides and furs my mother had stuff into my bag were stuck in my wardrobe from the thickest of the thinnest and in a few trinkets I had brought in emergence of Louie lay were safely waiting in a drawer for the first time in weeks I felt safe warm enough finally at home delighted to be well settled and in good company I jumped myself on my bed enjoying the softness of my mattress and the blankets it was so comfortable that I was already getting sleepy I had reached for the bedside table to grab the lone book from it he started to put it away in his library when his gaze lingered on the title he thought and then moved closer to me what he was closer wait wait okay you were closer step back hi I'm not ready excuse me I'm not ready okay I'm ready let's go excuse me I think the maid forgot to put your book in her in your closet by recognizing the cover what he was holding my tiredness flew away with all my energy flowing back I set up my eyes lock of the book chicks on fire my roommate was holding the one and only book I brought back from the farm the one I had been given to teach me to read a few months ago the one I had been given to Tootsie and the one I'd be given to teach me to read a few months oh like a it's for Apple B is for but c is for cat D is for dick he is for egg okay f is for fuck all the men a book for children I feel bad for rave now okay there's two choices here ah should we snatch the book from him or act like you don't know who it belongs to I can think of snatch the book from him or act like you don't know who it belongs to I think I'll go for a number one name that I don't know we can still go back here should I can I say I could say yes thank you lord I can save a book for children okay number one okay number one snacks to fuck from him give that book right now and they jump out of bed to rush towards him and turn the book out of his hands gasping gasping for air like a man who had just running for his life I'd still had his hands in front of him in the position they had yeah they had when they were holding the book and watch me stuff it into one of the drawers of my closet without blinking okay it was neither mocking nor angry at maybe somewhat lively reaction he wasn't even surprised he only seemed curious he's like a cat the moon and the prince it's a very old children's story why did you take it with you seeing that I did not answer to visit to catch my breath he tried to explain the presence of my book in this room by myself is is this a story you like to read from time to time or is it or is it just sentimental does it keep you from feeling homesick maybe you're asking too many questions my apologies I find it rather intriguing usually we find books a little thicker and more complex and on the bedside table of young mages I didn't expect yours to be the story of a little prince falling in love with one of the moons oh my god it's foreshadowing it's or shadowing oh my god this is great is it some kind of family treasure yes he's keeping his family jewels on that book no not at all it's a kid for my parents to teach me to well you see I don't know very well why is why are you smiling like that you can't read very well my embarrassed silence lit up by its face with a much more friendly smile than the little ones he had so far he went back to his bed to pull some of his books from his library sat down then motioned for me to come closer and learn to read with with that one the mercenary who didn't know how to fight you know it was only a few years ago but it was decided that learning to read could actually be useful to me and I was able to move on to some more complex books I just once on history or religion I read them till like couldn't I could read anything I wanted without the help of anyone it seems very difficult when you start to start but believe me once you finish the moon in the princi will get better in no time I listened to him talk about this experience captivated and surprised seeing him and the way he spoke I thought I was dealing with a man who had been reading and learning since his earliest childhood much more smart and knowing than me actually he had only a few more years of experience in me and the ease of which he spoke of his illiterate past without any shame or modesty made all the embarrassment I had felt vanish away thank you it's nice of you to make fun of me I'm sure Renan and Carrie would have what would have a lot as I said as I said they aren't aware of how lucky they have been not everyone have been pampered since birth if they ever come to laugh at your difficulties ignore them altogether there's no worse content than indifference easy to say I was rather taught that we should never let anyone walk on our feet and that a face in the nose was the best way to solve your problem problems as the tiredness began to shake my legs I had a very long day behind me and decided is it just I sided this dish to sit just to continue the conversation without being uncomfortable ooh shall we sit next to hide you're giving us a choice to sit shall we sit next to hide hello Oh – okay – without thinking too much and because I found it much more friendly than going to bed or settling on the floor I moved to sit on heights bed when he realized what I was going to do hide shifted a few inches to give me some space to sit he still had the mercenary who didn't know how to fight on his lap his hands flattened his blankets oh this is beautiful excuse me there we go so you guys will be able to enjoy this there's a reason why I didn't chose this for the thumbnail because I want to keep the mystery here this is too beautiful ah look at this feet foot though that's cute its foot all is me so you started to read with that what's the story it's the story of a mercenary can't find that I that I understood but what happens does it does he know how to find in the end no he ends up being beaten by a bear what what you are you sure it's a children's book hmm in yours the print isn't the prince doesn't to survive either huh he's reunited with the moon through it's written in a more poetic and nuanced way way not to rush it Severus but in the end is the same the joint hurry must die my book is just more honest than yours another subject a month or me and his answer right away looking at Hyde with eyes so round that they were threatening to roll out of their pockets he dies oh whoops oh oh spoiler alert did you not get it I didn't get to the part of that story yet but it's only about 20 pages it's quick to read I read slowly oh well sorry you're not sorry at all I'd end up apologizing though according to him the wrongs were shared and the conversation that were in a good mood I went to bed okay well that's well that's something there we go okay I went to bed a few minutes after he had finished putting on his new at night clothes exhausted I underestimated my ability to stay awake especially after a day of exhausting his mind but he carried me away the second my eyes closed hey did you sleep on your bed or his bed okay the next morning I felt something gently tapped my shoulder while a voice that seemed far I started seem far away repeated my name I opened my eyes the sound became louder the first thing I saw was the room ceiling then hide hello you look beautiful dude in that that's your pajamas you look beautiful like gosh you're beautiful the first thing I saw was the room ceiling then hide he was sitting sitting on the edge of my bed and leaned over my head so he could wake me up gently seeing that it worked he offered a smile sorry sort sorry to have to do this with Ray to do this Ray but the first Bell will bring in an hour if you want to be able to get ready and eat something before class it'll be better to get up pal I had to blink several times to remind myself who he was and where I was my head still buried buried in my pillow I tried to assimilate the information he had just given me the first Bell the first Bell it rings twice at the beginning of the day once words once for students to go to the classroom in a second time to announce to start the class if you get there after the second bell it's fairly likely you will be punished that's why I allowed myself to wake you up Thanks as I flanks hey you and I had a on a you're not I had tried to contain since I opened my eyes finally escaped oh my god I've gotta yawn to thank you my thanks and incomprehensible how that almost ripped my jaw after rubbing my eyes several times I managed to get out of my bed uncertain my sense is still numb by my too many hours of sleep as a good farmer I was I used I I was I was I used what has a good farmer come ah okay I was used to waking up at dawn without needing the help of a bell or a third person when it was time for Lulay to get up I got up too and since I had been there all my life my body had gotten used to rhythm it had become automatic at the point that I thought it was past impossible to get up after the roosting sing rooster singing however the clear bright light bathing the room indicated that dawn had passed a while ago my internal clock showed chose my first day of classes to take a vacation once standing I slapped my cheeks to try to clear my head seeing that I had managed to get out of bed I came close to me his uniform under his arm yeah I usually take a bath before going to breakfast do you want to join me I should help you wake up Oh going to go into bath with him sure we're going to bathe with him a good idea besides I don't think I could help I can find I could find the bathroom alone I know I went past it yesterday with Elias but I can't remember what it is exactly well we'll rectify that take your new phone and follow me we'll get dressed there at the same time I push the door okay that disappeared okay I pushed the door open invited me to follow after I grabbed my uniform okay once out of the room I woke up a little but was still exhausted enough does not say a word the whole trip as I entered the room I felt a wave of heat rush over my whole body wiping away all the signs of fatigue and stress Hyde was right to talk about bad started in the bathroom a pool large enough to hold a dozen people dominate the room while three wooden cabins were installed against the wall for those who wanted a little privacy those were as big as my parents bathroom and and much better equipped there was a large copper tub for each of them a bucket for rinsing enough finally car piece of furniture containing various supplies oh you mean like this there were soaps of all shapes towels and even linen dresses for those who want to leave the room without having to put on their dirty clothes it was everything there was everything we needed to have perfect Eiji the fine steam above the bath and around the entire room showed that it was constantly heated an expensive process that even some wealthy families cannot afford the things such luxury was now within my reach made me dizzy while I stood there astonished hide had time to undress and entered what entered the bath yet comfortably subtle Dawn's relaxed his eyes closed I heard to join him after putting my clothes in oh wait you two went into the to the pool together with Kari you went inside the the inside the stall with Renan the same but you with hide oh the water was such a pleasant temperature that I couldn't hold back a sigh of satisfaction but I entered it hearing this hide open and I to look at me a small sigh on his lips Knoblauch Oh fine that's good Daniel I mean they're naked together better than look warm water from buckets or wooden basins where everyone already bathes in it don't even talk about it I'm the youngest I will always had to bathe that after everyone else you can imagine the number of times I decided to wash them in the lake and stand it was cold but at least I came out clean oh I can imagine yep he let his arms float in the water and closed his eyes to better enjoy the warm with a bath realizing I had forgotten to take something to watch myself I go out of the pool to grab one of the many subs in the cabins oh my god they're nature and they're ok with this once back in the bath I began to soak energetically scratching all that wasn't within reach inside was near he opened his eyes after reaching in several drops of water in his face seeing what I was doing he let out a novel that he said that he silenced almost immediately by cutting twice you know you know excuse me you know usually we wash before we go in get into the bath not once in there this way we avoid bathing and everyone else's to it as was the case with our families hearing this I felt the color dye the heat put on my cheese managed at one anxious that someone might enter the room and become witness of my mischief I tried to prove hide was wrong you came in first you came in first thing and the man who came in first thing I didn't see you stopping up before yes but I haven't been travelling for several weeks maybe but I tried to find something to counter but nothing came yeah wait but I was frozen not daring to move fairy God make things worse don't look at me don't look at me like that the bath is huge they will take 30 like you for the water to get 30 I just told you so you won't make them say mistake in front of other students if someone like Renan sees you washing yourself directly in the bath where everyone likes to relax you may have a heart attack or asked for you to be bad from coming again a little reassured I let myself sink completely in the water to rinse and move and remove the evidence but also allow me to disappear long enough to regain my color you could have said it before you I wouldn't have felt stupid I felt so stupid sorry I couldn't I didn't think about it I'm sorry mmm you know when you say that kind of thing it will be nice if you actually look sorry we stayed in the water until our fingers became wrinkled only disturbed by to send from another year who preferred to use the cabins Hine was the first to get out and I did the same after soaking my head one last time why why damn this freaking fog once my uniform was on on I tried to comfort come come contort my body to examine myself from every angle the fabric was thin but still as warm as like mountain scars and the coat was so light that it felt like I had nothing on nothing on my shoulders that was not fair with a very pleasant Pleasant feeling about being a new man I turned to hide who had also put this on to ask him what what he thought what do you think does it suit me I guess he looked to us so unsure that I seriously wondered if I had put my clothes on backwards what does it look bad did I forget something no why are we expecting another answer uh yes I wasn't that sure not sure of myself at that moment hi Deva sigh and began to play with the strands of his bangs lookin distracted sorry sorry I'm not very good at complimenting others not unnecessarily but if it reassures you yes their uniform fits you well like almost all students in it in this school hey do you think I'm the type to look for compliments I wanted to know what you thought that's all sorry in that case I think your question was silly the uniform was are tailored so it was impossible for it not to be fitting as to whether you are elegant the question is vain the output is elegant so anyone wearing it becomes so are you it's okay it's okay thank you hide I appreciate the effort hide shrug and walk to the door he waited for me to tie the cord so for my coat correctly and then left at the same time as me a bit so that we could go together to the refectory I finished breakfast early enough to be able to wander around until my steps led me into the entrance hall since he already know knew every inch of the Academy hide headed back to the doodle room alone I went upstairs to be able to look at a stained glass window more closely the only stained glass that I had the opportunity to see in my life where those are very late church and they were frankly not impressive the images were were pretty but there was an error during during the construction in fact the artisans built the church so that if its windows were oriented north and south it prevented the Sun from crossing them at any time of the day we were good farmers in the way and that was it I was counting the colors that reflected on the wall when when I heard someone call me mr. Arabia alias oh it's you again alias and one of the guards that I had met the day before we're standing in front of me the former were very calm while the latter was frowning so much and I wondered if he was was constipated oh hello Ilyas am i late for class what do you think we are nannies we're not here to hold step students hands and take them to class we are in charge of their protection and that keeps us busy enough the vain and the guards have forehead drops so hard it's seen about explode but his captain ignored him and greeted me with a nod good more good morning mister Rabia this man came to complain about your behavior yesterday evening I would like to know more about what happened between you two in order to determine whether punishment is necessary punishment can't be am I going to be expelled I'm ready against your him depending on your version of the story me me it's the bastard attacks me with his magic makes me lose my helmet oh really pretty girls made in front of my colleague but I should be punished I guess we don't have the same vision of justice Ilyas attack you I just blew a little wind your face you use what you learned at the academy against an innocent man who doesn't know how to use magic if my memory is good that's a reason for immediate immediate expulsion but I haven't learned anything I haven't even had my first class yet and if you had listened to me instead of wanting to put me in jail without giving me the chance to explain myself I would've him I wouldn't have needed to use man my magic I wanted to put you in jail because you were wasting a guards time an officer of the order and that is a usual procedure I didn't waste anything I am a student I had to get inside you had absolutely nothing to prove it what am I supposed to let anyone what am I supposed to let anyone who claims to have a place in the Academy if so we're going to end up with 40 students that wouldn't be able to the light of fire even with a torch and this made just a tiny noise but it was enough to put an end to our argument a tone was so high that people in the room stopped what they were doing to watch the scene with me to each other well a pony and I was like the card let out annoying groan when you resume it was in a much calmer voice that was at odds with this intimate murders look we have no excuse I am here to ensure the safety the school and its students I can't do my job properly if I'm afraid of being attacked again by one of them I demand restitution if it's all it takes to make you happy I'll go get the helmet you lost that's not what I meant my restitution moron again Elias didn't need a single word to make the guard understood that he didn't like his attitude he only had to turn his eyes to him and he corrected himself immediately I mean young man it's only two words but they seem to tear his job on my side I was trying to understand what was expected of me if that wasn't the kind of compensation he wanted what did they have to do to fix things apologize microfiche it must have been clear on my face because alias answered my question without even having to hear it just tell me what happened mr. ravier today didn't I did he deny you access new the access to the Academy yes and why is that he asked the guard the man didn't seem very comfortable with how things are going which I fully understand understood now that area was the one asking the question I felt like I had to play attention to everything I said and the guard must certainly sure dismiss failing didn't have his admission letter and letter is not required the students are mages their magic is enough to prove they belong here yeah I know you know it was with all the fuzzy Fizi we're doing do it you are abusing your power like the like the cops in America how could you he became less and less comfortable looking everywhere except in my direction gradually becoming aware that he had put himself in the delicate situation so why did so why did you ask me so why didn't you ask him you to use his you forgot to say – here come on Neal yes you were there you said what it looked like yesterday hey my check of all the beggars near the Academy have a place in it I won't have time to guard the gates mr. Valens can't blame me for that mr. BAE but does he have to do with it suddenly a sentence I had heard the day before it came back to me if he ever came come to disturb the order in comedy come and the calm of the Academy I will be in charge of taking the society to primary measures and as I understood then that everything was related to me surveillance the presence of the guard in front of me alias asking to know the facts to decide if I was wrong or not everything had surely been demanded by my teacher Ilyas and the guard ignored my question and continued I followed the usual procedure someone tries to get in without having to write they ended up in a Cell without having the right yet he had it was not a reason to attack me say that his arguments were from convincing Ilyas the guard took several steps back his eyes went from the impassive face of the captain of the guard to mine the vein in his forehead a little more apparent with every second and and finally and finally spat occurs that that even I did not know fine I understood the young master has valence poor teacher so he is untouchable huh perfect pray you'll never get any trouble in the school kid because no guard will help you you can believe me except for this guy haha the guard almost ran away dusting people is fab and his gaze followed follow him then he turned to me bowing to me just a little please excuse me miss for their sensitive mr. Livia did I really make the whole garden enemy if that were the case the Academy would have will have the poorest military service in the capital I will I will however give you some advice mr. rabbir make sure to avoid responding to provocation by violence as much as possible had I not come to find you yesterday he would have wound up in a cell until we could find you and we might not have gotten there in time I'll be more careful his in time made me shiver the capital prison was a bit of a nightmare for every for anyone breaking the law a cell could have could hold between 10 to 15 people and no one bothered to look up the convicts according to the cavity of their crimes a shoplifter could be surrounded by murderers or other prisoners just as a yes as violent and then they dropped the soap oh my god imagine the possibility that was the reason there weren't a lot of people who came out of jail in one piece at best they were killed at worst II and it would be repairable a psychological and physical damage if and also a gaping butthole don't forget about the gaping butthole too if I had been locked up there for even just one day who knows what could have happened to me ah the first Bell I I thought I thought I forgot to mention that yesterday it seems someone fixed my mistake yes my roommate told me about this this morning I did I'd better hurry before the second run one rings – I quickly run down the stairs pausing at the body at the bottom and raising my head to Arcelia thanks for being on my side Elias he might have managed to get me expelled if you hadn't been there I spoke loudly to make sure he heard me which made one of the students still in the room giggle alias knotted almost in certain imperceptible in perceptive imperceptibly he only opened his mouth to call me to order after a second of reflection please remain quiet in the corridors sorry my apologies will surely up seemed more genuine if I had pronounced them in a lower voice however I was rewarded with nearly a smile it was it was with satisfaction made my way to the classroom I had not been given much information about the class so I naturally went to the only classroom I knew the one I'd been in the day before I was about to push the door open when I saw Renan in the yard expecting that he had a good reason to be there I went to oh is the two tips you want you guys want to see a pair of tits these are a pair of tits oh what a joy the quartet was a vast field decorator only by a fountain everything else was of soil neatly cleared of all weeds and covered in gravel being inside the walls of the Academy prevented the wind from engulfing it which made the place it pleasantly cool Brennan was leaning against one of the pillars arms crossed I could read the shock on his face when he saw me approaching within the short time he had spent together he had criticized my clothing taste countless times so I looked at him with a small smile that if I to see him with open mouth before my new elegance at least that's what I tried to convince myself if I had been a little more honest with myself I have yes that he was just disgusted to see is such a beautiful uniform with it on someone like me whether it was positive or not his reaction at least had the merit of compensating of the for the total non reaction from Hyde once the shock pass ran and instantly resume is hot hot hot Pierre the yard is big enough for youth for you to wait elsewhere with this bad temper I didn't expect him to ask me if I if my night had been pleasant for her or if staying with Hyde had gone well but I had hoped to have at least the right to basic hello I could have replied that even in his rant aside we knew politeness better than he did unless you want a punch in the face oh well I decided to ignore his remark I wasn't there to chat anyway I just I just wanted to know what he was doing there why are you waiting here is it a room isn't the room open yet why wouldn't why would it be you think we always learned inside actually I had not asked myself the question it only took a fraction of a second for Renan to realize it he instantly smirked and turned his head from side to side without with a look of exaggerated this illusion is delusion meant Lord that's really what you thought what be the use of use and having such a large school if it's students use only one room for each year you should take some time to think of before you're talking rave we have classes all over the school the classroom you saw yesterday is just one of many since mr. Valens wants to evaluate your abilities before you study study anything we'll start the day here outside no one can break the furniture the surveillance wants to evaluate my what I needed to repeat the sentence allowed to catch all the horror tell test me my Ted my teacher wanted to test me in fists Esper were the same as my mother's I will pass them easily only I doubted that mr. Bayless would ask me to count to ten without using my fingers or guess how many apples will be left at a random guy named Nathan if we gave two to his friend oh my god basic math and basic I'll take he talked about a little yesterday before you arrived you would have known if you hadn't been on time we would have known if someone had bothered to tell me about it it was up to hide to let you know he's the one who inherited you not me so you say so you say I'm sure and so you say I'm sure that if I made the mistake of choosing a room you wouldn't have warned me just of out of spite and you're completely wrong I wouldn't have I would have told you about it first thing because seeing you sweat just before class is one thing but watching you panic trying to learn anything in one night there would have been a great revenge because you think I would have let you sleep peacefully no I certainly wouldn't have been able to close my eyes but it's a prick but it's surprising what I would have been happy to pay I rolled my eyes while congratulating myself for not choosing his room fortunately I had simple tastes or else I would have had to deal with his douche bag however every night until the end of my schooling so if I understood correctly mr. valence told you about me yesterday is that it that's what I just said did he say what he meant by test my bootys you'll see soon enough it is he said enough I'm not going to bother to talk to you about something that mr. Valens will explain in five minutes please Renan give me at least a hint I'd like to avoid making a fool of myself in that case he shouldn't have I've set a single foot in the Academy your presence alone is a joke if you dude FeO that what's about to spit one of my most exotic insult when I heard footsteps getting closer I turn immediately convinced that mr. Valens had just joined us and heard our whole conversation unfortunately it was only hi a ok sorry rave I forgot to tell you that you where the class was going to be this morning I just remembered when I returned to the room right there it doesn't matter I managed to find it on my own he leaned against the same pillars renin and nodded to him Brennan answered him with a home full of disdain they move away from the pillars so as not to have to stay next to him what is this problem anyway obviously he was still pissed up by the truth bond side was dropped on him the day before a heavy silence fell around around us so heavy that I almost forget it Rendon's mean remarks I did to break it as best as I could hey Rick hi isn't it just it isn't just an occasional class you forgot to mention you also didn't warn me that mr. Bailey was planning to evaluate me this morning no I didn't forget that I purpose I purposefully kept that information to myself he looked exhausted I thought it was cute as was useless to add stress to your fatigue by telling you what was waiting for you into your next class would you have preferred to no I I don't know I need more it was the truth with such an argument I didn't know if I if I would have preferred to have the time to prepare myself psychologically for the test or if remaining unaware until the last minute had been for the best Bing bong Bing second bell hi told me about Frankie about about ragging just like the first one resonating throughout the whole school I check around us expected expecting a certain someone to appear anytime now hide you told me the second bell started the class right yes precisely then does that mean carries late that would that should be a statement rather than a question sudden arrival of mr. Valens almost gave me a heart attack he had appeared behind the pillar in front of which we we had gathered and a deep awkward feeling overwhelmed me when I realized we couldn't no you couldn't know how long he had been there without asking you if he had if he had heard our whole conversation I just have I have to go back to my room sleep under my blanket and pay to disappear is everything all right mr. Revere you're quite pale all of a sudden it depends how long have you been there long enough to hear anything compromising mr. Valens asked us to gather in the middle of the yard and took his monocle in his hands to clean it while we do so it was a silent as a cathedral and everyone watched him with the same attention as if he was going giving a sermon he put his monocle back and in place with an elegance that I could only match in my dreams and then began his lecture as I mentioned before yesterday we are going to spend the morning learning about mr. Draper's abilities as well as the progress of wait for me Harry Joyner's panting like a dog that hadn't drunk for hours hands on his knees as catch his breath after a few few very noisy breaths he lifted his head and gave his brightest smile to your teacher as if everything was perfectly normal I was almost impressed if I had if I had been him I would have run in the opposite direction to escape mr. Bayless his death glare but Kerry had didn't seem to mind it in the slightest Kerry took a seat next to us and even allowed himself to whistle innocently provoking a glare as cold as the deepest wintry blast from the eyes of our teacher you seem to forget something mr. Chetty huh-uh yes excuse me sir but I was a little disturbed disturbed by the arrival of the new student so I couldn't sleep well last night I need a little more sleep than usual but it was good for a good cause mr. by the arrival of the new student what he's using us in an alibi what such typical African Americans I'm kidding I'm kidding he said it was too so much confidence that I found myself living it and even felt guilty for having disturb his daily life to that extent mr. Bayliss tickets Tara carried silence and smiled he took a step up to the side and invited Carrie to join him with a simple number I had no idea what it meant but Carrie seemed to understand he's instantly lost his bravado solid hard then move forward once he stood and most exact was exactly where he wanted him to be he's a benefit to him from where he was being we was before Kerry arrived as I was about to say before being interrupted we will spend the morning learning about mr. rivers abilities just to estimate if the level of our classes can be increased or if there is some some need to catch up I would like to take this opportunity to help to also check the progress of the students who were who were here from the start so I'll test you the same way I did at the beginning the elementals will have to create the bird with their magic the most imposing the most imposing possible and with all the characteristics of a bird we he had insisted on this last point while looking at Kerry hearing the program several motion jostle in my hair on one hand I couldn't wait to see the other staff medic since I hadn't yet on the other I was scared of using one in front of everyone mr. vane and gestured for Kerry to begin Kerry rolled up his sleeve and extended his hand okay I'll give you a damn bird I'm bald and Maury whoa this is his bird his luck bird his fire slug of a bird now his face is like expecting to see something flying I turned my head to the sky eager to see my very first really use of magic however the promised bird never came instead a kind of long thick form was crawling on the ground and trying to move the small wings it had on its back I needed to twist my neck to see that it was a slug oh that's lovely I need Brennan burrs out laughs a kids arse wrap around his belly I'd lean to the side in the same way I did to better look at Karis work and watch that thing move forward with some fascination I was just a hypnotist as him slugger not cherries Gretchen was majestic if mr. Bayliss had asked to create the gastropod with our element Gary would surely have been the best of us unfortunately for him this was not the case and a professor loudly side never sting was that he didn't even look surprised if you've spent as much time studying us you do fooling around you've have you'd have improved a lot I improved look at that its wings are much bigger than the first time mr. Bayliss didn't even bother to answer in a case he wouldn't have trouble doing it and thence laughter I've become so loud and he couldn't hear anything up he managed to calm down after several deep breaths and set up wiping a tear from the corner of his eye I saw his cheeks color when he realized that all eyes were on him and though even those of our teacher I already told you I already like I already told you mr. to mark the failure of others is a formal content which has no place in a school sorry mr. Valens Carrie Carrie let out a small laugh huge mistake it surveillance turned toward him too sharply that is not his cloak cut through the air creating a menacing purple wind as for producing the same mistakes without a been learning anything from them is a proof of this dressing stupidity Anoka told us that be an akai told us they sent their most promising student in exchange for hours it can only mean two things one an akai did send us their best elemental and in this case the magic of your country is most distressing or two you are a mediocre student who's facing a huge potential which of these explanation is right in your opinion this second one Carrie was too proud to admit allowed up here he was a bad student but he couldn't ignore a direct question from his teacher so he spread out his answer if invasively is fists clenched mr. Leroy if you would like to take his place and show us what a serious and competent student is capable of when renin and vans with a firm step as Carrie moved to take his place of decided when they cross paths Renan limp in his chin who disappear air and began to roll up his sleeves with a more satisfied smile once next to my surveillance he removed his right glove and took a deep breath and like carries in demonstration this wasn't miss instantaneous little by little small drops of water began to meet in the hollow of his hands forming a ball that grew bigger and bigger it was when it reached the size of a big Apple that learnin could form his bird and had not just made the little bird but like the ones in the yard but a huge sum towards bird that look like nothing I knew it looks like Articuno it looks like a bird that you can actually drink from his creation began to fly fly my pretty fly began to fly overhead in each of his flapping wings I like their shoes oh you're the only one with very thin pants and no boots anyway his creation began to fly over our heads and each of his flapping wings dropped large feather like drops on it on our hands and clothes I'm gonna tell if it was dedicated attention to detail or a friend was mocking us in a subtle way so that our teacher wouldn't mention it till his performance one of the most magnificent things I've ever seen and that I've carried perform put performance was making Rendon's more impressive than I really was but my eyes were shining I was unable to look at anything else and that disappointment could be read on my face when rena decided to make it disappear oh you're late fiver you're late Pocoyo that means you're gonna do some dancing I want you to sit up no I want you to stand up and dance for us dance puppet dance I felt a wave of panic even more overwhelming than my first when the last feather of water disappeared I wonder if it wouldn't have been better if I had done first it oh where am I oh there I am even carry slug was much better than anything I could do and was sure my surveillance will get angry at my poor exploits and maybe even decide that I didn't belong here perfect mr. Leroy you are becoming faster and although and although they were useless the details on the plumage of your bird were particularly pleasant I'm glad to see that my classes are useful to someone mr. Rehberg please go ahead huh already I instantly instinctively turn on my head turn my head towards Hyde since Carrie and Renan had come before me I thought it was going to be the same for him that would have left me a few more minutes before I had to show everyone that I was the worst major in the face of the earth as I did so mr. Valens began to smile creating a bird is an exercise for the elemental majors and mr. Fischer isn't one his his test will focus on something else I look so lost that he gave me some extra information you know you know what the difference between elemental magic and unusual magic don't you elemental magic can can use wind water or fire depending on which element they control and the usual unusual one well they can do something else a lot of things in fact for example I heard about an unusual mage who can change a color of another person's hair just like that by snapping his fingers it can become green purple or even red really ugly stuff but it's quite a singular way of defining it and somewhat incomplete you're right about the in the mental mages but the unusual mages are a bit more complex every magician is born with the elemental magic some of them however choose to sacrifice it in exchange for another power they become unusual mages however it is a process that very few of us dare to execute we know that what we are sacrificing now we have no idea what will what we will receive and return example that you are talking about is a perfect illustration the person sacrifice an elemental power that will have open all doors for a gift without any use it's a race others have a little luck and inherit a more interesting power than that Leone and the old one this is the case of mr. Fisher said mr. Fisher had listened to the day's explanation with the least possible intention preferring to play with his bags rather than affirming or denying anything as mr. batas had said he was here because his power was necessary use full or even essential so I began to wonder what kind of magic it could be maybe it's a magic we need to roll a dice you know the ND style maybe he knew how to create and explosions Oh make or even create vital things like food or drinks if he could see the future a side effect that our teacher invited me to take Brendan's place next to him I was so captivated by this unusual magic story but I forgot to be stressed so I walked slowly while still watching hi my dreams faded the moment I stepped next to mr. Valens the panic came back like a blow to the head making my ears buzz at a point where I couldn't hear that what was happening around me my hands were soaked with sweat and the pain in my stomach was so awful I who I would have run to the latrines and my legs agreed to move suddenly felt mr. Valens his hand pressed on shoulder he wore a gentle smile that managed herself in the buzzing in my ears and allowed me to hear what he had to say to me I would only like to see what you can do mr. Arabia they have no particular expectation do your best that's all I ask you and it doesn't matter if your performance is a failure the problem is that I never tried to make anything I don't even know how to do it you can take aspiration of the birds here to create your own look at them and try it and try to reproduce their shape with your magic is that it's not more complicated than that and if you still can't do it close your eyes locking one of your senses will help you focus and look I took his class advisor TIFF it was going to save my life and tried it immediately wind magic activate I had hope to have a revelation over time I hadn't hope to drop a revelation by closing my eyes but I didn't was alone with myself and blocking my vision will only only allowed me to hear my heart drumming against my chest I took a deep breath I'm consciously me making renin and then when I manage to make a small a squall a little stronger than usual proof that close my eyes were still working a little but no bird was firm at the end of my hand I lowered it immediately it's a point that I wish I'd had a friend and hadn't been reprimanded when he made fun of rat Carrie he would have burst out laughing and getting my performance mr. Valens kept his finger on the bottom of his chin a few times while staring at my hand fortunately for me he was still smiling well we have a lot more to do than I thought this is sorry I really gave it everything can I do not doubt it I have a question before deciding how to help you catch up how long have you been practicing practicing your magic when did you use it for the first time it's a foul stench and a howl of terror came back to my mind the second I thought about this event it was three months ago just before my father told the Academy and during these three months how many times have you used it not more than a dozen times I suddenly saw a completely new expression on mr. Venus's face it was surprised really surprised glancing at my classmates I said that everyone has a similar expression even hides I hides eyes were were open a little wider than usual they couldn't have looked at any different if I had if I had revealed to them the most shameful of our family secrets I was almost wondering if that wasn't what I just did no more than that no I avoided using it as much as possible for I got to the capital you weren't curious to see what you were what you were could do not really I didn't get a very interesting element that's a very interesting element truly truly now I've read everything the wind mages are very popular miss Arabia in a slave market it would be the one that all the purses one one want to buy some practitioners will exchange her magic without hesitation to master the same element you do I heard carry matter why because of Avatar excuse me I heard Carrie mutter a very discreet not me that followed by an authoritative hush from Renan obviously with only about a dozen users to your credit is it is difficult for you to understand the majors of this school have all been the same level as you that's why I'm talking about delay and not something else anyone who has practiced so little would have trouble creating anything he gestured for me to return to my place and hide step forward with on it without having to ask him to do so mmm-ah okay next errand I sighed with relief glad that that this test was behind me really accompany comma who sigh now you tuber really better than shall I say Kong TV well well I am the only Filipino youtuber who who what you call this play yaoi games online in YouTube so wait one sec Saarinen I sighed with relief glad that this protest was behind me in the end it was just a bad time to inter done and nobody was upset to see how bad I was mr. Valens to speech who had even succeeded in restoring my confidence maybe I wasn't as hopeless I thought once Hyde was next to him mr. Valens continued his beloved evaluation your turn mr. Fisher bass Constitution and expansion Hyde nodded while I tried to understand what our teacher had just said I don't know if it was because a part of my mind was busy deciphering these instructions or if it was due to some kind of optical illusion but I needed to blink several times to comprehend what that hide had just used his magic unlike the elemental majors he had acted noisily noiselessly with off movement and without and without even needing to concentrate which made the discovery of his part of his power all the more impressive hide oh right he's hiding now heíd knew how to make himself invisible yeah like the invisible girl he needs to take his clothes off take your clothes off we could make out the shape of his body only through his clothes It was as if all the rest it didn't exist anymore I even felt like I could pass my hand to him without encountering any obstacles it really was was it really was was was was a lot more interesting magic than being able to change the hair colors of color of others the base is the same as usual as is the consistency and unless I'm wrong and I'm listen wrong expansion is still not within your reach it's pretty disappointing I don't think so I disappeared an instant instantaneously and reappeared faster and faster certainly and mr. J DS thing had bigger wings than before don't be satisfied with this with this meager meager proc progress mr. Fisher he will never be able to push the boundaries of your gift with the state of mind I was expecting a little better from you I had been told that you study regularly whether at the library or by training in your spare time if you detect dedicate so much time to your studies why is there no more no more blatant progress he who had been very understanding with me was suddenly an uncompromising towards Hyde and I had a hard time understanding why I didn't even know what progress he was expecting from him and was making himself invisible what could he do better than that maybe he could turn himself entirely invisible excuse me sir there must be something I didn't I don't get high this red is already at his maximum isn't he if his power is to make himself invisible he can hardly do better I had finished my sentence in a very soft voice already regarding it I was all I was almost expecting mr. Bennet to tell me too that they're dull stuck to each other as my uncle did when I tried to protect a quark minister in these conversations my comment amused Hyde who answered me instead of our teacher I don't know if you noticed but because of my clothes you can see me see me even when I make myself invisible you can also touch me which is not very practical when I want to move without being noticed and it takes us to collision and unspotted and note that any magic can evolve miscellanea even the unusual to extend one's power to clothes to become intangible to make certain objects invisible even even when they are at a distance a magic has no limit but the measure made but the imagination and the will of its user do you have any other questions no sir my interruption was the last of the other lecture after answering my question mr. Venus asked us to continue training while he took notes as the hours passed I hope to hear another bell ringing unfortunately that wasn't the way the school worked a Bell announced the beginning of classes it was up to the teacher to decide when when they would end and our seemed ready to keep us as long as possible I had seen other students leave their classrooms a good half hour before before when he finally decided to leave us alone as I stopped sending wind gusts in every direction I felt a very pleasant fatigue Namie numbing mice muscles as if I had run for hours I let myself fall to the ground with a relieved sigh like oh I swipe a drop of sweat on my chain looking at look looking up at carrie was gulping down the contents of a card as if II haven't drunken days I never thought that practicing magic could be will be so tiring yeah if if you've only used it ten times in your life I guess you wouldn't know that's why we have physical education classes so the body can keep up the intensity of magic so that we don't end up like him Kerry pointed at the blond mass stretched out the ground breathing heavily are you okay Renan we really live you see me asking you personal questions don't worry about him rain I know how to get him back on his feet he lifted his flask of a renan's head and pour the contents on him certainly used to this kind of attention Renan rolled to the side to avoid the attack and ended up right next to me what these movements raised a thick cloud does that shaker a monumental cuff on me it managed to cover rent and smear it it's wearing okay protecting him from mr. Venus's sanctions our teacher had attended this even without saying a word it's right eyebrow rate so high and had disappeared and under his bags I saw him had some nose to his there's nose before tearing out the first sheet to hand it to carry to think you had managed to get only one hour of additional practice your childish attitude is now costing you 19 more carry took the machine with a casual gesture and shove it into his pocket without losing his file no regrets at this stage it was it wasn't courage anymore but Timur September temerity money what's temerity this is the first time I've ever heard of the word temerity temerity excessive confidence or boldness or al dacite well the thing you learn in this novel I was sure that if carry I'm sure I was sure that if carry hadn't put this sheet in his pocket my surveillance would have grabbed it out of his hands and added another 40 hours in any case that was what is glared and suggested mr. Rabia come forth please yes sir I got up in a second raising a new cloud of dust in his haste in my haste mr. Valens turned a few pages his notebook until he found the one he was looking for your your Constitution and endurance are quite acceptable for first-year students you even have a considerable lead over some of your comrades a groan of protest was heard and right inside I came however this is the only point on which you are on the right level and it'll be and it will be necessary to fill the gaps in your abilities as soon as possible everyone if we want the cut class to be you've abused I think sharing knowledge is the best way to progress efficiently so if your classmates are willing to help you study for the next few weeks maybe even the next few months you can catch up more quickly what is what do you say gentlemen who's willing to help he turned to the three boys with a huge smile on his face now none of them are third a single word but their eyes said a lot about what they about mother's idea it didn't seem fun it didn't seem fun for them to spend their spare time whelping the new kid to become a better mage but nobody dare to say it out loud like whoo boy whether we dare to say it out loud didn't really ask for the preneur opinion he has to be polite but meant that they would have to help me stay study whether they wanted to or not their faith wasn't yet completely sealed you still had a chance to get out of it if one of them decided to volunteer but obviously nobody was willing to sacrifice himself seeing that none of them said a word mr. valence smile widened well since no one is willing to take the first step as have you choose your study partner mr. Rabia I strongly had strongly advise you to choose mr. Leroy he is serious in all regards and as his weak point is your strong point it would have a lot to learn from each other know right now okay I heard a squeak four minutes directly I'd better go with a room with with I better go with my roommate right if that's what you want go ahead however you should know that you will spend your days with your study partner if you spend your nights together if you spend your nights again as well you might get tired of each other everyone needs a little privacy ah I didn't see it that way it was time for me to choose who I wanted to be with most of the time I didn't know it yet but this simple choice was about to change my very existence so much that it will but I still wonder what would have happened I choose someone else but everything had been the same what I have to do to make such a man such hard decisions would he have to live through all that if I hadn't been there and more than anything you would be falling in love with me tune in next time on cookie cookie same hat time same Yowie time same Yowie Channel okay I know that this will just say and that's the end of the whole demo but if I were to ask you guys which one do you choose hi Brennan or Carrie I know say no and I say no is it a B or C Oh 1a a Mary okay okay sure let's go for hide then and that's the end of the demo yeah at the end of the that to help us produce the full game please visit our kick started a crowdfunding campaign is that live until July 31 yes to help us produce the full game please visit our Kickstarter the crowd funding campaign is live until July 31 subscribe to our newsletter do not miss any news yay access to the Kickstarter let's go to the Kickstarter excuse me huh excuse me huh let's go to state your mode I will open I will add a new window capture here we go I'm going to put you here wait time I'll give me a moment don't do that there we go alrighty ladies and gentlemen we're going to do a little one I'm going to present you all the Kickstarter troop all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Valentine's stories necromancy Kickstarter now let me just play a song from the game so that they won't get bored okay too loud okay anyway welcome to the Valentine stories necromancy the Kickstarter as you can see where was I as you can see this game this game has been funded it's only been funded halfway through now what this this game presented so basically according to the according to the game according to the Kickstarter there will be five routes which is these boasts one two three four five and then 500,000 words at least 120 plus C G's 40 plus original backgrounds a journal with a lot of more of lore information there will be five bad five bad five neutral five good but five bad five neutral side good one true and and a lot of dark endings and also there will be an optional r18 patch isn't that wonderful next so the game will be available on Steam and each each day each that IO now the question is what will you get if you support this game for 5 euros you will get the thank you very much for a pledge of 35 you'll get the game for a pledge of 50 you'll get your name in the credits the game and also a digital art book and so on and so forth and these are the as you can all see these are the art backgrounds so according to the game according to the Kickstarter there will be a different types of one let's say babe they say be your your riot your roommate will be a different person but it'll be but you're going for a different route uh-uh basically that there there'll be a bit of changes in us in the story like the your roommate will be this but there will be but your route will be this so there will be an interchanging of quantum of dialogues it's gonna be interesting to be honest because I want to see that and that happened because because imagina if you're going if your roommate is this person but then you're going for that person there will be some information and some Easter eggs or some other Lord things that they can say about that person imagina now then so fake knows the journal is where all drives raves knowledge is written the young man still has a lot of things to learn so basic the journal the journal will be updated depending on your choices the route you're in and your room but take care rave is not infallible if it is possible at some times gosh consciously or unconsciously other other gives them false information but we decided to focus on the room choices and the journal instead of adding minigames this focus allows us to offer each player a different story and this is exactly what we love in a visual novel what great so basically you're not you guys are not gonna create a mini game this will be a bit boring though too much words anyway so this is your rave with a wind mage and then these are the routes valence Ilyas hide cane and the runt will be before will be by your side fire mage Renan like hide Elias is the chief guard and then Fenrir Fenrir valence is the necromancer these are the secondary characters created for the game there's a girl why there's Nora the name and then there's Dexter Phoenix Phoenix valence oh my god and in rave a beard and a lot more so yeah its other characters as you can see the other character there so that's of no that's their budget and soundtrack blah blah blah and and this is the art of perks once you these are the perks like the keychains enough but anyway oh there's nukkie mejora fuck you laughs well it's making 150 euro i want to duck him a quarter of alias and came I don't like rape yeah I want there ducky before but in it so mana but anyway so guys I am going I'm now going to end the livestream here with the Kickstarter so they're only halfway there imagine they're only halfway there there we go now imagine huh they're halfway there and the deadline is until July 31 now I I now since now I I the vertical is now I back the game so that I am supporting the game because I want my freaking name in this and and also I'm also helping them I'm also helping them so that their work will be shared throughout all of YouTube them so that everyone will know that this game is wonderful alrighty so you know it you know fibre as punishment fibre you are going to you are going to kick go and support and kick start this game because they're late now then a little announcement I will be live-streaming later this evening for the continuation for Tokyo after Tokyo after school summoners because some because tomorrow Thursday I won't be live-streaming because I'm going to an an event tomorrow yes we were in front maybe are invited me so yes we are invited so I hope to see all later for the Tokyo after school summoners and I hope to see your names to for the if you if you help kick start this game as well yeah so don't forget to share the Kickstarter the Kickstarter link is down there on the description so if you want to to help to help donate for this for this Kickstarter it's right there in the description alrighty okay alright I already back for this game because I see some potential in this game yes from from the animations to the art to the to the effort everything here is effort there are no voices but that's okay the effort here is already wonderful imagine her the animations the things that is gonna happen the effort so so that's it I will see you all later for I will see you all later for the Tokyo after-school summoners because right now I am leveling up aluminum I am leveling up my characters and getting some items because I'm and also I finally have 44 chance no 1 2 3 4 I think 47 I think I have 47 transient stone so basically we can I can finally get more husband those later ok all right ok ok alrighty then so I will see you all later so thank you everybody for watching my name is Yogi cookie signing off saying kickstart this helped kickstart this game and have a great day I'm thirsty man again see you guys later bye bye

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