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PUBG Logic Supercut 2 (more funny sketches about PUBG)

PUBG Logic Supercut 2 (more funny sketches about PUBG)

Oh Rowan there’s a level 1 backpack here for you man Oh sweet can you bring it to me? What? Can you just bring it to me? What do you mean? Can you just, can you bring the backpack to me? Well… no We’re going this way anyway Can we just bring the backpack to me? I literally dont understand what you’re saying to me What are you–!? I’m just asking you to pick up the level one backpack and bring it to me! Yeah, great, Ben can you do that completely physically impossible thing for me, please? Can you just quickly levitate into the air and shoot lasers out your eyes for me PLEASE BEN? Why are you being such a dick about this? Literally just pick up the level 1 backpack and bring it to me… Oh great okay — I’ll just pick it up and bring it and bring it to you shall I? Yeah Ben! That’s exactly what I want you to do! Here we go. I’m gonna pick it up for you. Here we go. Picking it up! Picking it up! Why did you pick up the other backpack — SELFISH OL’ ROWAN! Which one did you want Rowan!? WHICH ONE DO YOU WANT? You why did you swap backpacks!? I said, you wanted me to bring it to you beg pegs. I’m just asking you to pick You said you wanted me to bring it to you!! I’m just asking you to pick up the level 1 backpack! THATS WHAT I JUST DID! And now I’m gonna bring it to you! Okay – fine – FINE – I wont bring it to you! OMG – you’re doing it again! You’re asking me to bring you a backpack – and I’m trying to bring you a backpack! Just pick up the level 1 backpack –! How do you not comprehend — Okay I’ll swap again shall I? What are you — why did you take it off again!? Oh look at that. Look at that. We’re back to the same fucking problem Rowan! Why did you take it off again!? At WHAT PART of this process am I meant to bring the backpack TO YOU!? OMG – you’re a crazy person! Okay you know what Rowan? I need a vest. Can you grab me that level 2 please? Yeah. Yeah Ben Yeah? Yeah I can! Okay. Do you wanna know why? Why? Because thats what a good team member does Oh is it? I’ll pick it up – I’m just gonna pick it up Yeah great You’re gonna bring that over to me are you? It’s not that hard Ben You just — Pick it up! Okay – so you’re gonna bring that one to me are you? Why are you making such a song and dance about something that, really, is not that difficult? Really? Whats happening Rowan? Whats going on over there? Huh. Huh. Yeah. You see the dilemma? Yeah. Yeah so you wanna come grab this backpack Rowan? Yep. Yeah. Yeah, great. Fuckin’ hell Guys I’ve been downed Someone come res me! Damn it im down! Those ones are down! Okay, hang on! Enemies to our east! Those two are down! Where are they!? WHERES EAST!? Help! Help! Yip they’re down! Down! Those two are down! Another one there there there there! Oh thank you. Thank you. Rowan I need you! I need you! Arghghghgh damn it!! Shit! Rowan we’re all down! The blues coming! Help! Even if I could revive you, you wouldn’t survive. I gotta go! God damn it Rowan, don’t be so selfish! I gotta go guys! ROWAN!!!! I gotta go guys. Sorry! I gotta go! Rowa– What!? Argh! Damn it!! Yes! Hah ha! Argh! Ah shit Thats embarrassing. Still on single fire. Thought I was… on auto… I’ll just flick it over now… Hey shit head! I fucked your mom! No you did not! Oh yes I did I fucked her all night long! Well I fucked your mom! Oh no you didn’t boy because I was fucking your mom shit head! God damn it! Nice shooting Alan! Now we gotta go! The blue is coming in and we are in the red zone! We gotta go now! Guys! What is it Alan? I’m staying behind What do you mean? There something I need to do… No. No what about Molly? What about your son? What about the team!? Rory! Let him go son His minds made up Let him go You write Molly I’ll write her I’ll write her every day And you tell my son You tell him what you saw here today They will remember you
– We gotta go Rory! THEY WILL REMEMBER YOU! Yeah, that’s right Who fucked whose mom!? Yeah you fucked my mom but I fucked you! I fucked you You like Earl Grey? How about some chamomile? You like that? Theres your green teas Tea baggin’ yo face Tea… bag… your… Oh Alan you’re down to the final two… come on man get us that Chicken Dinner! I cannot see anything… Okay Rory theres only two of you. You gotta get that Chicken Dinner for us Yeah I know man. But this is ridiculous I cannot see a frikken thing Can you see him? I have no idea where he is. He must be close by! I have to do something… maybe I just… urgh — Don’t do anything! Do I throw a grenade?! Na. Theres nobody here Theres absolutely nobody here I’m freaking out here I need to know where he is Maybe he’s in that bush over there… That bush is freaking me out Do you think I should move forward? What do you I do? Do I stay where I am? If you get up he’ll see you Yeah I know that but what should I do? Should I crawl forward? What do I do? Na. Na nobody there Come on man you’re supposed to be my bloody eyes. I cannot see anything Come on! Where the hell is he? Where the hell could he be? Where the hell is he?
– Where the hell is he!? Stop stop stop stop stop! Erughghgh – ahh – contact! That way! Wait! Where? What? Uhh uhh – by the tree! What tree?! There are so many trees! The green one! What!? They are literally all green trees! The big green tree!! There are so many!! The one by the wall! There are like 4 – 5 by a wall!! OMG its the one– Oh no its just a shrub. Lets go! **intense firefight nearby** Oh god! **grenade explosions** **fighting getting closer** No no no…. Oh god… **silence…* **creak** Oh my god guys loot drop right outside Woah Ben, its dangerous outside man, hold on Well if I wait – someone else is gonna get it! Ben what are you doing? We’re in the red zone Don’t even care Ben. If you go out there, you will die. Come on guys. You know how statistically unlikely it is to die in the red zone Red zone, safe zone I’ll be back with an AWM Well Ben how did that work out for you? Not well… I ah… I got knocked out in the red zone Ha ha ha ha! Oh Ben! Wh… What’s happening? Are you guys gonna res me or…? What are you looking at? Alan do you know how many people that watch our PUBG videos aren’t subscribed to our channel? How many? Like 90% That’s ridiculous! Do you know what that 90% of people should do? Tell me. They should subscribe! Oh, my god, that makes so much sense! Yeah I know right? So if you’re part of that 90% Which – chances are high that you are… Subscribe.

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  1. 7:37 jeeeeeeeeeesus 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. I know I'm not in the 90% cuz I subscribed when I first saw Epic NPC Man season 1 Supercut. Keep up the good work, only cut back on the swearing.

  3. well they convinced me.i am subscribing lmao.i love comedy when i feel wife is in crisis for a week now & my son has autism.i worry about so much constantly.these help me quite a lot.thanks for doing these for us you are all great actors.

  4. You should make a PUBG vid where someone on your team jumps through a window unexpectedly scaring the crap out of you

  5. 8:16 if your teammate is dead then why do you think his your teammate and if he is there is only 2 person left and you guys win

  6. Rowan and Ben would make the most hilarious married couple I ever knew hahaha
    I love when they 'argue' They put all they got in into that, and it's so great 😀 ^(^

  7. In case of reviving. My friend would always leave me to die with excuse of too many enemies. But when he down he shouts at me to revive him. Yeah he's that kind of douchebag

  8. 7:14 Huskey Starcraft Kills Enitre Fanbase With No Explanation.

    He's now super rich, has a channel where he 'surprises his girlfriend' , and has a metro level so high that it's ironic.

    Husky Explains here:

  9. If I enjoy even 1 video from a channel I subscribe immediately. Its absolutely nothing for me but so important to them. Subscribe people!

  10. You got me with the subscribe skit at the end. I really do enjoy these videos, though. I talk about them at work sometimes. To all that works on these projects, keep up the good work. You make quality stuff.

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