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PUBG Cheaters trolled by fake cheat software

PUBG Cheaters trolled by fake cheat software

Two months ago I created a fake cheat
software called pubg maphack. This cheat software was actually a trojan horse. Designed to punish any cheaters who downloaded it. By introducing a few surprises to their gameplay. The first surprise was to eject
the cheater from moving vehicles. The eject would only trigger when
the vehicle was going over 85km/h. The second surprise was to prevent
the cheater from throwing cooked grenades. The grenade would instead drop where they stand
hopefully causing the cheater to kill themselves. The third and last surprse was to prevent the cheater
from being able to revive his knocked teammates. If the cheater tried to revive someone, his weapon
would start firing for a few seconds. Hopefully causing him to kill his teammate. After each game the cheaters replay
would be uploaded to my google drive. So I could use the footage in my video. I created a website for my fake cheat software. And then I paid for google ads. To make sure that my website would show up. When someone was searching for cheats for pubg. At the time of making this video. The fake cheat software has been downloaded almost one thousand times. By cheaters from all over the world. And for you nerds out there that want to know
the specifics of the programming. Here is a clip from the actual development process: OK, It’s time to get to the fun stuff. I’m about to show you some of the
most funny clips that I could find Looking through a lot of the replays that i received. So here we go! This is the same guy as that last clip! This is 20 minutes+ into the match. And he is fighting the last remaining squad. This is one of my favourite clips. This cheater is literally running for 10
mintues, looking for a vehicle. And when he eventually finds one… Things don’t go exactly as planned. Wow, I almost feel sad for that cheaters teammate in that last clip. What a true hero. That’s all the clips I have for this video. But now I need your help! I want this video to reach every single cheater That downloaded my fake cheat software. And you, and only you! Can make this possible. I challenge you to like & share this video. With every gamer you know. And eventually we will reach every last one of them. And let them know… That we won, this time. If you have enjoyed this video, please
subscribe to my youtube channel. Thanks for watching. Byeeeeeeeee!

Reader Comments

  1. was thinking of cheating just to fuck them up thank god i never did. P.S was looking for free cheat's. nice 1 m8 go sic on them coz there so many

  2. In almost every random squad nowadays they speak turkish, so I look forward to see the turks getting trolled from your script ha ha

  3. this is just a bookmark to remind myself that I was subscriber number 228. Oh, and this is the best pubg video I have seen all year.

  4. Can you give some information about the people used it? (Only country Bangladesh) Will ban them from participating from lan events of Bangladesh

  5. If only you could cause a spontanous combustion instead, so cheaters could always be recognized in a crowd for their 2nd degree burns. Oh how lovely the world would be.

  6. nice one dude. Shame you could'nt program the computer to instantly kill the person who downloads a cheat. That would be much better, cus all cheaters deserves to die

  7. Too bad the punishment is so light, you could have made a list of all the cheaters to send to support and ban them. Or you could have just put them here so that most of them would be postponed. And PUBG would've responded.

  8. This is very very nice. thank you for creating this. I have one question. Can you make for CSGO too? 😀 Thank you in advance for your reply 😀

  9. This is awesome! Take my sub.

    How much did it take for you to code this? I use C# myself, but I couldn't do anything this complicated alone.

  10. You are an actual fucking hero.
    Spread this shit across people who can create cheats like this and flood the internet with things like this. Even make paid ones, so its harder to find actually working ones.

  11. Awesome work and idea ScriptKid.. Love it… Would be great if someone with similar scripting skills would do something like this for Battlefield 5…

  12. At 4:37 , the guy who was being revived was saying dude cumon do it faster, then. The cheater then lost his $#+ and blew his brains out

  13. Was it still a working maphack though? You can also activate their webcam when they get nocked. If they have one since this is a public interface for software on your pc. 😉 And you know how you get this to your cloud together with the replay right? 😀

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