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PUBG BANNED in India! 😱

PUBG BANNED in India! 😱

11 year old kid from Mumbai on Friday, has written a letter to Law Minister, and to the headquarters of PUBG Corporation to ban the online mobile game. “I came to know about this game 5-6 months ago” “I’ve played it, its very violent” “And that’s why it should be banned” (Articles about PUBG Mobile ban in Gujarat, India) Actor Amitabh Bachchan:
“Today, you must be very happy.” I’ve never played PUBG because I’m not that much into online gaming, but this doesn’t sound good. Now it’s only banned in the state of Gujarat, but this will encourage the other states to ban it, too. There are talks of ministers banning Tik Tok, too. Its another app which I dont use. But I really do not like internet censorship. Last week I read that even
Reddit was blocked on some networks. If Reddit goes away then… Game Over. But yes, PUBG (mobile) is banned in Gujarat, and that’s a very sad news for my Gujarati Ni🅱️🅱️as. It’s very sad that this happened in Gujarat, because Gujarati people already did not eat Chicken Dinner (implying they are vegertarians). And now they don’t even get to play. Now they don’t have PUBG, they have Subji (vegetables). Dont judge me, I know that joke was lame, but… sometimes it happens… you should just say it.
Don’t think so much. Just do it. 3 people are really happy about this ban, one is this kid. One is this lady. (A lady complaining about PUBG) And the third one is me…
I finally got the opportunity to put PUBG in my title. Also guys, wish you a ver Happy Holi,
enjoy the day today and tomorrow, but please be safe. Happy Holi, may your life be filled
with Colors…. and not Sony. Lets see what memes my intern Timothy has collected from the subreddit r/SaimanSays this week. We are going to watch these memes and we are going to have a lot of fun, together. Because it’s not my reddit, its not your reddit,
its ‘sab’ reddit. (‘sab’ means ‘all’) So it took me some time to get this meme… It took me some time to recognise who this actress is. I think she lookd a bt different in this photo. Dont blame me okay, its tough to look at her face when she is always wearing Calvin Klein underwear. Get it? Disha Patani.
Pata nahi=Don’t know) I used to think what if he goes in his ears,
and then expands, so his brain explodes. But I think I prefer this now. I loved the Avengers new trailer, but Black Widow is really not necessary in this film. What is she going to do? Who will she shoot? Also I saw the Captain Marvel movie and I kinda liked it Maybe because I went with such low expectations. But i also thought that she was a bit overpowered. I dont understand why doesn she need so much power. When she can just accuse Thanos of sexual assault. A lot of Bollywood celebrities have started
supporting T-Series outta nowhere. Actor Aamir Khan supporting T-Series) We all thought that Aamir Khan was one of the sensible actors in Bollywood. Aamir Khan, I feel betrayed. Also the biggest superstar of Bollywood Salman Khan made a tweet in support of T-Series. I thought he and Elon Musk would get along because of their deer fetish. So many other celebrities… Anil Kapoor,
John Abraham, Honey Singh. Anil kapoor especially hates the 9 year olds because he know that the 9 YOs cannot grow chest hair. Also actress Shriya Pilgaokar supported T-Series. (actress Shriya Pilgaokar supporting T-Series) Shriya: Saimandar is a interesting fellow. Because he is not as funny as he thinks he is. But when he doesn’t try to be funny, he’s really funny. You know what I mean? I think I should work on this. Why are you wearing shades in the dark? Why Shriya??? Why? I thought you were my friend! Okay i’m just proving her point by over acting… I agree I try too hard to be funny sometimes. But I dont blame these actors.
They might not be even knowing the situation between T-Series and Pewdiepie. They are just following orders
from their King Bhushan Kumar (T-Series owner) I’ll agree that this video from Divya Khosla
(Bhushan Kumar’s wife) was cute. “Have you ever searched a hotel online?”
(Mocking an Indian advertisement) But what is the use of searching hotels online?
When you can book a rickshaw. Never thought that Ola (A taxi service app) and Oyo (An online hotel booking app) will be in competition. Why book a room in Oyo,
when you can book a rickshaw on Ola! See? This is called a brand placement. I dont need to forcefully promote that
Like App like others. This is an organic brand placement. You need talent for that. Now the only thing I need is a brand. Timothy… Are we getting any sponsors? Ok guys please stop with this Blue Shirt kid memes.
Im sick of seeing him. He says 1-2 lines supporting Pewdiepie
and he gets to host meme review? I’m not jealous… I’m not angry…… Im not going to host meme review guys… The blue shirt kid is there right? He is going to do it for us. He is going to represent India on Pewdiepie’s channel. Its okay its fine… definititely NOT. He is on Pewdiepie’s channel! Why will he be on my channel? There is no comparison… I hate kids.
I hope he plays PUBG and gets arrested. Im joking! I dont hate this kid… He’s a good kid. Im just joking. Sarcasm… heh… Thank you News18 for being a sensible outlet. I have done meth!
(An Indian meme reference) Almost 90 million people are homosexual in India.
And T-Series subscribers… 90 million. This adds a whole other dimsension to T-Gay But then… Just to play the devil’s advocate. I noticed that the population of
Nazi Genrmany was 90 million. Shout and tell everyone the scheme! I saw this article from The Hindu (a newspaper) The Hindu… is supporting a Hindu channel.
(Reference to Pewdiepie’s Christian channel meme) Thank you The Hindu! Very cool. Deshdrohi (Against the Nation) Its okay guys I can say the D-Word.
I’m a certified Deshdrohi (anti-national) Im distributing the D-word pass to everybody who has not subscribed to T-Series. (Laughs) Okay Timothy please this is a Sanskaari (well-cultured) channel. I cannot show such memes. But c’mon ladies if you say you watch Saiman Says for ‘content’ you’re lying to yourself. … because there is no content in these videos. Thank you so much for watching. And my next video is going to be something really special. I cant wait to upload that. Im going to upload it in the next 2-3 days. Goodnight, sweet dreams,
wish you a happy married life.

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  1. Banning cigarette
    Gov:its good for health
    Banning alcoholic
    Gov:it is also good for health
    Banning pubg
    Gov: yes banned its bad for lunga and heart

  2. T Series ka naam Bhusan Kumar Hota to mera lund karta sub! akele 102 m kiya PewDiePie wo bohot bhadi bhat hai. never compare music company with individual 🥵🥵

  3. 11 sala ka C********ya ko pubg ka starting ke scene nahi deka pubg is 16+ game
    paidaish bache ko pubg dekhao to vo to g***d hi marvae ga na 😡😡


    Bro Dont take it seriously

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