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PS3 in 2020…Do people still play PS3 in 2020?

PS3 in 2020…Do people still play PS3 in 2020?

Hey guys, so today we’re gonna be trying out some Ps3 games well, yes, I have played before but I’m gonna be playing them today and I wanna see if there is any matches I’m gonna find if people are still playing all these games You know Yeah, I have games like Modern Warfare 2 3 GTA 4 Black Ops You know all these games so we’re gonna be trying them out and Seeing if we can find some people online still playing People still playing in 2020 I’m only at a level 1 because this is not my main account, well I mean it is for my PS4 But not not for my PS3 There’s only 40 oh wait, okay. No, you’re just Free for All zero Yeah, everything is…Team Deathmatch is 43 See that one See if I can find any. Oh there some Oh crap I don’t even have it, really? Come on man I don’t know if I have that, I’m gonna skip it Do I have that? Oh, yeah, I don’t even remember Oh my god, there’s some little kids talking Okay, yes I do Sorry, this is best I can do here I’m sorry this is the best I can do here I don’t have a capture card or anything This game doesn’t even have dolphin dive or anything bullcrap aw I totally suck at this Oh Grenade Oh wow I’m doing good actually Oh God Wow you gonna try to stab me man Maybe because there’s a ton of new people here that trying out this game I just saw him, I can’t see (laughs) no Aw that’s my first death, okay what about zombies Oh yeah, there is I Don’t really want really want to play. So yeah, I’m just I just wanna see if they would find people Next up Modern Warfare 2 Okay, let’s see if we can find some people in this Modern Warfare 2 multiplier Again, this account has never played this game. So yeah And I’m eating SORRY That’s not right it can’t be exactly zero Well Let’s see Aw this game…man I remember it It’s been so long Oh, we did! Let’s see how well I’m gonna do in this game I thought I chose Team Deathmatch Sniper Will I still be able to shoot people with this? Aw, oh what WHAT Oh, is he hacking? Did he just immediately go out there in .1 second and shoot him? I Don’t know what just happened there Aw Oh Hackers, yeah, I know. I know for a fact, I don’t know what just happened Maybe I just suck at this game Got him Just me come on Oh we some how got all of them Got him No no way I don’t want that Oh my god One more death I quit because I want to go to the other games What what just happened right there? I’m done. I don’t care whatever Next up Modern Warfare 3 Aw man I miss this game too I have played this before but again, not the same account Well, there’s 55,000 people Well, it’s still quite a lot of people playing this ninety-nine thousand people Can you load you told me there was 55,000 people playing this Ah Infected I remember that one, Let’s see Oh come man So the game won’t let me get into a match so I guess we’re gonna have to skip it Next up Battlefield 3 This game used be so fun It has quite a few scratches, but it Should work At least I hope Yes It does Oh man, this game you know pretty much every game I just… you know miss them. I used to play them Well, this account has never played this game I hope there’s no it’s not gonna make me give anything else Hey, that was my favorite one right there I like that one just because I get to fly planes ooh I like that one, let’s see, but let’s see Oh it found one already No, F boy admins here bailing from dog bites will get you banned instantly, okay Okay, there’s no planes, I wanna fly one What’s he doing? ooh a helicopter Ahh I forgot how to play this game man Oh god, it’s the top one Oh a tank Is he looking for me Oh there’s two tanks Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, ahh Come on Bad Luck? What did I do? Ooh Plane plane plane gimme that gimme that gimme that gimme that Okay, I forgot how you play how you pull up, oh there we go Okay how do you lock-on? How do I shoot missiles How do you shoot missiles and lock-on to people He crashed I keep doing that because of GTA I don’t even know how to shoot missiles, I forgot I’m getting off because I wanna shot already There’s There’s a guy over here, he’s still there I got him yay our first kill of this game What’s he doing Got him There’s a guy up there Tank Oh God Oh God Oh God Oh God Oh God Tank, the tank saw me Got him Next up, Black Ops 1 Here we go We’re going to multiplayer zombies games take way too long to Play to play here. I’m just gonna go play multiplayer I’m pretty sure we still gonna find people in zombies this account has never play this game either I thought I have played a couple of them, so I guess not They’re 61,000 people in team deathmatch Come on please fine people. I know I have a good internet You told me there was 61 thousand people playing it Oh come on man So this game isn’t putting me in any matches at all even though there’s a bunch of people Yeah I did try all the other ones. I tried out on the already. That’s the most popular one. oh there we go you got some people I Have good internet, but I don’t know. It’s just having a hard time. It could be that my PS3 is at fault No, just you know has a bad Wi-Fi thing whatever I don’t know Alright next game next up is black ops 2 Which most people say it’s the last best Call of Duty So some people have said that it’s filled with a bunch of hackers and stuff So we’re gonna see if we can find any hackers Here we go I dropped my controller Okay, let’s see if we can find some people Black Ops 3 I already have that New Whats new? Assault Rifles I don’t have Gold, I forgot Again I forgot this is a different account. Oh Wow, there’s only one thousand people playing this we can find some matches Oh Well, I don’t know it’s probably a little bit people there Oh ok did I just get kicked out? Something happened oh, I don’t know what happened there that never happened before Oh What I did get… “Connection Lost to Host” Okay He’s Prestige Master, shows level 1 wierd There is three thousand seven hundred people online, which is not a lot at all This game is so dead, that’s so sad because you know, we used to play this game all the time. I really miss this game. Oh Let’s see if that one works I literally hate that map I literally hate that map Wow, okay What was that? How did my teammates not die Sniper tryhard probably I mean not not tryhards, I just get mad ehh this game This game is literally… Okay First Kill I got This game is so hard man Way harder than the new modern warfare Everybody’s high level on that team Okay, I’m done I’m done let’s try zombies Taking longer than usual And yeah, some hacker gave me that shotgun thing Okay, so there’s 472 in Green Run 34 Alcatraz prison 11 in Nevada USA 76 in Origins Die Rise is 28 and what was this 48 in that one Origins Let’s I’m not gonna play them I just wanna see if we can find people So yeah theres zero people in this so not possible to find anyone in there Let’s go try Tranzit Well, okay You see that some hacker gave me all that number Okay, there’s one guy which probably is not gonna do anything like always Not gonna bother with that one…oh there’s 7 people need one more let’s see if I can find one Nah, screw it 27 okay, we can find some people ooh there all shotguns try my old favorite map Okay, we do find some people here Well yeah, that always happens they leave Okay, I’m done with this game next up Next game Next up GTA 4 Yeah that song I remembered that But GTA San Andreas is way better, way better That’s my own opinion So dang so dang dark man it just this game Of course, okay, let’s go in multiplayer Games It’s free mode right there see if we can find anyone Got some people here Oh, oh man there like GTA 5 geifers What what Oh I did kill one Darn it ok… How you oh there we go Wow, okay. Oh, I spawn far this time Wanted that Corvette Okay I spawned far this time Corvette gimme that car This game’s so laggy Oh this guy’s down there Oh copyright copyright how do I turn it off What you aimbot that’s bullcrap Step on it I thought I knocked you down Wow It’s so easy drift, I like doing that. Well not not just like this It blew up and he died Wow This game can spawn you faster than… I forgot how to you know do those kind of stuff Square maybe? Oh yeah it is Okay, yeah, we’re done with this game The final game… GTA 5 for the PS3 So yes, I’m pretty sure people are still playing this game on the ps3 But I wonder if we can find I don’t know if it’s filled with hackers or stuff Let’s find out We’re gonna go to online And it’s probably gonna take forever because this game is known to Take so long to get into the game Yeah And respawning in GTA 4 it’s so fast, respawn GTA 5 takes… mean like I was like 15 seconds To respawn so it takes forever So like I was just looking through this case and I found That you get you can get a Blimp on ps3 I didn’t know you can do that, but That There is a code in the back I’m not gonna show it to you guys, I don’t know if it’s still good, and I but I am NOT gonna use it because This game does not belong to me Yeah, I do have my own but it won’t read on this PS3 so I have to use someone else’s Okay, here we go I do have a personal car Oh wow, okay I totally forgot about this There is people ooh there is a lot of people, I wonder if there’s any hackers No copyright copyright Any griefers This game is known to have This game is known to have a bunch of griefers here Let’s see what I can do Kill yourself, okay And I’m gonna go up to them and see if they will shoot me or do anything So there’s a ton of people here Oh, yeah, oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh Oh what? Well, why do I have a white screen what what just happened here? oh, I remember that What the heck I remember that Select Passive mode I guess that’s why Passive Mode wasn’t working You know, they they would still kill me even thought I have that on yeah I totally forgot about that it is not my main account here Yeah, my personal vehicle has been destroyed I’m Done I might actually do a review on this PS4 after five years of use Just to show you any problems or whatever. I might do that I Don’t know I might

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