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Power Must Change Hands July 2019 | 1st Prayer Session – Dr D.k Olukoya

Power Must Change Hands July 2019 | 1st Prayer Session – Dr  D.k Olukoya

but the mention of mountain are Americans mr. by chance she was it but don't should help by different up our body so if you find a way here today Obama paladin below the first thing I like to do is to congratulate you Oh whatever invention equipo que el correo for coming hoo-wah and those who are connected to us to I want a super pile up and already won that's a gala by a congratulation a career the piers Jesus by his side what booty up on the bed and two things can flow in a coordinated Ole Miss is regarding the water who made the blood ideally the water will be the blood the water will be to tak I'm prayin for somebody here today but by the blood and water that came out of his sight – yeah – oh yeah every problem Mountain confronting you shall die permanently in the devil juice Jesse Nigel my life father we thank you for a time like a rapidly and we thank you for your children your brother this progressive way that was in it by they thank you because blesses a pound we're in those ranked activity we thank you because your words say thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be established firmly i speak by the decree of any stronghold very big iike you and if precipitate it to you for your hand the power the problem mounting sure you never followed anyone here politically d l command them to die in the name of Jesus [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] further this arms up a stretch let them become the battle action of the Almighty let it become the destroying weapon of heaven in the name of Jesus that is a break the struggle of darkness in the name of Jesus Delfy you start with your chest a yellow develop the seat of your soul it be 200 : I will count self walk out you smite it Ozzy back smite it very well ba Dada as you I did it putting back the electric current of God in nominal our flow through your body your lab and anything that is contrary to your life go below desire a we jump out beautiful daddy captain Sam Freddie mrs ellius our chests I allowed to be very well share that even if it's painful when you slice that chest about bio we shout let's go to see what is happening we strangers are flee hiya pal you the stringers are getting out was it daddy static in their fridge [Applause] get us a pretty that's a bad idea nowadays too much income stuck in who is this time for every plantation of Darkness to go back to look to see [Applause] something is coming out uncle daddy yes this SAP paint is in trouble get us a predicate a topology get us a predicate to just thank you now you go to this symbol of your destiny oh Allah see up where your body your head this you really get a separate porosity get a separate a parody smite it well but this is destiny deliverance in July holiday one two three four five and six get two separately again things are happily here – at the time sheets at the savages [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] yes tonight today's today Juanillo ninja yes they everything crawling about in the body come back to the sender but I love our to know the owners of you who know Jesus thank you Jesus before you sit down Oh totaku the three quick press I wanted to pray before the angels departure angle you tomorrow the early angels are a little common they shout this with a turret people you can be Kareena had times hard times sign against mine even though Jesus this is something [Applause] in Jesus then we praise God se llama do nah that's boot rally da da da speech so da by a man I mean a man I mean a man I mean this circumference ad rakish I'm begging you letter you let nobody's voice be not others yakumo Anakin ahsoka you today lo say Oh God nice deliver me from the powers by me now let me go to places I should not go see your video game law please pretty swell deliver me from the power that will make me go to places just then [Applause] thank you in Jesus name we pray no contest my shout is with violence is a third one you gotta get up early I wish car pass using my sweat against me [Applause] de c.v can I hear this is the shaft in it since toss out the shouted louder two brothers gonna yeah usually like everybody together ah [Applause] in a number of jesus's digestion [Applause] [Laughter] eat Jesus then we play man before you sit down who do you lay your right on show this now declare positivity Laura don't say butter Freddy's kind of prayer before or not of evolute what are you waiting for in the name of Jesus look at Asia [Applause] something is going on that we should everybody in Jesus name we pray Lucas and Sabu folder – opposite god bless

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