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POSTGAME REACTION: Tampa Bay Rays vs. Oakland Athletics 06/11/19

POSTGAME REACTION: Tampa Bay Rays vs. Oakland Athletics 06/11/19

kind of quiet night at the plate obviously scored that last run there but before that fiers was really tough than the rest of their bullpens Hendrix Trevino were really tough and just kept our bats quiet we didn't do many things wrong we just were pitched really really tough maybe two pitches that he'd like that back a little up in the zone but he's been so lights out for us look forward to getting him right back out there it was almost shocking how how his season has gone to this point so he'll be fine he just gave up two home runs two guys that can hit the ball of the ballpark pretty encouraging yeah I'm sure that helps I mean the damage and his mind probably was done but it's got to be a little bit of a benefit to go back out there to get three outs rather than come out of the game after that but Emilio's he's been outstanding for us so he'll be fine regardless of what took place today he's been such a big part of our bullpen I mean it's probably as consistent as anybody we'll get him right back out there what was fiers doing to keep the hitters so off balance you know what he's done for a long time and it's uh he commands a fastball at the top of the zone really well you know those a little kind of a wrinkle cutter slider in there to get you off the fastball he's got the big breaking ball that he occasionally pops in but it's really all fastball and he's got a lot of deception a lot of carry to it and he really knows how to command it right at the belt for those hitters so it's really tough to lay off and it's tough to get on top of and you guys play good defense how important to play good defense with what did you see on the play with Willie there do I mean it's just a play that that you know but I think Willie be the first to tell you that we got to get it out on that play he's been really really good for us and you know that one stung a little bit but two home runs after that probably magnified a little bit so that's the way it goes sometimes unfortunate I was glad to see Willie come up there in the night and get a big hit off of treinen for sure but he's been really good on the challenge you went out and actually talked to his first half wolf said I was just making sure that they were saying that the reason they called him safe was because of the bobble not a safe alcohol he's fine he's gonna be sore I don't know if they'll be in there tomorrow or not we'll check with them with a lefty it might be a time for a day off I'll check with him here a little bit but no major concern maybe the second evening was a chance yeah they're the first two guys on yeah but yeah yeah first and second no outs you know just we didn't get the big hit didn't get the big hit nothing's kind of went our way at the plate and we're gonna have some days like that yesterday we were pretty quiet for five or six innings and then went our way really well so well bounce back get back here tomorrow what times a game news kind of the way you were built a little bit different yeah well I think we're built similarly both teams are there they got some back end guys and they're both on that throw like ours so they get a leave it's it's tough to do some things other than that if I go through the ball great a good fastball command just got in a bad count once and then you know threw about fisher-davis but still felt good so you know not too much to worry about continue to go about my business and be ready to go again tomorrow I know you played with those guys last year you mean they trace what it is it just took you off a little more does it sting a little more I mean nobody likes doing bad I mean doesn't make me any more upset than it would and you know anybody else but uh like you said I got a relationship with those guys so you know you always want to do it especially against your buddies so other than that not really no you're not there's a point where the way you threw the ball just kind of yeah I mean it's baseball you're gonna give me some times with good pitches you're gonna get away with bad pitches today I got beat with you know a decent pitch in a bad count to Olson and then a bad pitch to Davis so things happen I still feel really good physically I feel like I'm in a good spot so I'll come back tomorrow be ready to go if they call my name again we're looking forward to facing them yeah I mean I look forward to taking them out against anybody but you know it's a little more fun when there's a little bit of relationship going in there so but yeah I look forward to taking them out every night yeah one through thirteen the next ending good thing to build up oh yeah for sure I said the cutter to Davis wasn't you know didn't have any action to it I think three in the next inning were two of them are strikeouts it was much better pitch the second inning so I loved how that fish pack but obviously I can't so but yeah definitely something go down and you know it felt good coming out of my head the second inning so try and be ready to throw that again tomorrow night

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