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POLOS OPUESTOS – Short Film [English Subs]

POLOS OPUESTOS – Short Film [English Subs]

Relax your shoulders. Chin down. Look at me. People say we look alike. I had this picture on my desk for a long time and everybody thought it was me. I have to admit, physically, we do look similar. Everyone says that. And personality-wise… well, sometimes we seem the same too. Love is complex. Turning 30, I learned something: Two people don’t need to be similar in order to love each other and get really close. For example, Lux and I, we’re the same. And we love each other lots. But it’s not always like that. My dad and I, we do have things in common but deep down we are very different. Turning 30, something else important happened. After many life experiences I can finally say I found my place. present OPPOSITE POLES I’d say good relationships happen when,
despite the differences, we learn to connect with the other person’s heart. And that’s how we create strong bonds where we each make the choice
choosing to be accountable for one another. That is so valuable. That’s what I call love. So, dad what do you think about
this idea I told you about going to the mountain. Feel like doing it? I don’t know if this just happened to me but as I got closer to 30, I started looking back reflecting on my life, and I realized many things. For example, how integral my parents really were in my personal growth. My parents didn’t stay married for very long but I still got to inherit things from both sides. I realized I have to be very grateful for that. So I decided I wanted to make a film,
way to say thank you. I don’t know, son. I’m out of shape. It’s been a while since
I’ve done these kinds of activities I don’t think so No way. He’s totally out of shape! In other words: He’s too old. No please Andresito, I’ll die of fear, don’t take him. But let’s all go together, dad. As a family. Go and bring me. Yeah, don’t be a pussy! Let’s do it! Everyone’s going to be filming me. No way I don’t want to be a showgirl. You should bring your bikini.
Posing…a dream come true. [Laughter] The showgirl… The story with my dad is the story of two people trying to understand how the other’s brain works. Over time, I just learned to laugh.
and wait for the right moment. I’m going to have lunch with my dad.
There he is. We’re supposed to meet at the teachers dining room but I’m going to surprise him. Oh! Who are you?
Hey! How are you doing? My dad ended up dedicating his life to teaching. A lifestyle that’s very different to mine. Have you been thinking about what I proposed to you? Yeah I’ve been thinking about it. I’m down. I’ll do it. Really? Cool! We’re doing it. I just had to give him some time. My dad has his own challenges. His inner adventurer has always had to
deal with his more calculated side. which is what you see most of the time. While for myself… I try to spend as much time as I can in nature and turn my life into a constant adventure. Although I owe this to him. It’s said that four thousand million years ago
life started in the water. Also in the water, about 30 years ago, a friendship started, our friendship. Learning to face the ocean, I learned to face my fears. Learning to know and love the underwater world I learned to know my dad’s inner world. And love it. It was the perfect scenario to break down walls and be ourselves with each other We spent a lot of time into the mountains too Learning to get out of our comfort zone challenging our limits pushing ourselves hard to reach a goal. All of these lessons on the value of effort courage companionship feeling at home in nature. All of this and more I owe to my dad. The idea was to take on a challenge together.
something not easy to achieve. But also to spend time together in nature
like we used to do. like we used to do. And through this celebrate the many experiences
we’ve had together in the past that were so important to us. My dad started training. We also needed to gear up a little. We picked a date and started the adventure. The destination…
La Cordillera Blanca. A place that in the last few years
has earned a place in my heart. The idea was to have some family time in the outdoors. And after acclimatizing, venture to climb Mount Mateo. Mateo is the lowest summit of a
mountain called Contrahierbas. It’s maybe the easiest summit to reach
of La Codillera Blanca. It’s frequented by people who are
getting into mountaineering or ones who are just looking for a summit experience. I’ve summited Mateo many times
while learning about this sport and I’ve also brought many friends. Mateo doesn’t seem like a huge challenge itself But it was definitely going to be
an interesting challenge for my Dad and for me to to help him climb it. That’s the glacier. And how do you get there? You go like this… Look, this is the summit. Can you zoom out? At the beginning, there was
some resistance on my part. But over the weeks my motivation grew. I ended up feeling very motivated to summit that mountain with Juan Andrés. Yesterday we went to Churup with my dad. We wanted to acclimatize a bit
for the mountain tomorrow and also a little to see what
sort of shape my dad was in. He’s been training a bit. he’s been swimming. It took a lot of time. He got really tired. I had to help him. We are still optimistic. Tomorrow we’ll see how it goes. Juan Andrés told me it was a pretty easy hike. But as soon as it started the hike it was basically like going up a ton of stairs. This could have either started his engine or it could have just gotten him really tired and he won’t be able to make it up
the mountain tomorrow. We had a bit of a rough night
but the following day we came back acclimatized. We’ll see tomorrow. Let’s not jump to any conclusions yet. One of the reasons that made
me propose the idea of summiting a mountain together with my dad, was that, Many years ago he started taking
his first steps into mountaineering because he had
always felt attracted to it. I remember we camped
on Ticlio it was really cold. We were training to go
to Huascarán Mountain. But for several different reasons
he couldn’t continue and had to quit. I was like 20 years older
than the rest of the group. He always kind of held
onto that desire though. So since I’m into this now I thought it would be a beautiful thing to go and do it with him. Not only would it be our first summit together it would also be his first summit ever. That motivated me a lot and also I knew that deep down
it was something he really wanted to do. Today is the day of the challenge. We are at Punta Olímpica. Ready?
Tying up my boots. I’m super optimistic,
super confident about going up with you. That little white point is Mateo. We’ve taken on this challenge together we’re going to try it. Is it ok?
Yes. The day was beautiful and sunny.
That also motivated us That helped And we started hiking. We’re about to start with the moraine. Dad’s never been that geared up. He can’t even talk. You’re out of breath there’s no need to hurry. We can relax I think I got really excited
and I started rushing. Then I started losing my
breath and that made me nervous. He started too fast
his face was covered. Everything he didn’t really need to have on
at that point, he had it on. He was feeling hot he was suffocating. I saw it was getting hard for him,
more than I expected. You’re dying. If you can keep going now, we’ll go
and see how you do. If not, we can turn back. I can, but slow. Slow is fine. Let’s go. It’s alright. That moment was fun. He said something like: “You are getting back at me
bringing me here for everything I did to you.” I didn’t realize it before. Realize what? You are getting back at me. For everything you did to me when I was a kid? I remember one time going to the movies
I left you at home, because you were taking too long. So I’m getting back at you. You are.
Ok, let’s go I was trying to motivate
him so he wouldn’t give up because I knew he could go a little further. Juancho was telling me
“A little more, a little more.” Finally, after a little more effort we got to a spot where we could rest for a while. Considering that we might not reach the summit. We made a new goal We said, let’s get to that spot,
that’s going to be our challenge for today. That’s our goal for today and that’s ok. This has always been a challenge so I don’t think we should give up this soon. If we go down right now
we’ll go back to the hotel rest. But we can also keep going get
a beautiful view. It’s a beautiful day. He tried hard, I helped him a lot we tied ourselves together
so I could support him. Kiss Emotionally speaking I was feeling disappointed because I was failing my son on this expedition that he put together with so
much love so much effort. I’m not in good
enough shape seriously I got to try this too old. I’m really sorry for your project. There’s nothing to be sorry about. Do you want to get to where
Alejandro is and take a picture? Sure! In that moment, what I really had
in my head was that I didn’t want him to feel frustrated
because he wasn’t making it to the summit. Because that was something
I always knew could happen. It was always a possibility. We are almost there. 3 more meters for our summit. No, it was here. No way. How could it be here?
The photo spot is over there. We’ve never been
together at 4800 M.A.S.L. At the end I felt better.
Everyone has their own capacities. I was happy to be there remembering
our experiences 20 years ago. When I used to take him. Well, this time we were on an
expedition organized by him. And I think summiting was
not the main goal of this adventure. The main purpose was
to connect with ourselves to connect with each other, in the best place we’ve been able to all our life The outdoors. It’s where we learned to be who we are and where I feel like I truly learned
to have a relationship with my dad. So getting to come together
and share that again after so many years, in those kind of situations, for me that made everything worth it.
We didn’t need to get to the summit. What we were living right
there, with Alejandro, was incredible! But what you just said is true. There are people who are out of shape,
and others who are just screwed up. The gift of family, the gift of friendship,
all the good things we have in life. To have the opportunity
to spend time together to be able to walk through the mountains to give each other a hug to
get to be high up on a mountain and see the beauty of nature and how that fills our soul. There are so many reasons to celebrate. Damn, I got a little emotional. Thank you for everything.
Thank you. I love you so much.
I love you too. Thanks to Alejandro too. Thanks for everything.
Well done, Alejandro! My father has always done the best he can to teach me what he has learned in his own life. And now I had the opportunity to share with him one of the most valuable lessons I learned
spending time in the mountains. Vulnerability The only thing in life that allows us to grow. To feel fragile to be humble to recognize that
not everything is in our control. And we need each other. I still wanted to challenge ourselves
with some more adventure. We did something we’ve
never done before. I’ve always wanted to dive and spearfish
in a clear water lake in the mountains. Juancho proposed it and I said
“I don’t know. Let’s see…” Because it was a way to combine the
underwater world and the mountains, our love for the water
and our love for the mountains. So we decided to go to Huancaya. It was a great opportunity for
us to share as a family again, to celebrate life together. You want? We dove into the lake. My aim was a little off but Juancho did get his three trouts. This one looks good! I would say that at the end of it all,
that’s what life is about. Sharing good moments, following our dreams, constantly challenging ourselves
in order to grow. and never getting tired of giving thanks. To get to fish trout in a transparent lake in the mountains a dream come true. All of this ended up bringing me
back to a sense of identity with all that I brought him into. All of the crazy things he does, I feel responsible for having brought him to the mountains and the sea. I found myself again. Besides making our bond stronger, it reminded me that all this
really is a part of me. To the guys my age, I invite them to think back on the things that
made them happy in the past that they aren’t doing anymore. And try to do it. In my case I loved bringing my son into this outdoors
world many years ago. And to get to do that again, it was…well it was really beautiful.

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  1. Me encanto! Me senti identificada en algunos momentos, hasta me dio ganas de viajar con mi familia.

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