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things we need for service air filter oil filter,fuel filter we will also change coolant because its a 4th annual service its the genuine coolant from vw its manufactured by BASF for vw vw sells it with name of g12 as they can’t sell g12 outside a little difficult to source this coolant i prefer use genuine spares only 32mm for oil filter 19mm for drain pan for coolant drain port t20 for air filter housing use a bottleneck as a funnel firstly change the diesel filter because a lot of diesel will pour out of it and we will use that diesel as a flushing agent press the knobs ,rotate, and pull it backwards be easy with filter as it has a sensor beneath it we need to remove this sensor pull grey tab backwards then press it the pull whole connector backwards rotate it counter-clockwise and collect the diesel in a container mind that grey gasket sometimes it sticks to the surface of filter locate the right direction of the connections as its completely dry if you will not prime the pump then fuel system will have air inside it which is not good for a diesel engine you have to connect both pipes and turn the key to ON position 10-12 times before stsrting the engine so that can can bleed out the air itself i have placed a bottle under the fuel filter by connecting only the inlet pipe as i dont want that air to even enter the system i m trying the prime the filter even before its installation so that least amount of air enters the system as the filter is supplied with diesel you will see it coming out of the outlet port filter primed almost 80% no need of priming after this point connect and cut the ignition switch 3-4 times again as this hoze has air inside it the diesel we poured out of filter , we ll use that diesel as an engine flush after pouring the diesel in oil inlet use a funnel start the engine and let it idle for 10 minutes 19MM socket foe drain bolt shut the engine and drain the oil try to drain the oil as its hot location of the drain bolt caution it may be hot wait for oil to drain after the oil drains , re-tighten the drain bolt back on place yes ! sometimes it also happens new drain plug gasket comes with the oil filter set clean the plug before installing it back again drain bolt on its position back clean/ change the oil filter before that we will change the air filter as we have already opened the screws of air filter housing when the car was idleing dissconnect the MAF sensor slide the tab back and the press get the sensor wiring aside so that it does’nt break also disconnect the vaccume pipes from air box to make space rotate the air filter anti-clockwise to remove it comparing the new and old air filter you can see the diffrence before putting the new air filter clean the air box as well new air filter installed in same way it was removed after installing the new air filter first connect the MAF sensor back ,or it with throw a error code place all the screws back on their positions also install the vaccume lines on their respective places recheck all the work you did ,just for precaution now moving onto the oil filter changing process oil filter housing needs a 32 mm socket we need to remove the vaccume sensor just above the oil filter so that we can reach the oil filter t30 bit required to loose this vaccume sensor along with its clamp now we can remove the oil filter as its way is cleared i have alredy opened the oil filter cap , mind the oil drip shake it side to side it has two rubber O-rings which needs to be changed along with filter element , comes with oil filter third O-ring present on top of the cap , change that as well old oil filter last time i was unable to arrange a geniune oil filter so this is the non geniune part ,look at its condition . so never use non genuine parts how is this thing even suppose to provide filteration new geniune part 1 O-ring is extra replace the 3 O-rings with new then we will install the the new filter in i m placing the oil filter first inside as i dont want to damage the oil filter while trying to put it back along with the oil filter cap hand tightened the filter cap first to avoid damaging the threads clean the spot where oil has driped put the sensor back on its place before pouring the new engine oil clean the oil inlet well as its prone to collect quite alot of dust it requires 4.3 liters of oil never top the oil to the max level as it can have a negative effect on engine you can use any oil which is approved by volkswagen on its vw505.01 specification last work is the reset the service indicator turn off the inginition , keep the right button presed then turn on the iginition back on after that the blinking spanner will get stable then press the left button now its done carefully examine everything you worked upon now moving on the coolant change down there is a drain bolt t-55 bit required to open it rotate it counter clockwise to open it and drain the coolant along with drain bolt remove the cap of coolant reservoir as well so that it does not create a vaccume inside the system we will flush the system by pouring distill water after putting back the drain bolt on and start the car for 10-15 minutes , and drain that as well we will repeat the flushing process 2 times to make sure that system is cleaned then we ll fill the system with new coolant only use vw g12 or glysantin g30 , because if you use anything else system will start to rust and that will be visible inside the coolant reservoir will will not be transparent anymore 50-50 ratio of coolant and distilled water as normal water can lead to mineral deposit inside cooling system and decrease its ability to cool

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  1. Great video, Very Informative. I have small doubt
    Since oil filter is located on top, Can we change oil filter without draining engine oil?
    Will there be loss of oil, if we open oil-filter for change?

  2. I tried coolant flushing and replacement in my 1.5 tdi and some weird things happened. After filling the coolant and running the engine for some time, boiling coolant with bubbles was pushed out through the coolant reservoir cap. I think air trapped inside could be the possible reason for this. How did you bleed the air out of the cooling system.? Did you have to remove the intercooler hose connector before flushing out..?

  3. apne engine flush diesel se kiya .is koi harm to nhi hota engine ko kya ye sahi h .apne engine flush kyun use nhi kiya ..plz reply

  4. Thank you so very much for this video mate. I serviced my car a couple days ago myself and then had the check engine light and the glow plug light flashing. I was wondering what went wrong, and after watching your video I realised that the air filter sensor harness had come off when I was installing the filter. I forgot to put it back in place. I was watching this at 2 AM and then went to my car, reconnected the harness back again and VOILA! The lights disappeared! You're a saviour, keep up the good work brother and you've earned yourself a new subscriber!

  5. Hello bhai I am confused very much between castrol edge titanium and liqui moly toptec 4100…. Castrol is fully synthetic while liquimoly is semi synthetic….
    So which Engine oil I should prefer… Can I use Castrol edge titanium 5W40 in my Diesel Vento?

  6. Wat a video!! Loved it bro you are just an amazing artist. I do have vw polo TDI 1.2, 2011 Nd just wanted to dignose it completely each and every detail. Last year I got my car collapsed with the divider and it got wrecked up completely from front. In vw they give me an estimate of around 2.4lac but somehow I just managed to done it by one of my mechanic around half d price, i live in ghaziabad over here i cant explain you everything, but just need some suggestions from you as I strongly believe that you are the one who can help me out, here is my # it's 8882227095, drop me a msg I really need your help. At last just wanna say keep going you doing an adorable work best wishes Nd love stay blessed hope you gonna buzz me up

  7. I need to replace the right side fuel pipe of the diesel filter which has tri point joint. Plz can you make a video. I have the spare part.

  8. Sir original vw ke parts mharashtra me kaha milenge plz tell me sir mere pass polo hai reply do sir ji..mera no. 9011722496

  9. Can't thank you enough for the vid mate. Can you plz mention all the parts and their numbers used.. Where did you get vw genuine parts i wounder ..?

  10. Good job bro, for showing us all this. I am Vento TDI owner and was planning to do this service on my own. Now i know how to do it 🙂 Thanks a ton.

  11. Good video but oil was not VW 505.01 or superior VW507 approved. There is a reason why the resale value plummet after a while as people don't use approved products and end up causing damage to the engine and this brings bad name to the brand and blame the brand for expensive maintenance.
    Also did some online reading and I have my doubts on this G30 coolant/antifreeze

  12. sir ek video banaiye jo part replacement pe ho ……like shock absorbers kitne km pe change karein……break pads kab change karein ….break fluid kab change karein etc etc …..all parts and kilometers run for changing them ….plz make it as soon as possible

  13. Hello sir… Thanks for this video….
    After watching this video I have ordered all the parts online….
    VW Vento MT TDi 2016
    I have one difficulty only…
    Sir how to remove the sensor from the bottom of the Diesel filter?
    Anticlockwise ghumaana hai isko?!!
    Aur kis tool se kar sakte hai…
    Muje sensor damage ho jaane ka dar lag rha hai…
    Sir anticlockwise hi ghumana hai na?

  14. Hello sir , is glysantin coolant safe to use as comapred to vw stock one..
    As i used it in my vento 1.6tdi..
    It caused slush in the coolant bottle itself , and it was used in 50:50 proportion only..
    And can we use mobil1 0w-40 grade engine oil in vw?

  15. Hi Brother. I m from Delhi and I own 1.2 petrol. Please share the shop name or number which is in kashmere gate from where you bought the parts.

  16. @yourDIYneeds Can you tell which tools(sockets, wrenches etc) do you have and where to buy the best quality products for diy for VW cars?

  17. Nice and knowledgable video, but can you help me where we can get the genuine spare parts for the Volkswagen, unfortunately I don’t reside in Dehli but Bangalore. Thanks

  18. #DIYneeds skoda rapid में flush करने के बाद कितने लीटर coolant की ज़रूरत होती है…?

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