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Pole Vault Highlights | U23 Russian Indoor Championships 2020

Pole Vault Highlights | U23 Russian Indoor Championships 2020

Hello my friends, I’m your Global Friend ”Icon Mike” and we gonna watch Pole Vault Competition Highlights from the Russian Indoor Championships Under 23 years old in Saint Petersburg This is Alena Samarskaya She prepare for her Third and last attempt at 3.90 meters She clear 3.50 and 3.65 meters from her First Attempt She need Two attempt’s to clear 3.80 meters and now she’s ready… for her Third and last attempt at 3.90 meters Her first Two attempt’s was void at 3.90 meters let’s see her last attempt Nope She don’t clear it Alena Samarskaya She will take the 12th Place Out of 13 Athletes Ekaterina Brianchina She cleared 3.80 meters before She’s ready for her first attempt at 3.90 Great Clearance there for Ekaterina Ekaterina she will take the… Fourth Place at the competition We see all her results at the card Lioudmila Nerubenko at her first attempt our 3.90 meters She clear it She cleared before 3.80 from her first attempt and 3.65 from her second attempt Milana Fakhrutdinova at her first attempt at Four meters Nice Clearance there for Milana! She clear before 3.80 and 3.90 from her first attempt, as you see at the card Lioudmila Nerubenko at her Third and last attempt at Four meters She don’t clear it this time Lioudmila she will take the 9th Place. Third and last attempt at 4.10 meters for Milana Fakhrutdinova She will not clear it She is also out Milana with a best clearance at 4.00 meters she will take the 6th Place at the competition of Pole Vault And let’s go to see Tatyana Kalinina at her third and last attempt at… Four meters and 20 centimeters (4.20) Nice clearance there for Tatyana With this clearance at 4.20 meters She will take the 5th Place at the competition. This is Aksana Gataullina at her first attempt at 4:30 meters Unsuccessful Attempt, She don’t clear it She need to try again Second attempt at 4.30 meters for Aksana Gataullina Nice clearance there for Aksana She clear it this time This is Polina Knoroz at her first attempt at 4.35 meters Earlier she clear from her first attempt 4.20 m And she clear it Nice clearance there from Polina This is Elizaveta Bondarenko at her first attempt at 4.40 meters She clear before… from her first attempt 4.30 meters She clear also from her first attempt 4.40 meters and she take the lead! Second attempt at 4.40 meters from Aksana Gataullina She will not clear it She will have One more try She will set the Bar for her Last Attempt at 4.45 meters She go for the Win But she will not clear it And she will take the 3rd Place at the competition With best clearance at 4.30 meters First attempt at 4.50 for Elizaveta Bondarenko She’s at the first place at the moment She will not clear it She was unlucky there We see here the replay Very close… Very Sweet Girl Polina Knoroz She fail at her first attempt at 4.45 meters She set the bar at 4.50 meters She go for the Win! And she clear it! Bravo Polina! With this clearance she take the lead! Nice clearance there Elizaveta Bondarenko Last attempt at 4.50 meters Oooh… Very Unlucky again Really was very close We see here the replay Ooh.. Unlucky! Polina Knoroz that she… Try later at 4.60 meters Try to improve her personal best This is her first attempt Void Polina she will fail also at her second attempt And this is the third last attempt of her at 4.60 meters Nope! She don’t clear it Polina Knoroz She’s the Under 23 Russian Indoor Champion of 2020 In Pole Vault! Beautiful Moment here with… Elizaveta Bondarenko This is the ceremony Polina Knoroz at First Place! Elizaveta Bondarenko at Second Place and Aksana Gataullina at Third Place! That’s it my friends, Support Us on Patreon if you like our work! And Don’t Forget to SUBSCRIBE! For More Videos! Bye! Bye!

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  1. Such gorgeous and athletic women. I hope any one of them emerges as a worthy successor to Isinbayeva and Sidorova. It's a shame Russian athletics is so messed up with corruption and doping scandals. I don't think they'll clean their act up anytime soon, so it might be better for many of these young aspiring athletes (men & women) to just switch allegiance to either Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.. to be able to participate in World Championships and Olympics. I mean look at tennis beauty Rybakina, she used to play for Russia, but now plays for Kazakhstan (wise decision).

  2. This was Very Enjoyable! Loved Icon Mike Delivering The information on the pole vaulters and their attempts! I'll definitely be back to check out this Channel's Library! Cheers From Ohio

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