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PMSC 2019 Episode 2 | Road to Stardom | PUBG MOBILE Star Challenge 2019

For the PMSC 2019 Grand Finals, Previously on Road to Stardom, 16 gaming creators gathered in Star City. Formed new team. Competed in a 1 vs 1 solo match. Finalized team starting lineup. Now, greater challenges await. Attention please, gaming creators and teams. You’ve submitted the team starting lineup. and now we’ve got new tasks for you. Please claim your new tasks. Painkiller, Painkiller. Happy birthday! Ew! No! It’s too big. Thank you! I cut for BulShark and I will give him. Hello! BulShark, this is for you. Next time I’ll knock you down, okay? Bye bye, I will win. Bye bye. You’d better take your time to get along with each other and prepare for the PMSC 2019. 16 teams will fight through the four-hour Squad Warm-up Match using their own accounts. The gaining points, between the initial and the final, will be considered as the match score. The team with the highest score will be the winner of the four-hour Squad Warm-up Match. I feel tired after 4 hours of playing of non-stop playing I think it’s ok to play for two hours. Playing four games will be very tiring. This time we have eight games in a row, which is really exhausting. Nice one. Four-hour warm-up match. Ayy, are you ready? You have to play with in a new account. So the enemies will be easy for us. We knock everyone down. No, no, no you can’t play with the new accounts. Come on. No. No. Because the enemies will be so easy. Enemies will be noobs. Yeah! I don’t wanna play with a new ID. Let’s play with the same ID, OK? You have an account? Yes, I have. I will give you the IDs. Thank you, thank you. Hello? How many accounts do you have? Just the ones you used to use. I’d like to borrow two or three accounts OK! So you need ID. Yes. Okay, I will call my friend and bring new ID, OK? OK! So we will be playing our- using our main accounts to play. And even though we know that other teams, some them are using their smurf accounts. Yeah. Their tiers are kind of , like platinum or gold tier. But because, I think with you, as a new member, I think it’s good that we play in high rank match. As a training also, for the team. So we will be playing with high tier accounts, crown tier. Where you drop? Pochinki Pochinki? Yeah. I like to land there. Okay? OK. That’s good. OK. I think it’s just a training match, I don’t really care. I want to get familiar with the style of my teammates first. What I care more about is the Grand Finals How to win today? You need to eat the cake. Eat the cake? Already win. Nice. We’re going to use the new IDs, because we want to get a higher grade. After our discussion, we decided to use new accounts. And we want to land separately. For example, someone lands in Pochinki, others land somewhere else and so on. That is, don’t get too close to each other and we are able to take down many enemies. Now please show your initial point to the camera. The four-hour Squad Warm-up Match starts now! Give me 6x scope, 6x scope. Mini14 or 6x scope, who wants. Take this 8x scope. You give me the 6x scope. Who use the 8x scope. Come here and take the 6x scope. Who use the 8x scope. I didn’t get the 6x scope, man. Two 8x scope drops. As 30 minutes passed, most teams competed their first game. The team played in the lower tier showed an incredible skill as they got a huge number of kills. Back to the higher tier. Everyone struggled and the score was very close. Enemy, enemy. Behind you, behind you. Enemy. One, one, one. Oh no! He’s coming. He’s down on your left. Where are you? There are four men all shooting at me. Are you dead? The people below are coming! They’re coming! There is no sound. NIce! GG! Nice! A little further down. They are close, very close. Ah, they are here! Wow, man! Nice one! Woah! No no no! Come on! Let’s go, let’s go. All teams please stop immediately. We are now halfway through the four-hour Squad Warm-up Match. Please pay attention to light color outside your training room. The light of 8 teams ranked behind has turned red. Please check if your team is safe for now. Guys, the red light is off. Really? Yeah, bro. I don’t know the number but the light is not red. So we are safe. We are top 8 right now. BulShark got red. Now our situation is not good, we got the red light. Let’s work harder in the second half of match. How did we play during the last few matches? How can we be consistent? How can we win more games and be on top 4, top 5? That’s what we have to do. We are professional. The second half of the four-hour Squad Warm-up Match starts now! 8x scope. You can take it with you. The second half of the match continued. The extra long match was pushing the 16 teams to their physical limits. Their current ranks would also affect their performance to some extent. The house over behind He’s 1 hp, he’s 1 hp. Right in the back. I could die. Get him, get him. Why did you go? Why did you go out there? Why the [beep] did you? Don’t get mad at me. This man popped up my tire and I’m in the middle of the open. You’re not. I couldn’t drive my [beep] car because he popped my tire. He popped up one tire. You are still driving. Watching you still drive. I’m watching you still drive. You pull up to this compound, you act like you have cover. He literally popped my tire and I couldn’t go full speed to go around the compound like I normally would. So he popped again? You shouldn’t cross. That field is wide open. You should’ve waited there. We were coming to you. He shot my car. Oh, my god. Where is it? At the back. Personally, I think her performance in the game was very good, But her behavior was a little unprofessional. Because she was in a bad mood, unwilling to act. It wasted our time. We could have gone home on time. lagging! lagging! Where? Left. Here? Nice! She won the game by herself. That game told us Alice was really strong. Probably better than average. All teams please stop immediately. The four-hour Squad Warm-up Match is officially over. Attention please, gaming creators, we are about to show you the final leaderboard! We have the top 3 teams of the four-hour Squad Warm-up Match. The third place goes to ARXY. The runner-up is Ken Boo. And the winner is K7. Congratulations. Woah! K7? Really? About today’s filming. To tell the truth, people start with different grades. On that basis, I don’t think it’s entirely fair. I think that the top 3 teams were a little bit lucky. I’m pretty sure that there are a few of them to have those bronze accounts. So easy for them to crank up easily with points. Please open the envelopes in front of you. Where is K7? Congratulations on winning the match! You will have a taste of the mysterious local food plus an exclusive in-game item set. Night market.Right? OK! We are number 4. Really? Yeah. How? I don’t know. Number 4. We are the 11th. No problem, no problem. Number 2? Yeah! Yeah, you are the champion. Chicken dinner! Happy? Yeah, happy. Sorry for the rest of the 13 teams. You’ll only have box meal for dinner today. Yeah it kind of sucks. I was a little bit of jealous. You know, just they, I don’t know, I wish I was there with my team. Next time we will be at the market. While everyone else is eating that bread that we got.

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