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Playing PUBG With PUBG Pros | Ft. Akshay & Pavitra | Ok Tested

Playing PUBG With PUBG Pros | Ft. Akshay & Pavitra | Ok Tested

Hiii guys!!!
What’s up? So today Pavitra and I are with Rohan and Preet, two of the best PUBG players in the entire country. Since when have you been playing PUBG?
How did you guys become stars and all man? Sir we started playing PUBG in like April and May. As in 2018? Yeah 2018, season two itself. How much do you guys play? It varies between ten hours or two hours. Once I was looking at this passenger plane and I was sleep deprived because of PUBG only… and I was going to my internship and I’m like when will it drop the box. Are you guys dating someone? I’m dating PUBG right now. What is your favorite gaming mode? I like war mode.
we play war mode in solo vs squad. Like everyone else is a squad but we are solo. That’s really fun for us. People in Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand play way better, they are actually competitive. That’s why we play FPP mode than TPP. Okay. FPP is First Person Perspective and TPP is Third Person Prespective. Right. What do you think is the difference between… the strategy we Indians use and strategy that Vietnam’s or Thailand people use? When I am playing in an Indian server I can expect Indians to be camping in every spot. Like if there’s a shack there’ll be four people inside. When I am playing Indonesian or Thai servers, those people they hold the skill to destroy all my squad. They actually play mind games. What does a hacker do on PUBG?
As in how do they get a benefit or stuff? For starters they don’t have any kind of recoil.
They can put any scope on their guns like a 6X… Just press the fire button, aim at him… and there are aimbots, of course. There’s no grass, no recoil.
There’s a hack called Antenna right? Your skin from your back, goes up in the sky and he just knows where exactly you are. They will shoot like… Yeah that’s there. UMP9 fires the bullet at a very good speed, so don’t you think it’s a good gun too? With a suppressor, obviously. For close combat it’s good, I guess. It’s only good when you’ve just landed and no one has the loot… because you’ll fire at level two vest, the 9 mm bullet can’t penetrate much. There’s a thing with bullets too, okay. Yeah, yeah like both… So 5.56 mm penetrates the most? No, 7.62 mm penetrates the most. I’ve heard that people play with four fingers and hands as well unlike us, we play with two fingers… so how do you guys play? Yeah even we play with four fingers, so our right thumb works like a mouse… and the left thumb is the movement pad… so whatever actions I’m doing irrespective of whether I’m shooting… jumping, scoping, peeking, crouching…
my aim would be on your head like all the time…
because my thumb is at it.
How does each person in the squad have a different role to play?
Can you tell us about that a little bit? The terms that you people use? Yeah. What are they? We have four roles… Main roles are the sniper role and assault. One is IGL that is ‘In Game Leader’, who leads the game. And one is filter, who corrects the IGL if he is wrong somewhere. Like a deputy? Yes. The last two is support, who supports the IGL and filter. So now we gonna play in a squad with these guys… so that we amateurs can learn some tips and tricks from these pros. Please teach us a little bit. Naruto invite both of them. Car is coming. They are running away with the cars, we’ll camp at the bridge to stop them. Good to hear that. Nobody has landed on C building. C building is the main apartment in the military base. Okay. Right now I have a DP 28 and an UMP 9. Works. Where are you? I saw one person spawn at C building. Oh yeah. Probably abort. Nice.
Yeah that was a good one. Akshay… Don’t tell me it’s a bot, c’mon dude.
You don’t have to tell me that. Let’s go to C building. Coming. Four bullets.
Oh s**t!!! Chirag four times nine. Even I have… Okay I am right here and I am…okay nice. Revive me whenever you feel like guys. Alright. Oh shit, someone’s still shooting. Down, down get up on… Squad killed. Alright, God Bless you Naruto.
I’m being revived. I didn’t get that kill totally dude. You go on the road and find a car.
You just have to do that work. Two cars. They are running towards the mountain at 115 in the compass to get supplies from the air drop. Let’s camp the drop.
What is happening? Where are all these people? He is hiding behind a tree which is at 125 degrees. Come, come. Alright. Lovely. Someone knocked me out. Yes he is on the tree,.
He is hitting using Thomson. Head shot. Knock, knock, knock. We have them. I also shot them, quite a bit. They were camping here and the shot came from 175 degrees in south. Let’s go to the zone. Let’s go. Yeah this house only, they are hiding inside it.
Knock, knock. A guy is sitting inside. Naruto he is sitting inside. Yes. Good game guys. Alright. Total 25 people are alive right now, out of which four are us only so that means only 21 people are left. I’ve killed one. Oh I see, they are running out, oh s**t. I know there’s a guy there. You can shoot them, from under the bus. They still are, under the bus.
Shoot their feet. Head shot. Let’s go closer to them. There’s a guy. All dead. No some are still alive. Enemies ahead. Okay it’s there.
Okay. Head shot. Oh lovely dude!!! What a shot brother. Let’s go ahead. Let’s just go inside. Okay. Let me go ahead, trade with me. Okay. Very good. Only one person is left and he will get shot from a AWM bullet. What are the coordinates? Coordinates are 230.
Over there, exactly. At this tree… Enemies ahead. He is hiding inside the smoke.
He ran away from there. Pavitra, where are we chilling bro? Body shot. Okay all dead. There are now two people left. Besides us. I’m a very important part of this squad. Yeah. Oh f**k, he hit me. I can see him. Coordinates, coordinates please. 280. Enemies ahead. 325 na? Yes. He took my kill bro. I told you. I would make my bullets count. He is alone, let’s go closer to him. He is not alone, his teammate must be there only. Yeah so, his teammate is alone.
Let’s go closer, there’s only one guy now. I am coming from the right side. I am flanking from the left side. Teamwork. Zone. Okay we’re going. The guy probably would be behind. I hope he is not lying somewhere.
I don’t wanna get knocked out by a snake. Akshay??? Yeah? Did you punch him? I didn’t do that.
I think that’s Naruto, he is boxing for some reason. What is happening?
He is lying on the ground. No don’t bro. Just f**king kill him. Yeah, good game!!! You had to flank completely. We won na? Yeah.
Great!!! Great, well done guys!!! I got 11 kills. He got 16 and you got one so the total is 28, if my math is not f**ked up. Dude you guys should take money from people to play with them… and tell them, you people play and we wil join in when s**t is going down. I’m telling you to do a business bro. It’s a business idea. So now that we’ve played with these pros in the same squad, let’s see how it is to play against them. Alright guys, okay.
Where I told him to take us, he is not taking us there. So even I will apply some strategy na. I’m lagging. Like for the 700th time. Lag is the only thing that can save us today, I think.
Lag can be the only reason we might win. Feel happy about it Rohan. Akshay do you wanna say something? I got knocked out. I have not landed. Akshay has not landed yet and I got knocked down.
Man I have landed like 500 m away from where I was going to land bro. Look at that. Akshay has reached there now. Here? I can’t hear him. Is he not moving?
Akshay you got to run. Will have to walk. I am in the grass dude. Akshay nice man.
Akshay stole this AWM, he found it at his place. Okay I see him. S**t. How many bullets you’ll take?
F**k. S**t I tried. Akshay did a lot of damage dude.
Zero. I was also the same though.
While I got MVP and you got out too soon. So basically we played two games… One where we were in a squad together and we won winner winner chicken dinner… Thanks to them. Yeah thanks to them of course. And in the second game we lost very badly. The one in which me and Pavitra were playing against Rohan and Preet. We lost miserably. Basically when I was landing, Pavitra got knocked out. As soon as I landed they shot me on my head. They shoot from anywhere man. Then I am shooting him and he baited me then he shot from the other side. My rating is nothing, you know pollution level it says that 999 can be recorded… so I can give them a 10/10 but they are much higher than that. They are on another level. Brilliant players, amazing amazing players. I enjoyed it.
The fact is that I really enjoed it. Awesome. At least someone enjoyed.
It’s really good. Will you ever play with us again? Yeah sure, why not? You guys are decent, you can add us. That’s an honor dude. Any thing you guys wanna say to PUBG players out there? Not really, I am not much of an announcement guy. Wow, he called us announcement guys also. This is the most validating experience, I’ve ever had in my life. Hey guys if you liked this video don’t forget to… LIKE, SHARE and TAG all of your fake friends who think they are pros… and SUBSCRIBE to ‘OK TESTED’.

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