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Pink to black routine. Go pro snooker. Рart 1

Pink to black routine. Go pro snooker. Рart 1

Dear snooker fans, players and coaches Welcome to our Snooker Pro Club youtube channel! In this video I will explain how you can play
different positional shots from pink to black. Practical guidelines for you snooker improvement Cue ball below pink ball spot. If I will try to play with the centre cue
ball or top spin I will have difficult black ball, because of the long distance and thin
potting angle. I have to play with the check side ( left
hand side) and use 2 cushions positional shot for the black ball into right corner pocket. This would help me to get cue ball at the
closer distance and have easier much easier shot. Another more difficult version how you can
play pink ball when the cue is below pink ball shot. In my opinion this shot you can play when
you have big lead and already won the frame. This shot is considered as exhibition shot
and you can play it for fun and entertainment. Lots of cue power 3 cushion positional shot
for the black into right corner pocket. I can simply play with the top spin roll in
shot, because I have natural angle to make position for the black into the right corner
pocket. Play it slower than medium pace and you will
have easy position for the black ball. Same position like for the 5 shot, but this
time I will play with the stun shot. I think this is more easy and controllable
shot than top spin roll in shot. You don’t need to use cushion to make position
for the black ball. Because of this reason cue ball control is
much more consistent and predictable.

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