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Petter Solberg VS Oliver Solberg – Father & Son Shootout Fight – Polo R & DS3 WRX at Goodwood 2019

Petter Solberg VS Oliver Solberg – Father & Son Shootout Fight – Polo R & DS3 WRX at Goodwood 2019

Petter Solberg VS Oliver Solberg, father & son fought throughout the weekend against the shootout time trial at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2019 (FOS). In this video, you’ll find all the best action scenes of Petter & Olver runs. The incredible thing is that these two cars from RallyCross, Petter’s Polo R WRX and Oliver’s Citroen DS3 WRX, both develop about 600hp, ranked the second and third places overall in the final classification behind Romain Dumas and his ID.R electric prototype from Pikes Peak. Let me tell you, Petter Solberg is a grand champion, his career speaks for himself, but young Oliver, just 17 years old, drove as I’ve never seen, despite his driving being dirty and spectacular, he has however achieved an incredible time. Congratulations to both and thanks for the beautiful show they gave us. Follow me, subscribe and don’t forget to click the Bell 🔔 to get notifications of all my latest updates. Thank you! 😉👍

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  1. Best show at Goodwood this year, Polo launch control, WoW, what a noise, awesome, Solberg son, what a car control, more than awesome!

  2. Petter Solberg is the G.O.A.T, I grew up watching him and Sabstian Loeb,

    Petter is the only motivation and reason I own Subaru Impreza WRX Sti to this day his son Olivier is on a come up…Awesome, in his Rally days he used the WRC to win the championship.

    A rare commodity in the USA

  3. I love RX, in june every year They come to Hell in Norway, (Hell RX, and yes, name of place is actually Hell) and its insane.. i live 500m from track and gets free tickets every year 🙂

  4. At our house 'honey what did you do with the kids today ? We took the car and went to the petting zoo
    At the Soldberg's house ' honey what do you and Oliver did today?…..

  5. Does anyone know where I can find an LED brake light like the one pictured here in the video? I like the way it looks through the rear hatch window, pretty cool. Thanks

  6. At first I was fuck these thing seem floaty with the nose pitch etc. Then I realised they were rally cars lmao 🤦‍♂️

  7. in the section from 3:55 you can see where Peter start breaking – right at the beginning of the snob of hay, and where oliver – somewhere in the middle. It should also be noted that polo is better than citoen so it should be the other way around

  8. They are so insync!!! It's like they're related like father and son! And the same last name eh??? What ARE the chances??

  9. ➪⚠️➪⚠️➪ Check out this Playlist, you might be interested:

    ➪Oliver Solberg + Citroen DS3 WRX:

  10. Me going 60:
    My parents: slow down your going to fast
    Oliver going 100:
    His parents: is that it, I didn't raise no bitch speed up

  11. @1:20 When yer waitin' on yer ol' man to quit show-boating and put down the controller so you can have some game time.

  12. У чувака на Ситроене бомбит конкретно потому что его тачка убогая по сравнению с фольксвагеном

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