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  1. I could smell smoke all afternoon. We were passing many restaurants, and had thought someone was cooking in an especially smokey way. I hope they manage to get everyone out and safe.

  2. Obama must have been in town. I think the buildings like this one, the stack and packs, are in sore need of being brought up to code! Don't forget the building that went up in flames in the UK. The powers that be, would love to lower the population number. If we all start seeing more of these types of buildings burning, I'd say that were way past coincidence.

  3. Couple million dollars for an apartment with no sprinklers? Had fires in the past in this building..something is wrong…i hope everyone is okay

  4. I saw smoke coming from Honolulu when we were driving I thought it was a cloud but then the smoke was darker than the cloud so I saw that happened I hope no more people die I don't know all I know is that there's 3 dead I pray for you.

  5. Hundreds won't be able to stay there, and that smoke like that IS Extremely Hot. So fire is still going when you see smoke like that.

  6. NO Sprinklers..? Wow.. that would of made all the difference. Is that a Code in Hawaii…? I'm guessing it is. Yes it would cost Millions to have installed.. however, It would save lives. Very sad. Wish the best for them all.

  7. at 9:19 the apartment next to where the flames shooting out ha sheetrock exposed, which to me looks like the apartment was being renovated. …?

  8. i lived in the complex right next to marco polo i remember just looking at the stairwell from my room and seeing a bunch of people running down in fear what a terrible day for the people who lived in marco polo

  9. How about Federal funding to upgrade? Current administration wants to spend $21 billion on the border wall! How many lives could be saved by helping owners of older high rises get up to code? I'd much rather see my tax$ go towards this. My thoughts&prayers are with all those impacted. 😑

  10. I know it was just a movie but wouldn't it be a good idea to have a million gallon water tank at the top of the building that could be activated by sensors if the heat got too bad it could just release all the water and run down the building putting the fire out

  11. Walked over to Kapiolani Blvd and saw a guy in green looking out the window 2 or 3 floors beneath and slightly to the left of the fire. Crazy shit.

  12. My heart goes out to everyone hurt or suffering in any way from this fire, all the way from Peacehaven UK. In London we had a tower block fire and this one to did'nt have sprinkler system and one change to the building to make it look nicer. When the fire happened it when through the building very quickly and too many lives lost or destroyed in one way or another. In 2017 every first world countries MUST have sprinklers systems in all tower blocks, in them all!
    It is WORTH the MONEY NOT the LIVES!

  13. Why couldn't they have made it a rule to put sprinkler systems in buildings much earlier?

    Get sick of these stories.

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