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Partidas inacreditáveis de xadrez || Anthony Saidy x Bobby Fischer

Partidas inacreditáveis de xadrez || Anthony Saidy x Bobby Fischer

What’s up, Chess people, everything is ok? Welcome to another game from our Wednesday’s playlist Unbelievable Chess games We have here with White: Anthony Saidy Against Robert James Fischer, Bobby Fischer This game happened, if I am not mistaken, in 1969, some say it was late 68, some say it was early 69 and let’s take a look at this unbelievable game. Here, Anthony Saidy opens with c4, The English Opening And Bobby Fischer answers with e5, Knight to c3, knight to c6. g3 and now Bobby Fischer attacks with f5. Very strong move. Bishop to g2 e now knight to f6. d3, bishop to c5, e3 and then… What to do? Castling? Play d6? Bishop to b6? None of those. Bobby Fischer goes to a gambit. Very creative, very interesting with f4, so he already wants to open the column f there and he is going to give up a pawn for that. And see how interesting, this move, so early in this game. What an active move from Bobby Fischer. The game goes on with exf4 and now Bobby Fischer castles. Really, a pawn gambit. Anthony Saidy decides to go for a development of one piece. He could try to capture on e5, but he prefer to develop the knight from g to e2, then castle, after all, he already captured the pawn there from Bobby Fischer, it is better to create some protection before the bombing that may come. Because if he tries to play fxe5, for example, I don’t have any doubt that Bobby Fischer would follow with a sacrifice here, with the bishop takes on f2, then king to f2, knight to g4, check. After king to e2, the knight to f2.
A strong attack from Black. After queen to d2, the knight could be moved to e5, taking the advantage that the queen, the king and the knight are at the same column. The knight can´t be captured without loosing the queen and besides that, d3 is hanging, so I think that nobody wants to play that against Bobby Fischer, right? That is why in this position, the knight was moved from g to e2. The game follows with queen to e8, then castling Bobby Fischer moves to d6, simply protecting on e5 and enabling the development of the white squares bishop. Knight to a4 was played, Antony is eager to exchange pieces. Bishop to d4. Knight takes d4, an pawn takes d4. See what an interesting decision by Bobby Fischer. He could capture here with the knight and stay well placed there on d4 square, but he prefers to capture with the pawn, and that will make this d3 pawn to be a backward pawn and Bobby Fischer will want to go for that pawn, in a moment, let’s see that. h3 here by Anthony Saidy, h5 by Bobby Fischer. a3 and a5. Notice how Bobby Fischer is playing both sides of the board, there. Amazing! He played h5. Attacking on the kingside, now he performs a5 move. It is not an attacking move in the queenside, but it is more for prevention. Avoiding Anthony’s ambitions on the queenside. Besides, this pawn on a5 guarantees that place for a while. Bobby Fischer’s knight will be able to go to c5 without being expelled. The game follow with b3, queen to g6. See that Bobby Fischer performs these moves, at the same time attacking on the kingside and hits this weak spot, here on d3. Knight to b2, then, already bringing some defence here on d3, predicting the attack. Bishop to f5, intensifying the pressure on d3 square. Queen to c2, and now a knight movement. The knight comes here to d7. See how interesting, the White cannot play b4, that is very well protected here, for now. And the pawn from a5, remember that? Is going to assure a nice place here for the knight on c5. So, from c5, the knight will be attacking two weak spots here, squares d3 an b3. Take a look at this Bobby Fischer. Rook e1 was played. Place your rooks on open columns. All that against Bobby Fischer is not enough. Knight was moved to c5 and now the pressure on d3 is very big. Bishop to f1. The sad move from Anthony Saidy. Bishop to f1, right? So, here he is having to defend, the bishop did not want to leave this delicious diagonal here, to defend the pawn. But, what else to do? And now how the Black is going to play? What Bobby Fischer will play in this situation? And he performs an amazing move, here. Really amazing. A move I think that few players would think. How to intensify? The question is: How to intensify the pressure here on d3 pawn? And Bobby Fischer answers that with rook to a6. See how incredible this is. He wants to move the rook to b6, then to b3 to hit here on d3. Only Bobby Fischer, really, to have an interesting idea like this. The game goes on with bishop d2 attacking a5 pawn, maybe with some fork tactics, and all. Rook to b6, and Bobby Fischer is not worried. And now, Anthony Saidy goes for this move. Bishop for a5. The idea here is that, if he played here, if Bobby Fischer would have played knight takes a5, would follow b4 here, retrieving a piece. But Bobby Fischer is interested in intensifying the pressure here on d3 and he continues with his plan. Rook takes b3. Look at this rook! Rook to a6, rook to b6, rook to b3. Incredible! The game follows with bishop to d2 and now, rook to a8. Now, another pawn here is the target: a3 pawn. a4 was played and, once more, Bobby Fischer wants now to put pressure on column b. How to do that? Rook to a6, placing the second rook to go here to b6. That is impossible, right? Here, o Anthony Saidy will not allow that anymore. He performs the a5 move, preventing the rook to go to b6. And now, Bobby Fischer makes a prophylactic move, King to h7, placing the king in safety, eliminating any future problems on the back rank. Rook from e to d1. And now, b6 by Bobby Fischer. Bishop e1, take a look at the display os pieces here from Anthony Saidy, placing the pieces, trying to defend at all costs. Then, the bishop moves to e1. Places the rook defence here on d3 square. It would not be possible to play something like axb6. This way Bobby Fischer would be all right on column b, with the rook from a for b6 with a strong attack. Bishop c1, would come the knight to b4, attacking the queen, attacking d3. And here, the White’s position would collapse after queen went to e2, knight from c for d3, knight takes d3, knight takes d3. Black have an excellent position. So thats is why that, after b6, bishop e1 was played and Bobby Fischer follows, b takes a5. Anthony Saidy gets a time here to try to exchange pieces. Knight takes a4, and Bobby Fischer keeps on trying to dodge the rook’s defender. And Bobby Fischer remains steady. Rook takes d3, see that, sacrificing the exchange. Bishop takes d3, bishop takes d3 The queen is being attacked, the queen goes to a2 And now, knight to b4. Then, Bobby Fischer doesn’t give a break to his opponent. He is a player with a very strong attack. It was not enough time for Anthony Saidy to exchange the knight there on c5, and all. Bobby Fischer preferred to sacrifice the exchange to gain an intense activity. The queen is being attacked. The queen goes to a3 and now, knight to c2. What a fantastic sequence, right? What a fantastic sequence from Bobby Fischer! Now the queen is being attacked, once more. The rook is also being attacked. Queen to b2 and knight takes a1, retrieving here the sacrifice of the exchange. Rook takes a1 and now, after knight takes a4, rook takes a4. Bobby Fischer at this time has an extra pawn He moves the queen to e4, attacking now the bishop and Anthony Saidy may think “Finally, now I retrieve my pawn”. Bishop takes a5 and then the hurricane has passed. Let’s count the pieces? One queen for each one, a rook for each one. A bishop for each one. 5 pawns for each one. “Phew, I held all the attack from Bobby Fischer.” But no. I think that now Anthony Saidy gets very sad because Bobby Fischer makes a move, now. Rook takes a5. So when it seemed that Anthony Saidy had balanced the amount of pieces, Bobby Fischer comes with another hit. With rook takes a5, and after rook takes a5, queen to e1. Check! See that this check also brings an attack there on a5 and then, king to h2 and queen takes a5. Anthony Saidy sadly resigns the game. So it is not possible to win anymore, it is one piece less. Rafael, did Anthony Saidy hanged a piece, there? Shouldn’t he have captured the pawn there on a5, then. He should have been contented in playing with one less pawn. Bishop for a5 was a mistake. In fact, this position is already very strong for Bobby Fischer. He is attacking the bishop, he is threatening queen to f3, followed by bishop to e4, and next to a checkmate, then, there are many threats in this position. Let’s think some possibilities. If he tried to play here with queen to d2 to save the bishop, to defend the bishop, would come rook to b6, the rook theme once more, a rook for a6, b6 and going down on column b. After rook to a1, for example, bishop takes c4, threatening bishop on d5. This position collapses. After queen to d1, for instance, rook to b2. Queen takes h5, check, king to g8, queen to g5, with an eye on square d8, to result in some more checks, but not for long. Bishop to d5 an now Black will get to the checkmate. Queen to d8, check. You can have a lot of checks, but these checks will end, eventually. King to f7, queen to c7, king to g6, queen for d6, king to h7, the checks are over, and there is no escaping from the checkmate. If he tries to moves to f3, simply the queen goes to e3, and he is going to get the checkmate, also. King to h1, bishop for f3, would end up in a checkmate. So, after queen to e4, there is another possibility? Bishop to d2? Once again the rook theme, going to b6, later the queen to c1, rook to b1, a sequence of victory, also, in this line for Bobby Fischer, incredible. Really incredible. Let me leave here at the position it was resigned, queen here. What an amazing game, what a spectacular game, an unbelievable game from our playlist of unbelievable chess games. I hope you have liked. Thank you very much for watching, a big hug for you all, See you soon, thanks

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  1. Em 2:10 você diz que a dama não pode capturar o cavalo porque perde a dama com Te8 das negras, mas se ele tomar também a torre em e8 com xeque, segue Dxe8, Rxf2.
    Acho que o Branco está com grande vantagem, pois tem a dama por torre, bispo e dois cavalos.

  2. Bom dia Rafael, já assistiu o novo filme da Netflix "Partida fria" ?! Bom filme que envolve o xadrez em toda sua história.

  3. Gostaria de assistir "A REVANCHE". >>> RAFFAEL CHESS X RAFAEL LEITE <<<
    Gostaria de assistir "A REVANCHE". >>> RAFFAEL CHESS X RAFAEL LEITE <<<
    Gostaria de assistir "A REVANCHE". >>> RAFFAEL CHESS X RAFAEL LEITE <<<

  4. Realmente Fisher um dos melhores da historia junto com Paul Morphy, no segundo escalão eu particularmente colocaria Tal e Kasparov.

  5. Anthony Said e Bobby Fischer foram amigos por muitos anos. A relação de amizade entre eles é mostrada no excelente documentário “Bobby Fischer Against the World”. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  6. Bobby Fisher é acima de tudo uma lenda real do xadrez!!!! Na minha opinião é o melhor de todos os tempos!!! O xadrez mais lindo que alguém pode jogar, não atoa ele continua inspirando muitos e muitos jogadores da elite do tabuleiro!

  7. Achei incrível sim, um Mestre Internacional ser tão materialista, tantas oportunidades de sacrificar a dama por 2 torres, ir para um final de 2 torres, cavalo e bispo contra dama, cavalo e bispo. Eu sou materialista, mas sou um zé, este aí era um IM, as vezes até dá um "ânimo" ver jogador de alto nível fazer coisas que nós mortais faríamos.

  8. Tantos GMs incriveis de xadrez, mas sei lá, acho que o fisher pode ter sido o maior jogador da história, com todos os problemas,sem os problemas que ele teve sem dúvida seria o maior da história indiscutível

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