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Part2 toy cheerleading

Part2 toy cheerleading

hey guys welcome to the toys last time you you guys are many auditions my mom the great kitty tell of a boat Ella and still and my little sister the other Margaret now it is time to start you know yeah okay so so today we will be going you can share them marry me we will be doing more auditions and we will announce the people who first step Oh yawn oh I got it hi my name's I gotta um my hair is kind of uh you know that's my daughter shut up I'm sorry my hair is kind of messed up because I'm I woke up late and then also I had just I came for my soccer tournament so I will be frank uh Jana tried to hit amazing that fight to hit the amazing nothing we could I am kidding so sorry about that but hey next up Whitney what's this hi my name is Whitney burn marshmallow and I always find out for the toy sugar auditions mmm so yeah should I start right now yes I hate mice crush my hand my head kick the down no my head Oh bye thank you miss that no telephone hello hey stop dun dun dun dun da-dun da-dun da-dun thank that are done faster dun dun da da da da da okay gosh that was the amazing Whitney [Applause] next we have rocky paw patrol paw patrol paw a man you say rocky here on attack someone and it was so our rocky so we wait which one point to Monique over there Oh missing yarn light okay Monique day let's go bad okay yes an artist Boni come bonito whose message Oh Nick Shar Oh mommy Johnny I'm sorry okay hey sorry okay so let's do so yesterday on YouTube I had shut the comments so much not everybody at this table kitty did addition yes she oh okay so humming ah go oh so healthy selfie good Opie selfie done dad I'd done to me ass hasn't you got well actually um Elfi he was promoted to be team captain manager but the well the team captain is drumroll please everybody okay next call my ass the background dancer is passing you and knowledge do people let me he take baby loud please my name is oh hey Amy Amy how did you thank you the last is okay you didn't say who else is gonna show the team my autism do see three people oh no even make it okay guys thank you so much for watching Indo we'll see you during performance please light enters in the sub subscribe to a ramen noodle firmly and we'll see you hey pop cutie and it aired Oh Jeannie no Bank bye ruff

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