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Part 2. Close cue ball control practise routine – (9 reds total clearance)

Part 2. Close cue ball control practise routine – (9 reds total clearance)

Nothing special here. A bit below cue ball centre stun shot pink ball into the middle pocket and position for the into the corner pocket 1,5 cushion speed. Roll in shot and position for the black ball. Roll in shot requires a lot of skill and touch. Players have a tendency to play roll in shots
too hard and lose position even on simple easy shots. This shot looks simple, but still it requires
a lot of skill to play it well. Power stun shot 2,5 cushion speed, position
for the 2 reds. Try to play in such way that you could play
two reds in both corner pockets. Power stun shot is needed when you have very
small angle and you want to create it with more cue power. Top professionals and amateurs are very good
at this type of shots. A lot of top spin, use one cushion and try
to leave cue ball below black ball spot, because it will allow me to make easy position for
the 2 reds higher black spot. 1,25 cushion speed. Not good at all, black is almost straight
and reds are covering each other if I want to play reds into the same pocket. I need to change my plan and choose to play
more difficult pink ball into the middle pocket. I play below cue ball centre and very softly. It this situation it makes my potting and
position much easier compare to roll in shot with the top spin. Drag shot is such a shot which is used in
the middle and long distance. It is like insurance for the error. Snooker tables are often not level and cloth
makes ball roll off to side a bit if you hit the slow and gently. After the contact with the cue ball in the
beginning cue ball rolls faster and then slows down and reaches object ball like to spin. Strange huh? But this is the way how drag shot works. Only 1 cushion speed. Stun shot below cue ball centre 1,5 cushion
speed. Position for the pink into the right corner
pocket. In this situation try to leave cue ball slightly
below pink ball spot with the small angle. It will make position for red higher black
spot much easier. Roll in shot a lot top spin 1,25 cushion. Here you have to be very precise with the
position. Over or under hit and you will lose position
and the break is over.

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  1. short distance shots need easily as much attention i loose position so much by even 1/5 can be enough to kill the break

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