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  1. Kids nowadays dont know what's good for them.
    The parents did a good job.
    Theres nothing that can be done when they're not with you.

  2. gosh this story makes me sick . the man that did this deserves nothing but hand cuffs and a cardboard bed . hope he is locked up for life .

  3. This story is horrific 😣 I’m so sorry this happened to this young lady in 2020. This man needs to be punished properly. 🤬

  4. If the other prisoners ever find out what he did…they will extract a pound of flesh for every hour he held her captive. In one year he will be traded for a packet of cigarettes

  5. I wish she didnt tell her story online. There have been a few things that she’s said that don’t line up with other things.

  6. "Wont walk to mailbox" yet gives a stranger on the internet her address and willingly goes with him….sounds believable 👎

    Mom also says "Chose to go" so….
    Monitored home computer and admits she only had "so much power" nopeeee. If you think your kid is in danger you do whatever you can, not just say "welp its more than we can handle"

    Failure as parents for sure.

  7. We have to stop raising soft children. If this girl's parents had raised her to have a bit more self-security rather than accommodating victim consciousness, she may not have gotten got so easily. This is terrible

  8. You guys should really be proud of yourselves, from the girl in Romania!! exposed it to you and on the Moxie to go right on to Google maps and find the house 💙🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏼‍♂️⚔️

  9. She's 16 and that daddy's rules thing she knew that's role play and kink…. and there is rules n punishments in that type of setup and role play I think she knew what she easy doing til it got to out of hand then she wanted come home….

  10. This man should not be here on the face of the Earth or to be seen ever again, that guy is strictly the Devil from the BIBLE

  11. THIS is why kids’ online tracks need to be checked. i was left on my own without parents who check my phone when i was 12 and spiraled into self hatred and need of constant reassurance that i looked good and i was left with a scar that i can’t remove.

  12. How can you lock a 13 year old girl in a cage and choke her out and then claim afterwards that it was consensual and she fully approved of being tortured by a grown man? wth? He must think everyone is slow like him.

  13. I don’t mean to make light of this situation and none of you will probably know what I’m talking about but that girl reminds me so much of Ponnie from Victorious! The way she looks and talks!

  14. Yeah well for a young woman who supposedly had severe social anxiety and mental delays, she definitely is able to adapt in all other places than her own home. Parents are extremely overbearing. Talking about her like she's so unable to have friends. Parents are sick themselves.

  15. He was a tink
    Looking for pink and stink
    She found his link
    So he took out his dink
    And he got locked up in the clink
    Now his pooper has a hole like a sink.

  16. Parents need to pay attention and if she was “facing bullying on a daily basis” get your child out of that school! FFS!

  17. Don't understand why Dr. Phil didn't offer help. She said there may be a brain damage from the chockings.Couldn't Dr. Lawless help determine that?

  18. why is everyone in America always the victim of bullying? like…if everyone is a victim then who is the one bullying? and why is it still going on in America!

  19. all these people saying they saw this on tik tok.. i'm so ignorant i thought tik tok was just people lip syncing to pop songs… lol

  20. ppl should focus more on the flaws these age of consent laws each state, county, region, country has and understand that ppl can still easily take advantage of those laws as long as they are in that particular place under those laws, so basically its ok to do according to other countries and regions

    its pretty obvious not ever leader of each would see eye to eye on this issue since the entire world has yet to make a majority agreement on one thing besides other things that are common and needs to be fixed

  21. Shaunna is so amazing! I follow her on tik tok and had no idea about this… she’s an amazing person and it breaks my heart that something so awful happened to such a wonderful family. I hope her daughter gets the help that she needs ❤️

  22. Guys, i really suggest everyone that has watched this go follow her mother on Tik Tok. She talks in depth in many many videos & also talks about her life in general and the way that she grew up. They live in an amazingly beautiful house, she came from literally nothing. This woman & her children are truly amazing, inspiring and have such good spirits. Not just for this story, but for everything about this family, she coupons, posts recipes, motivational morning talks, bullet journaling, has many pets & is seriously, just, there is really no words for how wonderful this woman is… go follow her tik tok. You will not regret it. I only have tik tok for her i literally love them all! Just look up Shaunna Burns and she’ll be there. ❤️

  23. This man is disgusting in every way possible. Something that stood out to me was that his goal weight for her was 75lbs, which at 5’5 gives a BMI of 12.5. She would literally die of malnutrition if she got to that weight

  24. This is terrifying. As a insecure teen I would roam the chat rooms. Now as an adult I fear going on a date with someone I just met. God has watched over me too many times. Stay safe ladies!

  25. I wish I could just sit down and have a chat with her get to really know her pick her brain. She’s clearly a intelligent girl. Me being someone who is socially awkward I had decided early on that instead of trying to overcome it alone that I would find others who were socially awkward and befriend them in the hopes of being able to tear down those barriers that makes it harder to interact with others.

  26. It's amazing how someone can be sooo "smart" and yet so incredibly stupid and naive. Just because our generation knows how to use electronics and social media does not mean we're smarter these days. 16 year olds are just as dumb, if not dumber than they were back in the 1950s. Parents, please take social anxiety and bullying more serious. Also, she has an eating disorder, so something else was clearly wrong. We can't ignore all the warning signs just because someone is so-called smart.

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