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PAMIR With Love: Local Gem Family 20 years later in Yavorskyy New Book: SPINEL FROM PAMIR

PAMIR With Love: Local Gem Family 20 years later in Yavorskyy New Book: SPINEL FROM PAMIR

I traveled the world. I been in many places but one place stay in
my heart. This is Pamir mountains, Tajikistan And my heart still stay there These people live on a deserted land with no vegetation, no civilization, no comfort safety whatsoever. What they have is the starry Roof of the worldabove their heads, and ancient treasures under their feet. In August 1991 I call to my friend and say: `Let’s hitchhike, we didn’t have
money for that. So let’s go to Pamir mountains` And we was very lucky to take incredible photos inside of the Kuh-i-Lal spinel mine. And I realize as today the was like almost no one single western gemologist or geology’s never visit to mine inside. It’s come to my mind actually Marco Polo
visit this mine. 600 or 700 years ago. But that’s been like ones. It’s took as half an hour to get deep all
a way 400 metters inside on a tunnel. Experience was outstanding! `I saw` White marble and a red flashes right there and I couldn’t believe it
I can touch those reds stones inside of a tunnel and it’s happened this way This is our absolutely new book. 266 pages devoted to one single mine from
Kuh-i-Lal. It say Pamir, Badakhshan, Tajikistan. And on the cover we decided to put magnificent
matching pair of pinkish-red Spinel, 50 ct together. You can see the brilliants of this stone. The shape and the most important complexity
of the matching pair Its absolutely stunning. When you open the any spreading on the our
book combo between the gemstone and the landscape. Should bring you are feeling of this royal
gemstone. On my photo from 90-th I’m looked the people
from different angle. I realize people a really beautiful in my
book. They look happy, they look real, they look
like a natural been belongs to this mines. So it’s quite a miracle that these Pinkish-Red Lals ever came to life, only thanks to the Pamir people, and their big, pure, solid hearts.

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