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  1. Games like this shouldn’t be one of the first ps5 gameplay for us to see lmao – they shoulda sorted it out so the first ps5 gameplay was something at the standard of gta 6

  2. When you get to the inventory menu around 30:15 I thought I was looking at destiny for better or for worse though who can say.

  3. Reading through all the comments I have come to the realisation that todays gamers are a bunch of spoilt, narcissistic arseholes with no idea how much time and passion goes into making a game.
    I would love to see all the haters here do any better. Fucking keyboard nazis.

  4. So generic looking! These reveals are always lackluster because it’s mostly the devs blowing each other and then the interviewer blowing them.

  5. So this pile of crap is more about fleesing whales of money for customisation than it is having an actual decent game? This is a basic ass GOW type suckfest. I am not looking forward to the Avengers game if the sole focus is stupid sh*t like "Hey you can customise a bus"

  6. He was absolutely correct about what makes a great shooter. It's literally making it feel like you're actually pulling a trigger. I think Rainbow 6 used to do it best, but this new COD actually captured it as well.

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