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Outdoor Research Interstellar Bivy

Outdoor Research Interstellar Bivy

the all-new interstellar bivy is the Four Seasons shelter that's so much more than just a shelter yes you can sleep in it and you can also wear it while you perform camp chores and organize gear yes it's waterproof and it uses one of the most breathable fabrics in the industry for a comfortable night's sleep and get this it weighs less and packs up smaller than a single person tent we guarantee that this is the shelter that will change the way you think about sleeping outside here's why you'll love it our new favorite bivy shares the same name as the interstellar jacket outside magazines gear of the Year Award winner why because they share the same super breathable and durably waterproof essential technology when you're picking out a bivy breathability is just as important as weather protection because of how much the average person perspires every night that's why we chose this award winning electro spun polymer fabric for the job the interstellar vivvy is also incredibly lightweight we're talking under 20 ounces lightweight including the pole finally the most unique thing about this shelter is the zipper configuration this newly designed side entry makes getting in and out of your bippy faster and easier than a clamshell style bivy a built in bug net lets you breathe easier and enjoy the night sky without inviting critters in for a sleepover and finally we've configured the zippers so you can stick your arms out and wear the bivi like a jacket without even stepping outside you'll be able to cook clean read and more right from the comfort of bed and yep you guessed it there's more the interstellar baby comes with a single pole that can be used to add head space or left at the trailhead to save two extra ounces of weight there are two stake loops that let you secure your shelter down on windy trips and finally the built in sombrero gives you a wide brim to protect from rain and Sun while you're sitting up and performing camp tasks save room for the fun stuff and pack an interstellar vivillon your next backcountry adventure want to geek out on the interstellar bivy click the link below to dive in you you

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  1. It's funny how many of these comments are mocking this product when they seemingly have no idea of what bivys are or what they are intended for.. This product isn't competing with tents, it's competing with other bivys (and as far as I can tell, does so quite impressively).

    Bivys are not for everyone or every circumstance, but they make a lot of sense in certain situations, especially mountaineering. They are more stable in windy or rocky environments because they don't need to be staked down, your body weight holds them down. There are no poles to break except one small one which is not critical. And they are super fast to setup compared to a tent.

    Perhaps most importantly, require very little space- any nook that can fit your body, even if it's crammed under some bushes or in the middle of a steep trail (if you're desperate), spaces where you could never fit even a 1-man tent, a bivy will work in. I've been in all of these situations when thru-hiking.
    These also make sense if you're 'stealth camping' in a place where camping is not officially permitted or in a less than ideal spot, but you just need to discretely get some sleep, pack up quickly at first light, and get back on the trail.

    These days bivys have little to no advantage over tents as far as weight or volume, but there are plenty of other reasons they make sense in some situations. If you can setup a tent, of course it will be way more comfortable.

  2. While I like the look of this, but at £315 in the UK, it is a bit too much for me to justify spending on.

  3. Please tell me this is an April fools joke and it just got uploaded 13 days early?!?! Really, a sombrero?! 😂

  4. I just use a 1 person tent and NO. My Hubba NX 1 person packs up just as small and has a place to store all my gear and has a full size vestibule. These are not practical in my book. Rouge weather in high altitudes happen a lot.

  5. 😂 This is a joke or it should be! It’s just not practical at all an trying to do any of the things shone in this video in the rain definitely wouldn’t be comfortable or pleasant guaranteed

  6. Serious question: how does one cook in the rain if using a bivvy shelter system? I'm a tent camper so I cook in my vestibule if it's raining.

  7. She's able to cook and clean without leaving the comfort of her bed, whilst wearing a fashionable sombrero. No wonder she's so happy – Some maniac signed off on this promo vid. How did it happen ?

  8. Please… for the lover of GOD.


    I got rid of my alpine bivy because it was such a pain to get into.

  9. This just doesn't seem practical. A lot of neat ideas in the design room but in the field, I foresee a lot of disappointment. The old two pole clamshell was probably the best one you guys made for people who had to use a bivy in real weather. I don't see it on your site anymore.

  10. 1) Why is yellow, insects love this color ;p
    2) Is this is for outdoors, why the whole advertisement was filmed indoor?
    3) It looks very similar to army bivy, so for me, this products has no/small innovation. Yes, I have ideas on how to improve it.

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