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Our Top 5 Most Popular Off-Road Suspensions!

Our Top 5 Most Popular Off-Road Suspensions!

– Hey guys, Josh here from Trail Built, and Trail Built Offroad on the YouTube. Back in front of you
guys again today to talk suspension systems for your offroad rig. They’re been a few of you, whether we’ve been off on the
trails or receiving messages from you guys that have been
asking us about different brands of suspensions as
far as what we recommend and why we recommend
those suspension systems. So we wanted to put together
a quick video for you guys to answer those questions. And remember, if you guys
are looking for a particular suspension kit or even a
certain wheel and tire package, make sure and check us
out, Also make sure and hit
that subscribe button below to stay up to day with
all of our newest videos. So let’s go ahead and talk suspensions. Now we stuck to the top five
most popular suspension kits that we have available
to you on our website. So let’s get started with
talking about Pro Comp. Pro Comp is an offroad
enthusiast company like us and they have a passion for offroading and offroad performance so
they know how to engineer lifts for you guys who are out
on the trails because they are also out on the
trails in their own rigs. – [Announcer] For 30 years,
Pro Comp engineers have come to work applying their passion for offroad into every product we build. – They produce anything from
a great value starter kit that includes coil springs,
shocks, and hardware, starting at 600 bucks all the way up to the high performing long armed kits and everything in between. Pro Comp appreciates their
customers and is a great company to work with on a new lift. Next we have Zone Suspension. Now Zone is a subsidiary
company of BDS Suspension. But Zone is that high value,
lower price kit where you’re not sacrificing too much
quality, but are still getting a pretty sweet deal on their
kits and able to afford lifting your jeep or offroad vehicle. They don’t really need an
introduction because most of you are already aware of
BDS and their quality. Plus their no questions asked warranty. – BDS has been around for 22 years, based out of Cold Water, Michigan. Do a little bit of a
truck and jeep suspension from solid axle trucks
like this to IFS and jeeps and short arms, long arms,
coil overs, all kinds of stuff. – So for high quality, great pricing, and a no find print warranty, BDS Suspension is another
top notch company. Moving on we have Rough Country. Rough Country has been
around for a long long time. In fact I remember when
I was a kid reading ads for Rough Country in Petersen’s
4 Wheel & Off Road magazine and I couldn’t been more
than eight, nine years old. And with Rough Country
they have really stepped up their quality game over the last few years and are still one of the best
selling suspension companies out there. And last, but certainly not least, and one lift that you guys
are already familiar with if you’re subscribed
to our YouTube channel is Teraflex Suspension. Teraflex is another huge
name in the suspension game with being known for
producing high quality and high performing suspension kits. Fortunately we’ve had a lot
of experience with Teraflex because our customer
service rep here, Jeff, runs the two and one half inch Sport ST2 with the Falcon shocks, and
when we headed out on a local motorcross track we were really
able to put it to the test and were really impressed with how well the Teraflex suspension handled, not only the slow speed
crawling obstacles, but the fast paced hammer
down high speed performance as well along with proving
itself on the road, as it also Jeff’s daily driver. So that is a brief
overview of our top five suspension brands and
as I have said earlier, there is a bunch more
suspension systems out there and we could spend days and
days talking about them. But the best way to check
them out is to head on over to our website, Also in the comments below let us know what your favorite
suspension brand is and why. All right guys, that’s
all I have for you today, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. That way you guys can hold
on to the ride with us. As always we appreciate
all of you for watching, I’m Josh from Trail Build
Offroad and we’ll see you guys next time. (intense beats)

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