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Originals @ Netflix – Daredevil, OITNB, Marco Polo, Kimmy Schmidt | full press conference Paris

Originals @ Netflix – Daredevil, OITNB, Marco Polo, Kimmy Schmidt | full press conference Paris

Now I would like to introduce some guests
that we’ve all been watching on Netflix for the last few
years. From Marco Polo, Lorenzo Richelmy and Michelle Yeoh. From Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,
Tituss Burgess. From Orange is the New Black, Kate Mulgrew and Lea DeLaria. And from
Marvel’s Daredevil, the devil of Hell’s Kitchen himself, Charlie Cox. Thank you all for joining
us. Before we get started let’s take a quick look
at some of the series returning
to Netflix. CH: We’re gonna start with Orange is the
New Black. Lea, we’re gonna start with you because Orange is the New Black was one of
the very first Netflix original series. What was it
like for you to be one of the first and have you seen audience response change the show
over time as you’re about to premiere season
four? LEA DELARIA: What was it like to be the first?
That’s interesting. I look over at Kate because,
you know, I live by Kate Mulgrew. I always follow the rules of Kate Mulgrew. It was interesting
because first of all no one had ever seen anything like it, all of the episodes launching
at the same time. It was interesting because when
they came out on Thursday at midnight, not even
24 hours later I came out of my apartment to do something at the hardware store on the
corner of the street and a woman came running up
to me from the hardware store screaming “Big Boo,
Big Boo would you sign my screwdriver?” Yeah, and it was like, it hadn’t even been
on for less than 48 hours, but I think that is a result
of people binge watching. You know, they just sit down
and watch like that again and again and again. So yeah, that I think was amazing. I’d never
experienced anything like that. CH: Kate, same for you?
KATE MULGREW: I have found the advent of this, Netflix, I should say both civilized and
unorthodox at the same time and that to find ourselves in the vanguard in this unexpected
pony was really thrilling and for me a new day
because I’m used to broadcast television 18 hour
days, 26 order, with a hiatus of two minutes. We have six months off, six months on. It
works to the artists’ advantage. It works to the
brass advantage. It works to the creative process. It’s
altogether a brand new and very exciting day in television.
CH: Charlie, you’ve been travelling around the world recently because of Daredevil season
two. What’s it like working because Netflix is
a global network? CHARLIE COX: I guess it’s kind of hard to
compute really because I don’t know how you kind of
take in that kind of information. I mean it’s odd to think that if you are on let’s say
a very popular network show and you’re being watched by
20 plus million viewers a week in America and then
you consider the idea that your show is released on Netflix, all episodes overnight and it’s
available to 75 million plus people it kind of blows your mind a little bit. Growing
up and traveling the far east with the show and in
Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and those places and
seeing the response and the excitement for the show which is matched in America and in
the UK and hopefully here in Paris is pretty wild.
CH: Who’s the most fervent? CHARLIE COX: The Japanese are pretty excited.
CH: Michelle, unlike traditional networks Netflix launches new series around the world
at the same time. Is that significant?
MICHELLE YEOH: Oh, absolutely. I think as an artist to have your movie or your series
seen simultaneously globally, it’s very gratifying
because otherwise you never know when your movie’s ever going to get out to a smaller
country and as an audience that’s what you want. You
want to be on the same page as everybody else. You don’t want to be the one that’s left
out waiting another six months before the series
or the movie comes to you. So, it has made a
tremendous impact and it’s a great liberation, a great sense of freedom because you can
choose, you can decide. It’s in your remote control.
CH: Lorenzo, you actually started working on Marco Polo before Netflix had even launched
in Italy. What’s it been like watching your
friends and family discover the show? LORENZO RICHELMY:What can I say? I mean now
is the future. There’s nothing you can say about that. Personally my opinion, and my
friends’ opinion, I’m born in 1990 which means that
I’ve been brainwashed by commercials for most of my time in this world and I would
say that Netflix doesn’t have any commercials. It’s
a big step and I totally agree with these fellows. I’m so
happy now. CH: Tituss, you’ve talked about Netflix
being synonymous with diversity. What did you mean by
that? TITUSS BURGESS: Well I mean if you watch any
number of these shows there’s all sorts of
races and genders and different sexual orientations that are represented on the network. It’s
nice to see a network not so much call attention to what exists on earth, but rather just shows
what exists on earth. It’s nice to work for a network that actually sees you and values
you and doesn’t treat you like a gimmick but rather
like a normal human being that you came into world
being so bravo to you. KATE MULGREW: Not only honoring it but investigating
it. For the first time in a very insightful and provocative, don’t you think?
TITUSS BURGESS: I do think. KATE MULGREW: I feel that strongly about our
show, don’t you? LEA DELARIA: Absolutely.
KATE MULGREW: Nobody’s made fun of. It’s not that we’re exalted. No one’s diminished.
It’s a true exploration of where we are in the world.
CH: Has Netflix changed the way you watch TV? Do any of you binge watch?
CHARLIE COX: I watch his show. I burn through it and I burn through Orange is the New Black.
Yeah, I love it. CH: Have you had viewing parties where people
come around? LEA DELARIA: To watch my own show. Absolutely
to watch my own show. KATE MULGREW: Why do we binge? What is that
in human nature? What is that? TITUSS BURGESS:I don’t know. It’s a desire
to consume. KATE MULGREW: Does everybody binge in the
audience? Be honest. LORENZO RICHELMY: So many binges.
TITUSS BURGESS: I mean if it’s good writing who wants to wait a whole week to find out
what happens, you know.
KATE MULGREW: It’s like love isn’t it? TITUSS BURGESS: I watch my TV like I eat my
chicken. LEA DELARIA: Yeah, I think more about food.
It’s like food for me. Sorry me being the fat chick
up here but, you know, I’m not very good at saying no to anything.
KATE MULGREW: Are we going from binging to food?
TITUSS BURGESS: That’s where the audience came from, didn’t it?
CH: Charlie, Daredevil’s second season has been on Netflix for a few weeks now. I
remember talking to you once before about it’s not binge watching necessarily but
whether you read all the scripts at the same time or whether
you know where your characters are going? CHARLIE COX: I’m kind of still trying to figure
that out really. I have chosen both. Before we start shooting the showrunner has what
they call a bible and so they have a good sense of
the whole 30 hours and the character’s journeys, arcs, etc. I have chosen up until now to not
read that but I read the scripts as they are presented to me as we’re shooting because
I’d like to experience the story as the viewer will experience
the story because I can’t help but feel that
might inform. If I read in a show bible that “so and so”
character is killed in episode ten let’s say and it’s just
like kind of a line in a small paragraph, the impact that has on me will be diminished.
Whereas if I read it in a script after I’ve read 56
pages and it’s the final moment of episode ten or whatever
it affects me emotionally differently. And I think I want to know that when going into
filming the show.
Whether that would make any difference in performance I have no idea, but I prefer to
have a sense of how it’s going to be received by
an audience when we’re filming. What I love and what we talk a lot about with
Netflix, which I think is really interesting, and the
thing I love the most about them is that because these episodes are released at the same time,
therefore it’s not by appointment television and
you don’t have to spend any time catching people up. You don’t waste any time at the
beginning of an episode reminding people what happened and also you don’t have any of
these gimmicky kind of cliffhangers because if you
end an episode with a big cliffhanger and it doesn’t work because people just go oh,
click and, you know, they find out what happens, so.
CH: So let’s talk about what we can expect from the upcoming returning originals.
LEA DELARIA: Well I think they always change it up for us at Orange. I mean we’ve learned
to go with our writers because they’re smart
and they’re funny and possibly the best writers in
Hollywood. In fact, I’ll mud wrestle anybody that says that they’re not and Jenji has
a nose for what’s going on so when they approached
us and told us that season four was going to be done
entirely with puppets we, nobody fought. I got you. Yeah, in fact the whole season is
done with marionettes. I know that’s weird but, you
know, you’ll like it. CH: Does that mean you can take time off?
LEA DELARIA: Well, yeah, we’re actually using the marionettes from the Wizard of Oz.
KATE MULGREW: Very dark marionettes.I will say this. Hang on. It’s very, very dark.
It gets darker.
LEA DELARIA: They’re really exploring. KATE MULGREW: They go deep. I mean there’s
a lot of laughs but you must buckle your seatbelts because she takes some very interesting
turns. She’s examining the prison system as
it has never been examined before, certainly not in our culture in this way. So, I think
you will be very surprised. I think you will be wholeheartedly
engaged, if not riveted. I correct myself. You
will be riveted. CH: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, season two?
TITUSS BURGESS: Well you’ll find out Friday. LEA DELARIA: I can’t wait.
TITUSS BURGESS: It is funnier, I believe, than season one. We pick up with energy that
we left off in season one. We enter some storylines
right away. It’s full of heart and it’s oddly extremely
touching this season, which is not something I would normally associate with such a zany
comedy. But you will be very satisfied. CH: Because it was getting darker toward the
end of the first season and there were more emotional moments coming in as well as still
very, very funny, very, very zany as well but
clearly going in that direction. TITUSS BURGESS: They all have storylines surrounding
love, love interests and it brings out some very odd things in them so it’s really,
for my character in particular, it’s really interesting to
watch him have to consider someone else’s feelings before his own and
of course that is exercised by a song. But, I mean I shed a
little tear when I saw some of the episodes and I
thought what the hell is this. It’s equally funny as it is moving, so you’re gonna be
very satiated. CH: Lorenzo and Michelle, Marco Polo, season
two, what can we expect? LORENZO RICHELMY: Well we, you know, we set
a world for the first time a show that is showing the east court, the east culture in
that way so we had the responsibility in season one
to introduce the audience to this new world. Now we did it. So now we created the box and
now we can have fun in the box. What people should
expect is an evolution and speaking on my character, I would say that, you know, maybe
as in Orange is New Black, you will see a lot of
dark sides of each character in this story. CH: Michelle we don’t know a lot about your
character yet? MICHELLE YEOH: Yes, I am joining the show.
I am mysterious. I am dark. I am dangerous. In
fact, we never say anything to each other. We just have body language. I am the handmaiden.
LORENZO RICHELMY: Specific body language. Okay, interesting.
MICHELLE YEOH: So that’s what I am. A shrouded figure.
CH: A shroud in mystery. Fantastic. So you’ve all now played these characters multiple times
and Charlie you said you don’t read the script, you read the script as they come along
but how much input do you now have into where your
characters go. how much ownership do you feel you have of these characters as the shows
have evolved? CHARLIE COX: Oh, yeah, good question. I imagine
it’s different for every show and it depends on how the show runners work. The show runner
from season one, Steven DeKnight, left and we had two, we had two executive producer
writers from the first season took over, and I found
that that the process has been incredibly collaborative and, you know, I read the script.
I called him up. I asked him questions. You know, if
I have a suggestion they’re very open to that. I think
it’s been handsdown the best experience I’ve had on a TV show
or a film, for that matter, just because the involvement has been a collaboration
right from the start. CH: Is that the same for everyone else? Do
you feel like you own these characters and that you
have input in how they progress as the series goes on?
TITUSS BURGESS: I certainly feel like I own my character but I work for such thoughtful
people who put a great deal of thought into the world
that they create that there is no need for improvisation on my show or even suggesting
storylines. The characters were so fully formed when we started. If there is something that
I take issue with, I certainly bring it up and they
listen. But that doesn’t happen very often thank the lord. All you have to do is talk,
and it’s funny, and that is not common which is unfortunate.
So the answer is yes and no. CH: Now we have time for questions for you
guys. Please raise your hands and we’ll get
microphones around to you. AUDIENCE: So Orange is the New Black is going
to have three more seasons. So how is it for you as actress to know that you have three
more years or maybe not, depending on what happens to your character?
KATE MULGREW: It’s delightful assuming that my head does not end up on a platter.
It’s delightful to know that I would have three
more seasons, especially when you’ve been acting as
long as I have, to have that little bit of security. It’s a lousy word but you know
what I mean. It’s a great pleasure because I love this part, I
love this process and I love Jenji Kohan, I love her
brilliance and her mind but it’s great to look forward to more, don’t you agree?
LEA DELARIA: Yes, absolutely. It’s great to show up to that set, working with all those
amazing women, having to go toetotoe
with Kate Mulgrew in a scene situation is frightening as hell, let
me tell you that. It’s very scary because Kate brings it and actually everyone on our
set brings it and we all love each other so the idea of
us doing this for three more years… KATE MULGREW: We all love each other?
LEA DELARIA: Oh, we all love each other. She’s so bad. She’s so bad. Kate Mulgrew is
badass. AUDIENCE: I have question for Charlie. I have
to ask is there going to be a season three? CHARLIE COX: So we don’t know if there’s
gonna be a season three. I certainly don’t know but
what we do know that at the end of this year we’re gonna be making The Defenders and
of course Daredevil is very much a part of that
foursome. I have no idea what the storyline is going
to be for that show. I’m very excited to see how those worlds combine. They’re making
Iron Fist as we speak and so it’s gonna be very interesting.
I’m fascinated to know because I’ve been watching Jessica Jones and enjoyed it so much
and having heard things about Luke Cage, I’m very
interesting in how tonally those shows are gonna
become one because they are different. They feel very different to me. But in terms of
wrapping up any storylines, maybe they’ll do some
of that in Defenders, maybe they won’t. Maybe we’ll
hopefully get a season three and we’ll get to do stuff then but sadly I don’t know.
CH: When the Defenders come together Daredevil’s the boss right? He’s the leader. You’re
not gonna accept anything else? CHARLIE COX: Who knows?
AUDIENCE: I have a question to Charlie Cox. Did Marvel approach you for playing Daredevil
in any movies that they are planning because
we know there are many stages and they just released Spider Man in one of them? Were you
approached? CHARLIE COX: No. When I signed the contract
for this show I signed multiple years for doing
Daredevil and of course The Defenders and in that package there was the opportunity
for me to be involved in the movies for some way. But
at this stage, here’s been no conversations with me
about joining any of the movies. I don’t know what the politics are behind the door
but of course Marvel Studios and Marvel TV are different.
So, it’d be great if
was to happen. It would be wonderful, you know. Who wouldn’t want to
be in the biggest grossing movie of all time? As I sit
here none of those discussions have happened with me.
CH: This goes for everyone. Can you tell me one favorite series from Netflix?
CHARLIE COX: I’m sitting with some of the greatest shows on television, period, let
alone on Netflix but, you know, in thinking about a
show that isn’t represented right here today I’m
personally a huge fan of Bloodline. KATE MULGREW: Me too. I love it.
CHARLIE COX: As an actor as well, some of the work those guys are doing is really stellar.
KATE MULGREW: I do love it and I love Narcos. I wanna be on Narcos.
CH: Red makes it onto Narcos. KATE MULGREW: He’s delicious. What’s his
name? No, but isn’t he? Don’t you all love
Narcos? It’s a great show. It’s a great show.
LEA DELARIA: Great show. I wait for House of Cards like crazy. I really love House of
Cards and I watch every, I watch every season of
it like I start again at season one and go season
one, season two, season three, like that. I like it’s
like the Super Bowl for me when House of Cards comes out.
TITUSS BURGESS: I mean it’s like saying what’s your favorite song. It’s such a
buffet. There’s something that satisfies me about Daredevil,
about Orange is the New Black. I love House of
Cards. I love Narcos. So I don’t know that I have a favorite, except that whatever I’m
in the mood for, I go and get it.
MICHELLE YEOH: At the present moment I am having terrible withdrawal symptoms because
I have been filming in China so
I haven’t had my Netflix fix for awhile. Hopefully over the next
two nights while I’m here, it’ll be a nonstop binge, I promise you that. It’s like, how
do you name your favorite toy? It’s just so diversified
and I’m really, really glad. Finally, someone’s making a
historical drama about China with Marco Polo, so that is very high on my list simply because
of that. But the rest of the time, it’s whatever
the mood goes, and whenever I’m not in front of the
TV I carry my laptop to the bath. KATE MULGREW: So that could be dangerous.
MICHELLE YEOH: No, no. I have a little stool so it doesn’t tip into the bath.
KATE MULGREW: You are really hardcore. Do you have a little music stand for your iPad
next to your bath? MICHELLE YEOH: Totally.
CH: Lorenzo what’s your favorite show to watch on Netflix?
LORENZO RICHELMY: I have to go for Narcos. I’m Latin.
AUDIENCE: How challenging was it for Lorenzo as a nonEnglish
speaking actor, an Italian actor to get in an English project?
the biggest, hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, because
when you step into a set and you don’t know English and you’re supposed to act in English,
the main thing of acting is relating with your
memories so when I have to say “I love you” on a
scene, I do think of the time I said “I love you” in my own life, but you never
experienced that in English. That was the trick. I had amazing
people around me. Don’t you think it’s crazy that they
took me when I didn’t speak English? I basically, as you can imagine I was in middle of set
and the director and all the people were speaking
to me and I was like, “Can you please say again?”
I mean on set you’re not like the perfect school English. They’re like [MUMBLES] and
I was in the middle of it so it was crazy. The good
thing about is that people at that moment, I’m thinking
about season one. Of course season two was better. Season one people were communicating
with me with body language or like this or like this.
KATE MULGREW: Did you have a translator? LORENZO RICHELMY: No.
KATE MULGREW: You didn’t? LORENZO RICHELMY: They didn’t want me to
get a translator. They didn’t want me to read in
Italian. I was forced to read everything in English so I was like guys, you’re teaching
me English and I’m on set with New Zealand guys, Irish
guys, English guys. I will never get an accent. I
don’t understand. KATE MULGREW: So you’ve just learned to
speak this language? LORENZO RICHELMY: Last year, yeah.
KATE MULGREW: How beautiful. LEA DELARIA: It’s amazing.
CH: Are you serious? MICHELLE YEOH: Well done. Amazing, wow.
LORENZO RICHELMY: Well now I’m forced to say something. My mother worked as an English
teacher but I was the worst student ever. So it’s probably
something that was inside of me. I didn’t know how to do it…but then I did
it. What happened to me, since I’m the only Italian guy in
a big show like this, and you don’t find many European guys my age being here in this
level I’m experiencing is that I try to hold the flag
for all my buddies; I really hope that this gonna be a
step up for Europeans to have a lead role in big productions. So I really hope so and
the kind of experience I had, the same you would have
there, so enjoy. CH: I think we have time for one last question.
AUDIENCE: I’m Marlena from Norway. I wonder have you see Lilyhammer with Steven Van
Zandt and what do you think of Norway? MICHELLE YEOH: It’s the most beautiful place,
really. KATE MULGREW: I love Norway.
AUDIENCE: Have you watched it? MICHELLE YEOH: I’ve worked in Norway. I
was living in an icebreaker for about six weeks. It is
the most spectacular place on earth. AUDIENCE: So you haven’t watched Lilyhammer?
KATE MULGREW: You love Lilyhammer don’t you?
LEA DELARIA: Yeah, I do. I love Lilyhammer. I binged watched every season. I loved
Lilyhammer. Really funny and quirky. LORENZO RICHELMY: I’m gonna go for Lilyhammer
as my favorite show. it’s actually the first show I saw in Netflix because I didn’t know
and one of the first shows was Lilyhammer and it
was all in Norwegian so it’s amazing how the people reacted. They loved it.
KATE MULGREW: Love Norway. So you binged the whole season?
LEA DELARIA: If I’m not working I’m in front of the TV watching Netflix pretty much.
CH: So you binge watched 13 episodes in a row?
LEA DELARIA: Oh, yeah, I mean sometimes I think we all do that.
KATE MULGREW: You do 13 in a row? LEA DELARIA: I’ll look at my watch. It’s
like it’s only five o’clock in the morning. I can get
another episode in. You know, it’s bad. It’s bad. If I’m not working it’s Netflix
and chill. CH: Thank you so much for your questions.
Of course we’ve had a second season of Marvel’s Daredevil and we’ve got dates confirmed
for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, season two and
Orange is the New Black, season four but Lorenzo, when can we clap our eyes on the next season
of Marco Polo? LORENZO RICHELMY: Are we saying this now?
Do you wanna know when the next season of Marco Polo launches on Netflix? Season two,
Marco Polo, season two is gonna be streaming on Netflix July 1st. You’re the first people
to know that. CH: That’s fantastic news. Very excited
to see season two with Michelle. We wanna know about your character that’s for sure.
And I wanna thank our panel who have joined us today and I wanna thank you guys for joining
us as well. People join me to thank our amazing guest, Charlie
Cox, Lea DeLaria, Kate Mulgrew, Tituss Burgess, Michelle Yeoh and Lorenzo Richelmy. Thank
you so much.

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