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  1. Anything I try about COC
    Always go to private server …. Not normal server
    Hahahaha 😂😂😂
    Someone believe it's will work

    So go f*** yourself

  2. What do you mean I hacked clash of clans and got 2 billion gold and elixer and 1 million gems it's still there to

  3. This online game is the most difficult to hack … it is very unlikely to hack this game … to get a chip with a hack
    downdload CAPSA SUSUN indoplay di play stor

  4. can u explain the way of hacking onoine server games using some glishes and some other shitzz whch i really know from a hacker

  5. I play a game( I prefer not to say which one), its big online side server game app, so please tell how someone was able to give themselves a large amount of cookies??? This person is now ranked #2 on the leader board of that game by giving themselves 400k cookies less than a hour. What could that person had possibly used in orde for that to happen? That App is a huge online too! I need answers lol

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