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Online Dating SUCKS – How to Succeed – TF2 Gaming Commentary

Online Dating SUCKS – How to Succeed – TF2 Gaming Commentary

Yellow everyone, I’m back! I swear it feels like forever since I’ve
made a video. It must be at least… what, 6 years? I know a lot of you haven’t heard from me
in a while, probably like “oh my god he’s dead!” haha. Thankfully not, actually I’m super excited
to be trying YouTube again. Feels like something fresh, something new. Feels just, I dunno really good right? If you’ve been following me for a while
I’ve been doing Twitch. It was fun but I feel like Twitch kinda outgrew
me, or maybe I outgrew it. I dunno, but it’s definitely different from
when I started that’s for sure. A lot more competitive and a lot more saturated
overall. Just harder to just relax after a long day
of work on Twitch without worrying about subs and views and blah blah blah all that good
stuff. So yeah I guess I just finally figured it’s
time for a change and here I am back on YouTube. I’ve been trying to do that with a lot of
things lately honestly, the change. The one rule for life as true as gravity:
life never stops changing. I sound like a philosopher haha I’m sorry
I don’t mean to but yeah, things are changing and I’m ready to enter kinda the “adult”
phase of life. Doing fun “adult” things. Focusing on a good career, good job. Focusing on putting money away and the big
one: you know finding someone special. My friends have all mostly gotten married
and my parents are kinda getting older now so yeah I dunno it’s just been on my mind. Been playing some of the mobile swiping game
you know on Tinder haha. I’ve been told so many times “when the
time is right, you’ll meet someone.” I think more than anything in dating if you
want to be successful you’ve gotta master patience. There are a few super, super lucky people
who in high school fall in love with their high school sweethearts you know? And get married and life is good but likely
that just isn’t you and especially not our generation as we wait longer and longer to
get married. It just doesn’t happen so much anymore and
that’s harder. I know for me there’s always this urge to
want it all right away. To find the perfect girl right now and not
put in the work or time to wait, and that’s just not how life works. Anything worth having takes effort, takes
time. I think we all kinda struggle with that time-aspect
to life but patience and persistence is just so important. You’re going to talk to lots of people that
like you but just aren’t a good fit for one reason or another and you can’t give
up. Such a temptation with dating to kinda either
stop all together when things don’t go your way or switch to autopilot and you have to
resist. You gotta keep trying. Put yourself out there, don’t be afraid
to get hurt along the way and be your genuine self in the process. Have patience things will work out when they’re
meant to. I was talking to a friend of mine, Elric,
and he’s just the most amazing person. He’s always got such great ideas and insight
into life. Anyway he told me once, “you gotta just
take a step back and let them come to you” and he’s so right. If we’re impatient and we struggle to try
and make the puzzle fit when the pieces don’t go together and that’s just not a good idea. You gotta take a step back and let that special
person come to you. When you’re talking to someone, let them
text first, or let them call first. Let them ask for another date. Give it time to kinda mature because if you
try to force it, things will never work out. Definitely go after what you want and pursue
your dreams, but give people space to love you the way you deserve to be loved. And every time you run into a relationship
that maybe just doesn’t go your way for whatever reason, use that as a lesson for
what to do better next time. Never, ever stop improving yourself, never,
ever give up and never loose patience. You’ll find the perfect girl when the time
is right. Thanks for listening to my little thoughts
on life. I was thinking about starting this channel
playing Minecraft just like every other time I made a new channel on YouTube but you know
what: it’s a good time for a change. But yeah guys thanks, stay fantastic and I’ll
see you later.

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