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On Pace w/ Pastrana: TORC & NASCAR | S2E7

On Pace w/ Pastrana: TORC & NASCAR | S2E7

[flamethrowers spitting fire] [truck engines roaring] [Travis] These guys are badass Rednecks, blowing things up, jumping
things, flipping things. I’m coming and I’ll push
you out of the way. My name is Travis Pastrana. ♪ [show theme] ♪ This is my wife. ♪ [show theme] ♪ This is where I’m going. [My Team] ♪ [show theme] ♪ And this is my story. ♪ [show theme] ♪ [On Pace with Pastrana: Season 2] ♪ [alternative rock] ♪ [Route 66 Raceway, Joliet, Illinois] [Bryce Menzies, Torc Pro-2 Champion]
It’s awesome to have Travis Pastrana back out here. He raced
here last year with us. He did great. He ended up
second the first day. Had a little tip over the second day, so we get to battle it out
in the rally cars, and now we’re going to battle it out
in my sport the off road. so I have a little bit more of an
advantage this time. Hopefully we bang a little bit, do
some door-damage to him, push him out of the way, but we’re
going to have a good time. ♪ [alternative rock] ♪ [Travis] We’re here in Chicagoland. Scott Taylor is letting me borrow his
badass TORC Off-Road Pro-2 Truck. Got my name, got my number,
got Bryce right next door. [Travis] This is an awesome
environment, I love this TORC Series Off-Road Truck Racing. There is more old school moto stuff
I’ve seen come through here in the past few minutes than I’ve seen anywhere else. ♪ [hard rock] ♪ [Travis] Practice was a little rough.
We only got five minutes. Actually had a gearing issue and I thought
it was a carburation issue. So we came back. We thought
we fixed it for qualifying. [Scott Taylor, truck owner] Gotta put it
on a box. I know you can. The truck’s capable. You’re going to do
fine. First around the track, it’s going to look great. You look great. – Everything’s going to be perfect!
– He lies so well. I like that. Alright. Yeah, buddy! [Travis] As slick as it was, it
actually probably helped us, because we didn’t spin the tires too
much coming out of the corners. ♪ [hard rock] ♪ [Travis] Ended up fourth in qualifying,
which is way better than I should have qualified by any stretch of the imagination. So, hopefully we’ll stay out of trouble,
keep it off the roof, and be able to get a podium
out of this thing. ♪ [indy rock] ♪ [fireworks launching] [truck engines purring] [TORC Pro-4 Race] [truck engines purring] [Travis] Dude, RJ, Rick Johnson,
that guy’s my hero, man. Legend out there. I hope I’m half that cool when
I’m old as dirt like that guy. Well we got Pastrana, which qualified
fourth. He’s amazing. But he’s starting right in front of me,
and no, this isn’t no GRC stuff, so he’s going to be a little bit slower. So I told him, “hopefully they
have a big rear bumper, because I’m coming and I’m a push
you out of the way.” [TORC Pro-2 Race, Night 1] ♪ [slow techno rock] ♪ [Travis] Was a good first night. Running
second. Got a flat with three to go. Hopefully we ended up sixth. That means
we start on pole tomorrow. I got to battle with Bryce a little bit.
He was really nice to me. And then he cleaned out
someone in front of me, which really helped move
me up a couple slots, so I kept telling him, “You know who
you are. You just do your thing.” And he did a wonderful job. I can’t help
the tire cutdown. He can’t either. But we’ll get him in there
tomorrow, believe me. Yes I appreciate that, and
that’s the point right here. It’s like we were racing each
other the whole time. Everywhere we would go I’m like, “Okay,
Travis is right [inaudible]!” Right! What is this? ♪ [stadium rock] ♪ [Travis] I love TORC, man.
All this off-road stuff. These guys are, I don’t
want to say “redneck,” that seems like
a derogatory term, but they’re like badass redneck.
This is awesome! Blowing things up, jumping things,
whipping things, Last night was going awesome,
sitting in second, three laps to go, got a flat! We ended up seventh. Tonight we
got to start from seventh. Really slick track. It looks hard to pass, but we’re going to have
to figure out a way. ♪ [stadium rock] ♪ [TORC PRO-2 Race, Night 2] ♪ [stadium rock] ♪ [Travis was in third place when the
power steering pump broke] I landed really sideways on that one. [Travis did not finish race] [Scott] Travis was on fire!
So disappointing. Broke the power steering pump. [Bryce places first] [Travis] It was hours and
hours of autographs, and seconds of driving time. But I tell
you what, it was awesome! These fans are just, they’re rad out here, man. These guys made an awesome truck! It’s 11 o’ clock. We got to be at
the NASCAR track tomorrow morning, about 7:30 and go race the circles. [Chicagoland Speedway, Joliet, Illinois] ♪ [contemplative piano music] ♪ Racing Chicagoland this week
has just been absolutely epic, I mean, going back and forth
between the truck race. Getting back into the dirt,
sliding around a bit more, but then we come over here
to the nationwide where, I’d have to say we’ve been
getting our butt kicked all year. [STP 300 Qualifying] And really trying hard,
but just so much focus, so much pressure, you got
so many eyes on you, and all these sponsors, and
everything is precision. I’ve qualified the best I have
pretty much all year, and I think a lot of that’s because
we had so much fun all night last night and the day before over
there in the truck races. We were right across the street yesterday
at the TORC off-road race. Got my new battling next-gen car. Everyone’s going to think it’s Trevor because he’s been running
that most of the year So, I think we might get roughed up
a little out there. I don’t know. [Trevor Bayne, Roush Fenway teammate] I got a lead in the truck championship,
Matt Crafton, who’s been a coach, an idol of mine. He’s starting
right in front of me. Starting pretty right here, let’s see
if we can keep it up there. ♪ [intense electrorock] ♪ [STP 300] ♪ [intense electrorock] ♪ [Commentator] The road is open this time
[inaudible] [pit crew leader] 5-4-3-2-1,
wheel train put on the brakes. ♪ [intense electrorock] ♪ [Pit crew leader] Come on
we’re running! Up, up, up, up, up! ♪ [intense electrorock] ♪ ♪ [indy rock] ♪ [Travis] Man, so good in practice,
just a little too tight in the race. Got a lap down, got a flat tire, hit the wall. Never made it back to complete the lap. After qualifying fifth,
I was really excited, but, I tell you, all in all, it
was a good weekend. Even though we hit the wall, NASCAR, we’re going to figure out what it takes
to be a champion in this sport. ♪ [indy rock] ♪ [Travis] On the next episode of
On Pace with Pastrana, We dropped into Jim’s wedding. I’ve never done a front flip before,
but this isn’t what I expected. It’s actually a bull’s eye for your face.

Reader Comments

  1. You have such a crazy life. But you still have time to give all your fans an autograph and photos after your races. I have always respected you and always will. There is nobody else out there with the enthusiasm you have towards everything you do. I hope to meat you one day in person. I saw you back in WRGB in 2005 but didn't meat you. GOOD LUCK FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR AND WITH BABY PASTRANA !!!!!

  2. How come their not longer?
    I bet travis has a cam on him for more than 7 minutes a week.

    We love travis and we want moar!!!

  3. I want to get that nice 199 shirt, can anyone tell me where i can find it. Travis would destroy if he raced this most likely. This is awesome I'd love to meet him he does it all! He does whatever it takes to win!

  4. It takes natural skill to be anascar champion he just isnt he for is the most amazing FMX rider EVER but money doesnt make you a god nascar racer

  5. Thank you for giving my children a real role model to grow up with. In this world of fakes its comforting to know there is still something real for our children to admire. You rock truly, someones mom

  6. He said that he was starting to lose the passion he had for the sport just before the x games where he broke his ankel and then he wasn't able to ride for a ages… But I think that tp is getting older is also a factor but sure he still rides freeride on dirt like the dc project

  7. I don't care if Travis ever won a single race, he is entertaining to watch and a cool personality. Guys like that are what Nascar needs.

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