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Offroad moto competition in Spain – Red Bull Give Me Five 2013

Offroad moto competition in Spain – Red Bull Give Me Five 2013

We are here in Valdemorillo for the Red Bull Give Me Five. It’s a different type of racing, it’s gonna be five riders, five laps, and a super fun track. It’s short, it’s intense, it’s just a lot quicker of a race and there are a lot of things you have to make happen right off the bat. It’s not a championship, it’s only one race. For sure we’re going to give our best. All of the riders are pro, they ride GP so, it’s for sure not gonna be easy. I like a lot, the start with this double bump immediately, then the whoops waves. It’s cool. Also, there’s nice jumps all over and it’s fun. Welcome to the quarter final of Red Bull Give Me Five! It’s quick, it’s at fast pace, everybody is really sprinting. It’s good though, it’s good for the fans and good for the competition. Welcome to the 85cc Final! Give an applause for Jorge Prado! Look at him go! He made it! Ryan Dungey goes head to head! Ryan Dungey wins Red Bull Give Me Five! Well this race, Red Bull Give Me Five, I’ve never done anything like it before, but it was fun. I think the best form Europe was here and the best from the United States, and the fans… were unbelievable.

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  1. That KTM #61 was a SX85 bike. I think Jorge Prado was riding a midsize wheel but he's extremely fast, possibly one of the "next big things" in motocross

  2. I used to race when I was younger, When I watch motocross or supercross I get that feeling when your on the line waiting for the gate to drop, Love this Sport.

  3. too bad he's having his lil ankle injury being fixed while tony is winning races with way worse injuries 😉 man up

  4. yo guys watch out for jorge prado… his results in EMX and adac races may not be really outstanding but the kid is 12 y/o and he will make it big time, I can feel it 😀

  5. it was just an excuse to not ride teutschenthal. was worried herlings might lap him like he did bagget the year before! still a shame neither could ride though.

  6. @hub we will spank u fools any day. If villipoto was there u guys woyldve been fucked. America is way better in every way. U guys got lucky the last two years ridin tracks u race on the circuit every year

  7. no the best of the USA .. the best of europa .. villopoto was not there … sorry for my bad english ,, VILLOPOTO IS A MAN 

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