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Nottingham Tennis Centre – What have you done today? (Parents)

This is much more
than tennis lessons. They’re brilliant, but there is
a bigger reason for our journey. It’s about my daughter being active instead of being
fixated on the screen. It’s all about all sorts
of things beyond tennis like having respect
for herself and others. It’s about learning
and appreciating the rewards that come from hard work
and becoming a champion. Any sorts of champion,
not just the ones that win trophies. It’s about the moment I get to sit
back and have a cup of coffee while still taking on the role
of the greatest cheerleader on the sidelines. When she misses a shot,
I hold my breath in anticipation,
waiting to see how she deals with it. It’s just another example of
how every week she copes better with her disappointment, picks
herself back up and tries again. It’s brilliant life skills. Each session,
she becomes mentally stronger. She’s learning more skills
and can control her emotions. Seeing the sessions and tasks as
a challenge rather than a defeat. It’s amazing to see
her wanting to conquer them and be the best
that she can be. She’s making lifelong
friendships and memories. All her friends came to a Tennis Centre
birthday party. This was one of her favorite places
and she wanted to share it with them. Tennis is a bonus actually. One day she came home with a
certificate of achievement. She was so excited and wanted to take
it to schools to show the teacher. It’s funny because the next
day she forgot her schoolbag, but somehow the certificate
got to school safely. She’s as proud of her
tennis as I am of her. We’re so happy with her found
Nottingham Tennis Centre. Today,
my daughter and I have been part of the Nottingham Tennis Centre family. What have you done today? [music]

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