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"Not to Be Confused for a Penis Eagle" – PART 6 – Persona 3 FES

"Not to Be Confused for a Penis Eagle" – PART 6 – Persona 3 FES

hello everybody welcome to the D pad I'm Rick and this is persona 3 as not to be confused with with the game about the cute little marshmallow dude wearing a fez I'm gonna do quickly do this because even on the menus of the main game if you don't select them it goes back to the demo mode but hello yeah I got a haircut earlier and I've been super sweaty and all the ACS are off because we kept blowin fuses and all of that so it's gonna be a little bit a little bit on the sweaty side those are there's actually one of the other side of the room over there too those are lights that Sarah got for like parties and stuff which for whatever reason default to on but they have a remote that turns them off so hey thank you know about him when so when the power goes out they turn on and you have to turn them back off and I was like screw it it's something interesting for the background one of these days I've been debating getting some like colored lights just in general to you know make our backgrounds a little more interesting so what was i up to last time i assumed that i had just finished doing stuff oh it's right i think i was i think last time i kept trying to do the wait no oh okay I've only got yeah they already went back I was gonna say like I think yeah there's only three of us cuz I because there was the mini there was the mini boss that we weren't that we just barely we're not able to really deal with so gonna have to come back on a different night in order to take the done we have all four of us yeah exactly very frustrating is one of those times we were definitely pretty close and like one more move would have lightened the load enough for us to be able to make it but unfortunately didn't work my foot is itchy so what do we have for requests bronze medal I can't do yet a Valkyrie with terracotta is just a mystery that we're gonna be going for anyway okay so nothing crazy in terms of requests then so let's head out and cycle the day oh excuse me my god well they're not tired they're just they're just doing that thing but regardless yeah let's get out of whoo do you just like he's like oh you do it right you can get him to spin in place without moving there we go yeah show off that character model all right anyway I'd like to return to the dorm I am about two weeks away from the second full moon oh yeah it says right there next 13 it's about to be 12 but regardless Oh my hair looks horrible right now because it was muggy as hell earlier and then I was sweating and now I'm sweating more so it's just it's just a mess not bad I'm sure a meteor sent by will be relieved wow thanks exam sucked don't they you have to get stay so much in your skirts post him you do bad everyone will laugh at you I did yes as a matter of fact if I his package right on there I didn't know if I should be if I should open it tonight or if I should wait for the next patreon like hangout a thing so that it can be more of an event with everybody or if it's something should be opened immediately embrace the monorail certainly happy to pop it open right now but yeah yeah let's see once she's cute yeah let me grab that give me one second here I guess maybe save it forever oh okay I can do that then pop it right there that way we don't we don't forget about it oh my god my hair look I look so sweaty right now because I am what I just there it is so let us jump on in but yeah in in the worst case and we'll do it during the next day the next hate round hang I've already talked to him damn it where's Kenji so I thought you can't be that stupid the fuck all right we're gonna be able to change I am very flexible on this I I'm fine either way all right so if there's no if there's no kendo Kenny's not hanging out maybe I should go to student council well doesn't get Ben to stop by the stream it's entirely possible think he's watching TV right now it might be easier to poke him slightly in the in the it yeah yes let's do let us do we'll have to keep an eye on the other chat too with all the you know blowing a fuses and stuff there's a good chance of chats gonna be a little bit finicky tonight okay well I'd like to hear your opinion on something it's nothing serious but some students feel the stool uniforms we abolished and they're recruiting supporters oh boy see me I kind of want to say I kind of want to say I agree with them just cuz I'm a big fan of no uniforms but student council strikes me as a group that would really care much about like uniforms but I'm not gonna say it's a waste of time that's kind of a mean way of doing that so I'm just gonna say you know what they agree with them no damn it oh okay all right I don't know how that works but huh pretty much always have to agree with person which is true but he wasn't the one that was suggesting it as a thing all right the Emperor look why should go home burger check tune I'll finish up here all right I even I even made myself a root beer float an alcoholic root beer float cuz why the hell not and I want him drinking it during all the blackout times cuz cuz I was just kind of sitting and hoping for the lights to stay on for long enough how everybody doing it was like my persona can only learn status lowering skills dad's lowering skills are very useful all right hey bud and no you had skills too haha was just joking now I'm depressed it's not damaged in pay and there's Fukuyama gishian I see if a girl who's in the same grade as me join alright let's see oh hey buddy well this is point about food cocoon as well it's quite difficult to find someone else potential do you feel more shirt if you add more team members sure yeah I mean okay checking what status we all do ah you get more points for okay that makes sense everybody's doing good but let's just take a quick look at everybody good all right let's go to Todd for us all right let's do it click clack clickety clack come on oh it's already so hot up here it's amazing just how much the heat like really just wears you down holy cow all right uh let's well first of all I guess let's save just cuz if I die then it'll be easy enough to come back all right let's go up as high as we can go over the package tonight because it simple be here for the next hangout and a journalist to see but if you can get Ben to join the unboxing wait for him give me give me a minute to deal with this and then we'll see how it goes from there all right prepare yourselves like looks like it was almost like a bunch of weapons all right I'm trying to remember what what the deal with these guys was for the hell of it I'm just gonna I'm just gonna see if I can instill one yeah Oh block okay fair enough oh I forgot about her outfit right oh Jesus dude right right okay section suture would have been a smart call to start yeah cool this is gonna go well okay good missing is helpful is very helpful nice okay they missed with all of their spells so that's really good mister mister oh wait a minute this is gonna make me weak to fire what the hell did I just do Oh No alright well let's do damage fast then you'll relent to do this instead have no idea if that actually helps against magic attacks but I'm gonna find out now all right good so he's actually doing some healing it's good to fucking see all right right yeah it could be one of those games where like everything is defense did you just miss is that what I just looked away from damn it are you kidding me dammit okay okay good look like please heal yourself okay thank God there we go needed that I'm just gonna lock into this quick all right okay or healing Akihiko that's not good god that hits hard oh boy I know it's not never got heat go back but I can't like bring him back right now or I'm gonna die good there we go alright that was necessary oh my god with this shit I have to do it oh I think it's so close to dead of course I'm down I go again oh good do them back-to-back that's really good holy hell screw it my god oh damn it yeah that probably would be that would probably been some pretty smart walls doing all these items to switch out of Jack Frost to make it not taking super shits to the face Oh for fuck's sake yeah why not that doesn't do it eating my damn oh come on oh come on we're literally one hit from the from killing it thank God Jesus Christ fucking hell let's go down and save and come back oh my god finally oh it's nice to fucking be done with that let me tell ya all right all right up we go move it isn't weak to fire it's hard to fuse exactly this earlier yeah that'll that'll little come with time it seems like but yeah having having one that casts ice that isn't itself weak to the things ice would be useful for would be definitely a nice plus that is for sure we get B chain all right hey we used one of those huh all right can't get a clear reading I may have reached a limit of my ability sorry but can you can you to the next floor well we thankfully have our whole team this time so hey it's a jeffer honey analyzed one of those already suppose didn't attack the factual one I analyzed it though whoops well fire that's good to know munna analyse resulted in favor in failure did she just randomly jump to French that was very weird when it drains fire Oh what oh there we go oh yeah there were there midboss last time that make sense yes mice but that's what basically came out as there yes mice is the leader of the the Mickey Mouse Club forgot that all right hey we found stairs I'm gonna take the stairs cuz we're down to 12 days which is not a ton of time to to get up there their numbers are increasing – you'd better find a fish way of defeating them okay where you going there bud just a bastard isn't he oh god they're weak to fire I don't have any fire with mr. Jack Frost I have think that's right I do want to level this thing up so I can so I can get whatever the you know cool thing was I sure did I'm very good at exploiting what I do best you gonna play any of the percent of spin-offs in this pathetic I have no idea I don't know I don't know what the plan is her first gonna overall with that with these streams of things I'm certainly open to it but I don't have I don't have any concrete plans or anything in particular whatsoever I assume that at some point I will probably jump in on persona 4 and 5 beyond that I don't know I think I have the comma guy right now so I'm gonna grab money money money money money this was fun for d-pad honey oh there will be a growth there'll be a grill provided I think medicine laughing tables also weak to fire okay oh it's just a distress one over there all right one more so I've got I've got more expendable income coming in at long last so I'm praying this side on meaningful upgrades to the overall like d-pad situation I should I should focus on on you know non persona stuff though but like I would like to get a new video card one of these days I would like to get probably new motherboard – both of which can get to be pretty pricey side but they would be worth it definitely definitely need to get new like lighting equipment whether sling on the back there oh god there's something else that I was thinking of and I've been a lost it but he analyzed the enemy during battle I'm certain it'll help you to defeat them technically we're not analyzing you are they had to run out of stuff to say sooner or later I thought those were the actual stairs I was like wait really dude okay he looked like it was facing the other way there so leave that one alone well okay that's good oh he's fast my booth fool is what oh Jesus Christ yeah shoot yourself on the head so you can feel better so that's the medicine absolutely do cooking we were we were talking about trying to do some various like cooking related stuff at some points I wanted to do like a like a like a mixed drink kind of thing one of these days to making themed cocktails and stuff whoa medical powder more like cocaine and we might there we go Jesus Christ are using up all of our shit dude that outfit will never will never stop being totally ridiculous come on there we go well I thought it was like fading out fully there all right well let's definitely go for that all right we can't experience so much experience in a bulletproof shirt that's a really weird thing but it gets he'll accept me I guess that's actually kind of awkward it's whip man's already have a bulletproof shirt mine currently adds 10 hit points you do roughly the same let's see Jim pay check your status and equipment I'm gonna give you some good stuff oh that was the one that I was currently holding okay duder down get it down plant bamboo brown bear brown alright turn around and fight this guy I'm gonna get stabbed in the back with a sword how do I get that sword with two ice mixed drinks for everyone I was I was legitimately considering that to be honest that was definitely on my list of potential ideas robot masters Zelda stuff sonic stuff all that jazz alright one more thing oh I just try to kill that one alright what is that fucking thing does it glow white if you've never had it before or does white mean it's rare omoide Canaan welcome domo akane into your heart selectively started to be discarded Oh No we get rid of get rid of Oh details okay she just heals but I have healing on on to others so that's weird sucking mother brain I'm gonna do pixie yeah we're gonna do pixie oh yes vanished god damn that's weird yeah exactly a piece of pixel be enough – oh now we're fighting dinner where you Nicole the Kirby ones yes all the table who's knocking down all the legs gonna beat up some tables until they're big here we go like nobody else is attacking it's fine alright okay oh sure oh wow well but what if I don't want any of the hooks I mean I guess I don't want the gunshot right ah thank you what the fuck sure what the hell is that okay not a particularly hard one there I already have four Gnaeus all right whoo all that for a short bow oh my god cool I didn't feel gratuitous a gratuitous at all you've been surprising the enemy yes oh my god there's an item over there and I'm gonna get after I'll kill him on the double double up Yeah right well I need to power up my unicorn you guys I need to get my unicorn big and strong so give me something good now I'm gonna beat up these tables and hope my unicorn gets good one of those partial ones okay there we go you'll pick the banner but that man in there now uh O'Brien I got more medicine that's gonna be useful for genpei to just throw it stuff hey stars it's yours yeah a second source of great power somewhere above you can trim the exact four oh sorry oh my god cool thanks I suspect we're gonna be getting more messages that read exactly like that oh hello hey-oh now can we go ah hoping I could see past him oh fuck was that oh my god one more oh yes it's own stuff interesting okay did not know that one under three I'm working on it I'm the foul yeah yeah I'll do it Oh Mikey goes down I was like why did he not join in on that alright guess we're getting experience yeah well here we go again none of these none of these are good for me so I'm just gonna grab whatever the first one is cool it's always good Sabo right Heelys uh-huh cool still none for me but that's that's fine if didn't it doesn't bother me oh well like I'm just gonna go up it's right there may as well I should just sit up more actually you know have reasonable posture and shit I got to make sure to put stuff in my hair for a while while I'm uh well it's this short when I'm streaming there we go I see like it's never bad to just go up the floor because if you really need to like grind a farm or something you know let's go you can always go back to other points yeah exactly like worst case I can just go to level 25 again so is it our chance now I'm hunter you guys now is our chance my face turned into a monster I'm so radical you guys I'm gonna keep going for experience it's just nice to get any experience boost and whatsoever so yay all right 14 now babe junior cheer that's a big boy revival bead nice all right Venus Eagle not to be confused with a penis eagle better not kill the last one you son of a bitch okay good good to know cool the way that he does it is like Oh haunting the boss was hard but the regular enemy seemed to be chumps you gotta be soo guys we doin okay level was yeah probably I think I think I'm generally doing fine level was also made a point of grabbing more experience any time I can so that's probably helped yeah generally speaking the enemies have not been too terribly just hang out OOP there we go it's like where's it going on almost on SP you know death rooster a fair fair good old Jack Frost they're all talking over each other it's great it's perfect the other potential to grow even hope so I would want to grow uneven give me a level up on the nope if that unicorn level up odd morsel its beans they've just never seen them before what what are these things they have a slight chewiness to them mate but they give you they give way and every time I we time I enjoy them I can't help but but flatulate bucket probably gonna grow huh that's true three floors above you alright someone's gonna get tired before then I feel like but there's been no checkpoints up well not if this happens do you have unicorn equips I've been bouncing between unicorn and Jack Frost's depends on it depends on who I'm fighting for giving battle but the weak – if they're weak – uh yeah no I know that I know if they're weak to fire then I jump with with unicorn if they're weak to ice when I go Jack Frost one down three to go the core is that the first time we've heard his voice he been saying these throughout like words because usually been like linked styling yeah it'll be nice once we have some some group spells because I'm getting tired of using the same spell four times in a row Oh weird so like so okay let's not go for that so the the one who that's confusing so it's not the one who you have on you when the the enemy is killed or the battle is won it's it's the one that you head out first that's really odd turn around bright eyes there we go oh right these dudes squeak to electricity and light well may as well yeah do we for the shot I know that's a low accuracy attack but Hulk shadow again sulk Hogan yeah I've been waiting for this I win home I like to gang up on that on it evil off Hogan I was born for this never got popped his penis yeah all right 1:43 a my god I just poison so I've only got like one and a half floors to go through the other way for a sec I had one floor to go on the next floor be careful all right so just see just a bunch of green glowing oh is that there we go nice whoops wrong way run for it oh dear Oh golly fuck Gullah great one like it's like a mic breaking fart nice or you could have done the other table but yeah that works fine if suka Kaja nice punch this bird nice that was a really quick one too but yeah that's fine and so I Kiko fuckin brass knuckle the shit out of a bird yeah right they just randomly they seem to randomly pick digits fur for those things sometimes OOP oh dear time to go like I didn't even notice is over well there we go and we made it sure as shit not doing this one tonight though because we're all a mess some statue thingy I think I'm gonna save that for the next going for the next trip through because all these guys got to be like super tired by now alright so 36 yeah the the distance between these is nuts that has a pretty successful trip through we made it 11 floors to the next to the next thing back to the dorm back to the dawn all right so you can make the next Jackie's the fusion school for this Bo interesting let me see let me see if Ben wants to if Ben is alive and wants to swing on up we got here sup dude so what do you think about what about Fukuyama give chorus I haven't given up hope that you'll join our team second dude her face looks so familiar she does look kind of weak but it only makes me want to protect her you know eleven days to go well Kenji my man my boy but but the teacher bangin weirdo I am happy probably thanks to you dude we should hang out again I have to tell you something man I grabbed her but it was crazy I'm sweet Ben random rambling planning on playing funk guitar I met Ogawa in charge of an integrative learning hehe well good we got a mr. Higgs be going on here in this class I'll ease all your worries it's psychotherapy through magic all right Evan be very very quiet no talking silence you surprised to hear me bring up magic it's a recent proposal so it's not well known yet here it is those who believe will be saved study hard and I can beat your weak Minds into shape now then let's get on with our first lecture on the basics of magic who can use magic who cannot that'll be a starting point some of you think that magic lets you do absolutely anything holy pranks people hurting your enemies if that's what you think then you'll never learn magic it's true of both eastern and western sorcery those are the wicked hearts will either be powerless or driven to ruin there's one more thing that can't be forgotten when learning magic that is a master you should have you should aspire to become as good as your predecessors especially if you're studying difficult magic you don't have a master learning the black arts will be impossible when you begin your training you'll have to live in two worlds at once the real world in the dark world there at the dark realm if you can't distinguish mean the two you're headed for certain disaster that's why the presence of a master is not the utmost importance with that in mind I'll move on to meditation a standard practice and magical training I've got some handouts for you Jesus that was a long no stay awake always stay awake looks like it's time you're intersted the subject try meditating before going to bed slowly we call the events of the day it's like traveling back through time can you do that flawlessly you may just make a good magician ehehe yowza yeah all right cool Kenji my man right let's do it meet with Kenji let's go somewhere then alright he always walks like he's got a stomachache like he walks like he's about to crap himself alright what do we got sorry man I'll have to pass huh dude I'm so confused I want to hang out with you but I don't have time to eat ramen i gotto check out that cram school that still sounds really rough I mean getting into college is more important than hanging out right don't think about the future I have third year gold yeah more than you do the future the past what the fuck are these answers guess this one all of these are terrible answers okay all right until I marry told me I should she's had an end of a loser if I didn't but the future is a long way off dude I mean first I have to go go to college right all of them and Amiri students go to good colleges does he think about our future together just think about your future too you don't end up a loser do you and so we got to work our asses off man for our futures asses for futures that was craziness what the hell unbelievable unbelievable yeah yeah so is the Matt the max rank is nine right all right I'm going to cram school now what you're supposed to it's a euphemism for fucking your teacher I'm you're going to cram school thanks the number of victims seems to be on the rise again apparently the client was only temporary what does that mean no matter how many shadows we defeat morale just keep coming FS case then what's the point of fighting do nothing then everyone will eventually join the lost our efforts have prevented the crisis from escalating I guess you're right you know it's kind of creepy when you think about it if we couldn't use our personas in the whole city would be crawling with zombies I'm so nervous about that I'm gonna go pee he sounds like he's like letting the sink run until it overflows or something I apparently feel very normal that's that's good her name is Fuki I Maggie she write the same thing you said yesterday waiting around nice everyone's doing good then let's go to tartar tartar tartar us blatantly blend blend blend alone wish this loading skin was just a little bit shorter I'm surprised they haven't like really remade these like I don't know this seems like the exact kind of thing that people would buy the shit out of like three and four remade for the for the ps4 together would be like that would sell like crazy I know nothing about one or two literally at all so I don't you know I assume that's a different story but still alright now we're gonna go and fight a statue I didn't say I'm gonna go save first they were made for the PSP and Vita I mean I suppose but that's what I feel like it's more of a port than anything but like it'd be nice to see like an updated upgraded remake that like you know quality of life upgrades that I've heard about from percent of five kind of thing but let's see we got here alright gonna find a fuckin statue this is gonna go well statue mom with a baby in an orbit change relic understand try some stuff right Mogga Rula holy shit alright that was a lot we're a long way from finishing it off I don't think Allah's worth even messing with it all here nothing different there change rope has recovered from what oh my god okay yikes big yolks okay my rule is just crazy strong yeah no I know I wanted to I wanted to see what this was all about before I started like trying to do anything Oh what for I tried to do any strategic fusing stuff but yeah that was pretty fucking crazy so cool yes I know I know yeah right oh yeah no I specifically did not bother with Hama because there's zero point all right so that Mogga ruler was clearly some kind of a wind thing to start with hmm can I use this to get yeah and I've already done much of that stuff so it's 14 so that is one that I can get raka Kojiro patre positive mood I like I really wish they would just say fucking like ice he'll fire etc but Moraga that seems like it'd be good Auggie is fire so Margie's got to be something nice sounds good let's do it Oh yep I should have registered Jack Frost before I did that that's okay I think I registered it pretty recently so it shouldn't be too far behind I'll register this one too all right he should be getting quite a bit of a boost here all right yeah provoke nice one more one more yeah rage boost can you even learn more than eight skills holy shit all right all of these are good to register yeah he was already level 11 for that one so and he's gonna get my boo foo when he gets to 13 but I should have registered him before so I wouldn't have lost the experience there that's okay yeah let's do it it only had get say it all together all right okay well I'll see what the jack brothers skill does he was 12 before I don't think so I think was he was 11 before it was 11 unicorn and Jack Frost were at 11 he's further into alone for sure but all right see how dis ghouls probably a bad way I mean let's be let's be honest but let's let's put high road jack up front so does it not because it doesn't have it until I'm in battle I wish you could stab these things to start but whatever did I not choose him all right give me a second I'll do that thought I had here we go knocks down all foes medium odds ah adding bad aah whoa why did I take my shirt off for that oh my god oh good I missed time for my party to get fucked in the face with a wind fucking turn and upgrades pills well yeah like I think yeah yeseo got Auggie and Meraki so there's probably not a huge reason for me to have a regular Auggie once it gets you know new stuff right no weaknesses oh fucking hell oh that's not cool at all very not okay Manoel now it's so expensive all right yeah there we go oh my god I guess I could have left it down to but I want to see how much damage I could do okay clearly maybe I should leave it on the ground at this point so I can have everybody do their human shit I don't know how the fuck this is supposed to be enough for his battle I might have to grind like like it loses its turn which is nice the like you know like I'm a quarter of the way down and I'm already burned out on SP I'm gonna have to use an item to keep this going nice is snuff so really the only SP thing that I've got oh boy we're we're in pretty deep shit here it's only enough for two more attacks so that's less than Jesus Christ ideal there's what I got right so come on oh you're gonna keep waiting because we need it to waste its turn it's like a foot away there there's no way that we're gonna win this we're about to have but Jack brothers need to keep hitting keep the attacks coming fuck so evasive all right we got to pass halfway there zoom in the end of my SP so fuckin hell well there goes the battle that's just head right there like now we're just fucked like I may as well just cool I'm down to 11 days – so I cannot afford to be wasting terribly many nights I guess I'll go to 25 and start and start grinding but I don't think I have any attack boosting skills I have a couple defensives I have like one or two defensive skills but that is it I might have some of a pyro jack but but that'd be it I mean I could use Secunda to keep it from dodging as much stuff but that seems like a pretty minor thing there raccoon that might be kind of nice increase when I always attacks our Kaja so these could be useful but it's got to be me to use them though which means that if that's happening then I'm not knocking it down boy I think I might have to I think I might have to grind a little bit cuz I'll try one time with with Terra Cotta and see if that helps but I get the feeling that's not me enough Wow it's our Connick yeah I know oh I don't have terracotta who does okay I guess horniest has it let's give it a shot I grabbed the wrong one I wanted the other one sure yeah everybody's just instantly fun Mukunda that's the one that I wanted I mean stuff is doing around 50 percent ish more but like I'll if I can stack them okay so it's just gonna get its turn anyway that's cool I'm gonna look at it one more time and not fuck up the start of it with ricotta and then let them do the the all-out attack it probably won't make a significant difference it it will probably just increase the damage by around fifty percent but but yeah so oh boy I Ben didn't answer the Facebook thing he might already be asleep here we go let's do here I mean they're basically equal chances actually are I've had better luck with Facebook than texting some people were something better to have one than the other yeah okay sure hope that can't miss I'm gonna try doing it a second time because some theories of it does stack as if it does like make a difference oh god they're just hit so fucking hard change my mind I'm gonna I'm gonna do the stun thing cuz we need to get the fuck up also mostly just curious large damage it'll do but well let's try it now what's up I'm gonna have everybody for so it doesn't even fucking matter 82 it doesn't matter I've done that that anybody is still alive right now fucking die now yeah I think it's I think it's grinding time my favorite part of the RPG it's the part where we do the thing where we just fight things the full party defense buff item I mean yes but I have to use that and then like the problem is if you want me to do specific stuff it seems like you can't tactic that like I think the tactics are more generic but we need we need more levels regardless so mystic right now I am so sticky sweaty right this second maybe I'll get some items it'll be useful or something come on Ariel nope I didn't turn the fan on because we blew we blew fuses twice while I was trying to set this thing up and every little thing is is going to be terrible if I if I try doing that oh my goodness we're gonna swanky those are just automatically on if when the like they start default in the on position so when the lights go out they are just on and I was like fuck it it'll be a fun background thing hello to everyone you should say well let's let's only do this real quick and then is it gonna shuffle them ever Oh controller felt that I can probably disconnected like is it just gonna taught me with that forever yeah we got stuff alright it's not Dark Souls Pete I was gonna say you might wanna grab a mic yeah alright so let's throw this to the pause screen for one moment and and you should tap on whichever mic you have okay so I can I can make you audible there you go that should about do it so awakens me from my slumber we got we got a package big ol box for the we got a package I don't know how we're gonna get this all right hang on I'm gonna get this in shot give me one second here I should about do it also get be careful not to not to show off nobody's real name or address I would not be that would not be the best also why is my mic all like twisted around on here that's not great you twisted it anyway let's see what we got here your presence was specifically requested for this so okay I can't read any chat I'm sorry – why do you think write you sucks has no stats or moves this is just a big reverse colored Pikachu yeah it doesn't have any of the things that makes a good Pokemon the less cool tail I don't know much about like newer meta I gotta know if a low and right you like most of lowland variants have the same stat totals and you skip them slightly like but like a Pokemon can have low base stats and be okay with a good move cool I don't think that right show ever had a good move move cool and in that you know it's like you can have really good stats to back up a shallow move pool we can have a really diverse move pool to back up you know not so spectacular stats if you don't have either than like you're just low numbers and nothing cool to do flip this this way so I don't risk that's that's our P o box that's fine but on the other side is nobody's address which I now know don't untorn alright let's see I'll ship myself in a box to get first of all to rick been sara jeff CJ feliz lindsay dustin and maybe john if he's been good he has not condolence for john condolences on your recent loss I hope these gifts preserve the fond memories of your dearly departed Pokemon I wish you and all of the d-pad a happy 8th birthday and I bet too late oh and I bet the late mr. bucket wouldn't be opposed to you let's playing this in his honor yours truly nobody basically I don't think it's been visible in there yet but the rest of it was not particularly heavy but I will show them off in a second we got mr. bucket you put your balls in his mouth it's mr. bucket and then he spits them back out but there were other things in there womp we got a green shell in a red shell we got a squishy Yoshi egg these are so these are so squishy they're super squishy we got a Goomba we got a green a 1-up mushroom it's down here because the camera's lower and cheap cheap for cheap cheap life I'm putting it away up in the air but Han will give me one second here my stress is just melting away by squeezing these squishy balls cheap cheap life yeah this is how I feel this is this face is how I feel playing Dark Souls there it is and it like slowly reinflates oh it's so gross I love it oh it's called they're called squid they're called squish delish it's a much creepier now no no don't do it some reason the egg as much as much squishier and softer than the rest is it really yeah yeah it was like you think I can I can probably the sturdiest probably do this now there we go my hair is a mess we got a gumbo trend I'm gonna like work on color correction of this of this shot it makes it look like yellow and weird but it is not it's a very normal correct looking Goomba Oh God it didn't it didn't reform right away I killed him Ben it's coming back the brain damage is reversible there we go it made it man it's just like the length of time it takes to reform is like spooky yeah and it takes them weeks to fully regain their shape even know which way is facing the correct 100 I'm facing it backwards that's okay I love it I love it – guys one up nice nice we've got our Koopa shells and everything thank you very very much nobody these are great we haven't we got to dole these out appropriately to everybody so that everybody's got their funnels like stress ball little thing and I think we can probably find some time to do them to do a little mr. bucket in in the honor of our dearly departed weepinbell I think that I think that is a thing that can happen yeah especially when someone tells you to put your balls in their mouth yes then spit back out oh yes the egg is yours yes once you go for the egg all right that's fine I'm gonna I'm gonna guess no points for guessing who's probably gonna end up with the fish yeah with the Goomba that's gonna go to Ben okay and then but the one off that one's gonna I Ben okay oh my god oh the boo ha ha loser it's mine now well I still have the swamp Oh whomp is good look at this guy he's so shy he just goes like this oh he actually reforms quickly he's dirty I was waiting prettily be a slow into and it's like oh look it's a boo dealing anxiety all right here we go no that really popped out quickly that was spooky and weird anyway anyway I have two stars that feel like totally different materials yeah it's kind of interesting like just how different these are and they're all the same company they're all the same thing they're gonna steal the swamp psychic oh this one's crazy squishy like it it's like a thinner material I thought I got a swamp pillow at some point one of the ones that makes noise and I don't know what happened to it they like have a smell huh they probably have a taste too so that's how materials work like sweet do not eat these it smells like fruit lip balm no it's like it's like that shit that like all right you have younger sister as well like imagine did she ever go through that phase where like just like I've got 11 billion different scented lip balms or whatever like candy body spray yeah that's much weirder the yeah I just got makeup shy guy was there shy guy shy guy who's real he just moved to Geller Oh Oh God I'm sorry for missing anything in chat though the I used to get nauseous on road trips because my sister would use that shit so much I hated being in the car it's all very chemically smell yes it smells it smells like you would imagine most fruit like fake fruit shaped things would smell you know it smells it smells the way fake fruit shapes smell like think of those little fruit candies yeah the same kind of yes that's true that is true oh my god I know right just just have this every every paper in Hangul just have this track in the background we won't get a takedown and nothing yeah guys I'm I'm watching attack on Titan right now oh yeah the second part oh I've only watched the first season so far are you liking what they're doing after season 1 yeah it's pretty fucking crazy yeah okay I heard disappointing stuff about season 2 so I wasn't really sure whether or not to like dive into it I really liked the first season and like the cliffhanger shit and then the teaser that came out for season 2 were both just like oh my fucking god that's a lot of Meatballs yes well no like this the teaser for season 2 got a little bit more in-depth into like what was happening with the wall and stuff but ya know it seemed like it seems like I was interested but then I was hearing stuff when I was like oh maybe it's it's not gonna be so good I don't know that's good that is good I Oh No like he's so squishy that's a pain I was already cracking oh no oh God is there such a thing okay you uh gonna say maybe put him on the chair and they'll leave Oh oh man oh boy that was a very special tree this is age gated now you guys oh they're not gonna see any of that though it's not on the camera still there thank you very much nobody thank you thank you that was very sweet we'll have to find some time for the for the mr. bucket let's play make it make making those deep dreams come true yeah well all but all but two are off so uh huh whoops just connect to the controller again thank you thank you for the well-wishing of luck I uh have a good good luck with sleep that's good let me also mute that mic so we don't have any weird echoes going on there we go it should be good cool and we're back Lala whoa barely got it all right and I have yes I'm sit back again oh yes thank you I will appreciate this toy for ages what does it say to do a game for oh sorry two to four players ages three and up I thought it said ages two to four I'm like feel like it's a little bit excessive for a four-year-old but you know or rather a two to four year old but thank you very much that is that is very sweet of you and I'm glad that I'm glad that it came in because I hadn't gone to the post office in a while and I'm always like nervous in the back of my head that they're just gonna like get rid of shit if people don't pick them up quickly enough but kind of a ridiculous thing to worry about so is the video it almost looks like the video is interlaced but and I'll be and be kind of coming up so yeah there we go laughs ah man I'm not loving the fact that that it's just grind time I was hoping to avoid having to do too much of this but it appears to be inevitable you know what let's go back down to the entrance because I can at least turn in the the thing oh I'm aware I'm aware but in my heart it's you put your balls in my mouth in my heart you put your balls in my mouth oh wait I haven't actually done jack Brothers though so I got to do it and then come back again I keep forgetting that like those were all part of a different thing let's do it again WOM WOM join boo b'doop b'doop boop boo are all the enemies is gone what's going on here is it Oh cuz 25 goddamnit I don't know where they held my heads out here running any time with the music up up up up up and happening to level up what is grinding air-raid I'm looking forward to my mentos one of these days Boop yep there we go anyone just doesn't have the same charm I haven't seen the new one before I mean this is this is definitely more classic than anything I still remember the old box and it's it this one is definitely very reminiscent of the original original yeah let's see what the balls in my mouth it's more likely than you think oh my god well that'll be good enough are you punching the one that's down are you an idiot oh my god dude Brown oh did I really did I what oh my god Anna my eyes oh no that sounds terrible it sounds really not great nothing personnel fights more these bitches Jack Frost I'm literally stunned I don't know what to do my comprehension of the world around me has decreased we run into more Hulk Hogan's those guys pea that's true yeah that'd be pretty nice fire and that one's ice okay I'm gonna poke a rap out of Joker's shout all the persona names that sounds awesome I gotta check that out balls pop into my mouth and mr. bucket a ball is what I'm about oh no that's much more worrying I wish the rap lyrics in the background were were more comprehensible in the intro it really doesn't make a lot of sense either but sure which was discontinued but re-released in 2007 just continue again re-released again in 2017 so it just like every decade ish it's got to do a thing we have Jack Frost I don't need that should being with Jeff is mr. pocket oh no he's got to use his his puffy impression for us oh he noticed right at the end really lame weak to fire set him on fire the element of fire is it yeah now here we go yeah it is our chance I can't hear you I can hear it you said you started fighting and punching when you were about to say bitch okay I guess we're getting money to pay for lots of honey I don't know if you know this but the hero of this game is a fiend for honey really loves it only buys honey honeycomb there's some golden crisp honey nut cheerios smacks I think smacks have honey am i positive on that once in a while suspense max those things are terrible okay never image search puffy Megaman oh no oh that definitely sounds like it's bad unfortunate thing all right keep it on going yeah oh so tired playing vibhut SH sound like a lie sir boys shut the fuck up all right yeah money money makes the world heavier I got more money from a Vinita from the battle all right up the stairs we go there's not much left to do down here Oh puffy oh then let's just keep going no no no I'm in oh okay may as well not really worth separating us I thought I said oh no you've been spotted not separated and I was like oh what's going on do I keep finding the stairs so easily no hello dude pork cutlet sandwiches sounds so good right now Yoona : alright that's why I didn't actually eat like a real I didn't like do anything for food yet but after the stream I baked myself a little something well it's a fucking collapsing table of course it's a weak gravity is its weakness joints are its weakness sure did nobody else on the team is doing fucking anything at all let's do it you're all full up on those corners of Kern what a fucking stupid sketch oh my god such a just the dumbest idea I don't know how that gets into the gets on fucking television without someone going hey guys maybe this sketch is actually bad like as anyone's club for a second maybe the concept of this of this sketch is just not good we have kernels of Kern they're like your kernels of corn but therefore Kern God hid like camera problems and shit – so someone said their line way too early Oh turn on the Korb I'm gonna be current on the curb that's sketch look up if you haven't checked it out I think it's called space Thanksgiving it's right so amazing they're all eyes the middle of the sketch that is dumb as fuck oh my god do you have it percent of named LP yet I don't recall I've had a Tsarist I don't think I ALP looks familiar but I don't thing I've got an LPS nothing in that hallway that's fun I'll resist wind uh gotcha I mean it would help for me but it wouldn't help for the rest of my party so like it'd be a very minor difference ultimately if if the rest of my team is getting the shit kicked out of them before just before I die you know let's ice these bit Charles don't you tell me what to do attack again you would tack again you can't even it you can't even tell me what's going on in the next floor someone frozen let's get them we always gets cut off this one the really curly devil tail is that the one that we're talking about cuz I've definitely had it before here sometimes I'll grab it oh it's Nekomata whoops well little nub just a hair too late why someone looks so weird oh that's like a special chest oh shit I thought that was uh that was a thing the hell are you don't kill it good please don't kill it thank you Oh perfect timing that is about to die here there we go so rare chest obtained a high-cut armor hi-cut armor I assume is for girls only it does mean that she would be losing this ridiculous shit no she's already wearing a high-cut armor whoops strength Rosa's magic so it doesn't change anything it just means that we now are immediate we're gonna make a new friend she's gonna join the team and the first act as captain is like cool welcome the team put on this intensely revealing bikini please and then when she says me I don't really want to I just say well I'm the captain do not like do not like oh my god oh there's stairs immediately again run away run away the protagonist women trunks forever now yeah alright let's do some lawyer I don't have jinx it but I have yet to actually touch the chat once this entire night it's stayed stable these literally the entire time which is a very good sign we actually just had our modem switched out I think once maybe twice so I'm wondering if that has been helpful here how is the framerate thin once again I can only see if I've dropped frames and it says zero but that doesn't mean to the framerate on you guys aside is necessarily much better I'm seeing about 3.6 ish megabits a second there is a give and take with rare chance they've a chance of causing those chains to rattle oh interesting huh alright did not know that that's good to know so sometimes the rare chests will summon the the death guy solid framerate alright that's cool little guy Oh way back out of here I think I'm just gonna fight this guy and leave cuz dammit Oh bullshit I haven't quite gotten a level or anything but like Oh someone on the next floor gotcha gotcha I'm almost at SP Jesus Christ he needs to warm up immediately okay if every time one or one well at some point I'm hoping to uh I could summon power Jack nail em all but I want you to corn to level up hey level up cool not for the persona though not for the fight but we good to get the item in there but if you limited the playback rate to 3,200 would be even smoother it's yes the thing is like it's a double-edged sword if I drop the bitrate then it may make it easier on the other end or it could just slow things down further I'm not a hundred percent positive like the video already looks a little bit crunchy even just how it it looks like it's coming through on on like on my end so I'm worried that we're dropping that bitrate even more could be a problem but in registered persona it's constantly summon is to get more items interesting well I may as well I may as well do a quick a quick register then oh yeah that's right we're chopping charming operetta from the two brothers operetta um in any case I would gladly someone just to watch that again our reward is Buffalo Jim times five buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo actually let me check the requests just to double-check that there's not any new ones that got added in perform justice you'll need a regular angel and a higher class of angel okay that's interesting let's take a look at our our stuff real quick then do-do-do-do-do or am I just taking a look what we got for some of these okay a lot of ghouls in here hi pixy like courtesy if there's anything that's worth pushing up so that I can can make some space for Angel because then I can probably merge angel with other stuff angel to end all angels it learns last level of skill gotcha gotcha let's check it normal spreads so it was very weird that some of these have just like regular ass names Valkyrie and these tartaric Agha Sonne gimme Tama and Amoy Connie but one of these guys needs to have terracotta for that to work Archangel ah but I'd have to oh but I can just buy the unicorn back I literally just registered it that's very spooky I meant to go against we decide our lien should fight every enemy you see in to deal with being tired what I've got eleven days left though if I get Thai if I get overly tired then I'm gonna fuck myself oh he's got terracotta okay we might be able to get two birds with one stone here if we do this correctly alright so if I buy a new unicorn it will definitely still have this item attached I'm not about to burn this thing for like that's not about to disappear you can recover from being tied in one day I can but my party members have been out for like two or three days at a time before like that's what my worry is Oh yeah you're good all right if we are if we are sure then then I'll do it that's fine yes that is weird all the days until a full moon er until Elizabeth deadline 11:00 until the full moon like that's why I really got a hustle here let's buy an angel exactly that's kind of my point is that I have very little time to get this stuff done oh I have out yeah there we go angel yes I need that combo whoo boy yeah this is gonna be a tough deadline ahead with me good what's the day before the last full moon made someone name before last made someone tire for almost entire week I don't think that was I'm pretty sure I got everybody back to normal in time for the time for the last full moon like I remember being very careful about it because I didn't want them to be tired during the full moon playing all right oh hello they're able to use justice have Zolfo HPV a light magic holy shit daddy pretty fucking good for I don't know if I have to hit with it or not I mean sure yeah I got to go hey go lux hello hello no on this one come on hit with the thing so I take it most light magic it's super hard to head you just have to use it okay that's not good I do not care about this dude right now all right top I suppose a 20% oh my god that's distressing that guy enemy detected about died for me get some of that get treasure may be seen may as well attacking going here here we could think it's 60% okay you guys are fire air fire when I got rid of my unicorn so this one moraga plow feels very nice bill to do that never use lighter dark match to the end of the game you see the new Shantae 5 trailer I did that was some really great it was a it was animated by trigger I think what is that is that a fucking chimera it is a chimera like literally a chimera well I did what we need to do with angel so angel can go away interesting huh ok the wilderness got an animal just growing out of his back why not alright you need oh my gosh it's having go up guess wrong oh no guess right yay you're new and you're new here it's not a hollow AG but ya know the intro was pretty fucking great very cool very Shantae I'm intrigued with the name of the game is gonna because the thing just ends with like Shantae ah there we go she was about justice divine punishment from the two angels although was directed toward the shadows it could give anyone afraid if they had committed a crime before alright you're ruling em all right what kind of requesting a frolic pixie and a persona with a flower on its head oh no if I've seen one of the flower ants head yet Valkyrie with Terra Cotta all of these can be No you have the five is hair that is cute let's see that's a wanna see what some of these are so if I can see ones that look like things the flowers in their heads then I'll know Wow okay I'll know what I'm aiming for eventually Gurr huh Bharath is that the the younger sibling of Erath Leonie Mitama remote remote sushi call me Oh God Almighty the problem is she's not gonna have terracotta we Mitama and oh my oh my carne who do I have who does have Terra Cotta I have anyone with terracotta okay Archangel is terracotta I need to turn it into one of these so getting to hi pixy of the flower nope wrong thing that is a suit of armor that's got nipples on us okay Fortuna raksha sir all right naga plop oh that's just that's just a butterfly girl all those eligor hmm principality what that's a weird one uh it's barely notable for persona nipples refused with Archangel to get Valkyrie oh alright question is who do I toss but I suppose if everyone is registered then it's not a huge deal how do I toss someone out do I have to go like to have to fuse them to get them to we just mix these two for the oh I can't even do that hmm I can't get this one because that'll okay if they leave the velvet room to toss I mean I may as well combine some of these dudes if they're just gonna be in the way I don't think I need these ones for it so oh I can't even do dirty because it's too pricy all right now that I've got camara let's dismiss it right now back in we go all right whoo my goodness oh my god I'm gonna buy an Orpheus just to melt him into Orpheus candy all right go Orpheus Oh week on a Valkyrie the Terra Cotta this all seems pretty good yes watch I'm gonna get some special thing and it's like what in the hell that's the most bizarre I weird okay let's talk to Elizabeth oh I hadn't accepted it there we go so you've brought Valkyrie with skill tower Kaja fine specimen it is well you've done as I asked the reward I'm going to give you this time as an unusual effect with it you'll be able to create Pale Rider persona with an affinity for the death Arcana you're strong enough to control this persona plant and please give it a try torn black cloth so how do you do that exactly like how how do you create personas that require like items create Oberon effusion returned here once these level 17 or higher well I'm not level 17 and so I'm not gonna bother with that I'm just gonna see if I get there just otherwise but this triangle takamina kata taki mikazuki okay oh he's got like little things on the bottom there what's that all about already looked at most of these by now oh yeah okay what do I even have four dudes right now I've got these two were kind of my like go-to once I should buy unicorn back because I would like to get that one closer I've spent so much money on these things yeah you don't have to be at level 17 actually I mean yes I I don't have to be at level 17 to like to get one ultimately but I have to be and I like I'm at level 15 right now which means I'd get I mean whatever level it comes at but I'd have to grind it up to level 17 which is sort of a bummer like I'll get there I'll get there at some point but we have that one I think so far great who might be the Emperor that one was uh the the student council guy this levels 15 all right 10% – nice holy cow I think we're good though yeah it's fucking wack yeah if you remember the old Birkins of course – we build them up and you'll get levels from that's student council yeah let's save because we've done a bunch of shit gotcha all right he's just like 4% oh damn not just yet on the Oberon one in a wait till I have a bit more a bit more stuff to work with I might not worry about that till the third block oh my god ten days left not good not good I heard from younger guy in my club that yesterday the 10th graders are teasing someone well like bullying him broke head what's his name I don't know her is that it's really a problem better schools peaceful – but I guess it's not so much the folks getting bullied the Farnam I'm gonna kill that bully it's gonna be like I'm gonna shove tennis balls in his nostrils until he smells tennis pro gray do autoroute chem shit RM mr. okona left work early today so today's lecture will be a little different he looks fine but he claimed he didn't feel well make sure you know what you're eating everyone before you take a bite last time I related some basic magical knowledge hey I'll add to that with a discussion of meditation first let's review the ways that magicians meditate to heighten your creative impulses the source of all magical power carefully observe a real-world object and rekey reading your head to the last detail that's the western style but I also like to talk about the Eastern style meditation meditation was actually refined in the east modern magicians adapted to Eastern meditation – for their own original style straight yourselves take a deep breath and concentrate those the basics of Eastern meditation you don't need much to meditate all it's required is a quiet environment in some time doesn't take long we should allow at least 15 minutes for it now for the practicalities first your posture choose a position you're comfortable in sitting cross-legged is easy for most but you could try the full lotus position called Keck Kufa ketki fusa catgut keka fossa you can also edit able sitting a chair any position will works as long as you're relaxed once you can breathe comfortably cover or close your eyes and relax now you prepare yourself physically let's focus on your mind and soul imagine assemble perhaps a large tree or the moon or if you wish it could even be the God of your own faith however do not empty your mind that would actually be foolhardy you run the risk of losing control of yourself good lord err wake back meditation is to imagine some sort of symbol the Christian practice of prayer for instance is a heightened form of meditation imagine symbol is there for other reasons besides helping the meditation go smoothly however be very dangerous to plumb the depths of your consciousness by keeping a clear symbol in mind you can avoid plunging over the edge my god hurray academics right who am I talking to at lunch Kenji my man what there's something I need to tell you what is it what might take a while so you know when you have time see you oh no did he break up they break up nope what is this oh my god kids are so mean oh my god I'm going to stab their legs probably not oh my god oh no she about to get hit with the lost thing I'm different no but for real though was she was she getting it with the the bad news moods I see kendo man over there but I'm talking with Kenji all right my show will fucking duck you want to die strip mall hamburger shop well duck burger the duck fries are soggy as usual I was fooled by while you were hanging out with Kenji eat his food like Nana I can't eat okay alright got a serious problem I saw a magazine on a mere his coffee table get was it was guess what it was called girls butts and why boys are stupid there's no way definitely this I see is more likely to than this but I'm gonna just go at this one oh come on man oh fuck sure dude have a blast terrible terrible terrible terrible kenji you gotta cool it buddy okay hey that is like who keeps breaking glasses in here all right we're down we're up to number seven I think so we're nearing the end of our of our track with him I think all right he'll to walk home with you like this oh my god find out my bum bum final attempt our brand town thank you I'm going to pee now nobody follow me it's water everywhere pouring over the sides I guess I'll do that what is that is it a milk carton oh is I mean he's eating so I can fight an enemy use electricity with my eyes closed I don't suffer much damage from electricity but ice a different story wait isn't meters or someone's strong with ice if my persona is another side of me and ice my weakness is it just me or does it see or does there seem to be a connection there oh my god dude my person was getting stronger it's really good at physical attacks but oh it's this again and you don't you just hate bullying yeah I got so mad when I hear about someone getting bullied that was a great conversation I feel like we really achieved a lot there new let's go to Tartarus it's grinding time launched way too much crunchy crunchy back alright let's go save again yeah all right buy more stuff for the boss battles yeah I I definitely will I'm not gonna go into the boss battle on on this night but I'll definitely buy more stuff for for the next trip through Tartarus we're definitely spending another night of leveling before before taking that dude on again I could be a huge Wang and and try to use the the like cut their health and half thing on the the mini-boss but I get the feeling that like the odds may literally be zero for that one to work yep no I know I can visit the store tonight there we go check the equipment shops if you get upgrades and stuff that's your oh she's just immune to light iolair we go oh come on there we go Jim pays got this shit no what are you Jim Hey are you doing let's try not to miss the Sun right now the Chimera I'm going for the experience oh shit okay no no there we go it did see me but still oh well okay treasure coin hmm dusty old coin it might be valuable I guess you just sell that for money all right that's neat though most people sell the basic stuff that does nothing uh that's definite I don't think that's true I've been I've been switching people's stuff out for more interesting stuff everything so far isn't pretty solid it's pokemon nugget yeah basically there we go Tom to use us on these vigils the successor that does nothing oh oh I see what you mean yeah dude can I even buy accessories right now like I know that I can buy weapons and armor well your character has that gigapower but yeah what the fuck is that Oh mostly koumei it's the first skill is literally evil touch but it does learn Auto terracotta in two levels that actually seems pretty decent Council on on Friday is there what which days are Student Council because those the only ones that really matter right this second right oh no that's not true that's for that's for that like mixing thing later but playing here we go she does that booboo this true unicorn all right let's beat up these laughing tables oh how do I miss a table oh my god it's a loudest flat sound then learn to say baby boy with the wood all right good job I just got the wind knocked out of me give me a second then take it your old beard clean up but then I found shorts what does this thing ice yeah oh I probably should have gone with with what's-her-face so I can get that Auto tower Kaja going kind of a shitty gonna find another dude with four hands crawling through the floor like a Jumanji nope can't see that's good look flip flip time to go time to go damn it I do not love the fact that your team members are fully solid coin there you go Oh creepy so creepy blowin em do my best ah that's all right okay um let's do the this guy all right I got some stuff I can sell to so that's always nice all right let's keep on moving down a we can keep time and I can only think of one word that rhyme with climbing and I'm not gonna use it cuz this video will get very quickly d monetize boy and once again there's the stairs oh boy yeah Shimon or reimann yeah yeah we'll go with that when is it gonna be on iTunes hey it's already there just got to complete the phrase like the episode of Seinfeld point I'm sure did that table went down like a fucking table all right now it's time for the whole team to actually do something yay no one has no idea how to yeah no kidding I even even when I saw that so the first time I was like that isn't right that's definitely not the correct way to pronounce it or the correct thing to rhyme it with nope nope nope what forget about me joint vulva Oh God isn't that it's not the name that they mistakenly called missus Mafalda in the best of the worst episode where they did the Christmas tree video I think that's what they call they kept calling erm is Mulva glass breaking in my face horrible horrible one more maybe two more let's do it didn't get they're not going anywhere what's with the get back here get some experience you're okay I really like a level up it would really be very cool if we could just level up before we gotta go back to school the Handy boys I don't really like that nickname the more I think about it the more uncomfortable I get the corn cool yeah cool man grinding is just such a drag really boink there you go the Hardy Boys significant less successful in the Handy boys depends where you from ends where you're from my wind and electricity this one's actually getting quite close to its to level up it's a lil 'm would be good do it zo zo late oh he's waited Ivan so hard to this he's pyro I've been waiting for this and do it again it is come on there we go uppercut the shit out of that wheel alright alright unicorn let's see if we can get you under sixty so that I can save you right before you level up oh no it's that it's at the max level where you get the item so there's there's a ways to go before that's gonna be a concern my head is so itchy right now it'll be nice when I can take a shower in the morning not a lot of grit options here Hey all right yes great yay okay I gotta toss two of them and I'm particularly care for either of these two right now so they're gonna go what a great time these double-doubles are killing me well there's this game have fun goodnight nobody goodnight gonna good night and thank you again that was really fucking cool I think we're probably gonna actually be wrapping this up fairly shortly I do need to get some sleep tonight let's go this way first hello big boy electricity didn't uh pyro Jack have electricity or am I crazy all right definitely experience their stares I think I should be looking for a portal at this point because I'm running low on SP and too many more battles and we're gonna start getting a little bit on the tie of died has nothing to do with praise Jack yeah Lane took a quick look now that I'm he does not so Who am I looking at before who had like a whole shitload of different elements may be already mix them in with somebody else explosion another close and through the hair yes we're gonna do it but that happened I guess we're getting money no doubled up I think the next portal down we're gonna take all right I was gonna last mass P job do it do it sit down and print brown brown brown oh I know maybe the strongest boy I drink so much milk hood factory no it has me on a first-name basis that's how strong my bones are gonna be another rare one oh shit let's get this little bastard on my face first go I'm gonna beat this guy up there we go slam that looks so uncomfortable it's a rare chest another high cut armor Jesus Christ just gonna have a whole shitload there's something like yo buddy how come you have so many of this why do you have this many battle bikinis oh well thanks for being in the way that's cool no that's not good but Dad apps I found the down a plant file yeah let's do it Brown alright you get a zero in there no Jesus Christ all right won't hey now we can stab the tire sure we'll do it right like one more of these is probably good experience it is down down let's guys still angry get this bastard away from me was you tracking me through the wall that's not good this is gonna suck there we go go go go go go go go hmm what was there no portal on this floor that's not good look it's got to spontaneously appeared that's fun nice there we go that's the right answer to it you the man that's who's the man I guess I'll go money I'm need enough mellow come on come on man there we go let us start attacking fuck yeah let's attack one of these nervous boys yeah and one more for the road do all right it's a shame that this cloud of dust just follows them everywhere the really cool shot of it didn't I have no ice to work with so yeah crit oh not a crit almost a crit Jesus Christ come on sonic punch oh there we go guess we're going for that the aquamarine – that's not bad there we go all right yeah sir no back the entrance goddamn I feel like I'm kind of screwed definitely running out of time maybe maybe when we come back next week we will we will on the next night give it another shot at that mini-boss it's gonna be really rough and I've only got ten possible nights I'm definitely not gonna be able to do I mean not even including this one I'm not able to do all nine out of the nine next nights in here so I really have to be like aggressive on on tartarus cool but yeah I think that's where we're gonna leave it for tonight it's a little bit shorter than than it's been lately but we started pretty late and it is hot as hell and it's like wearing me down like crazy but yeah so we're gonna be back for this next Tuesday and this Thursday we're coming back for a hallow night I think we're gonna be fighting the final boss of the main game and starting on the DLC and the following Thursday we will be doing Dark Souls I'll see you on tomorrow I'll see you on tomorrow for a dreary place that has more hope somehow very confused I don't know that means but yeah I yes yes I'm sorry I'm like the the the heat with none of the fans running is like melting my brain a little bit but yeah so Thursday is hala night next to zero back for persona 3 and then a Thursday of next week will be Dark Souls and we're alternating hallo hallo night and Dark Souls for a bit but yeah thank you guys for coming hope you guys had fun this is pretty good we we got some things done we didn't make as much progress in Tartarus as I was hoping so maybe next time I'll have a better shot with that will also hopefully get started a little earlier next week the the you know power going out definitely lost us some time there and I got my hair cut today as well so and that was running behind as well so regardless thank you guys for hanging out I'll catch you next time later bye you

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